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  1. I have to say that "S&M" Models didn't give me a great sense of security about the simplicity, but they're proving me wrong so far...
  2. It is a much nicer kit than the Airfix one, with some different flaws.
  3. Was hoping to make more progress the last couple of weeks, but all I got was a few decals on. It does make them look pretty amazing, though, and I should be able to push through and get them finished. I'm not going to sweat the details too hard because the kits are not that great, as previously noted. And I would try to get more done before the KUTA gallery closes, but today is the Northwest Scale Modelers "Model Mania" show at the Museum of Flight, and I'm taking the kids... (gallery closes at 4 pm Seattle time).
  4. Gloss coats for all three...
  5. OK, so I finally got to do something today. Feeling like a bit of a push to get these "finished" before the official closing ceremonies. It's only about 6 weeks to the opening of the Golden Age GB, so this might be a bit of a bridge to that. The real problem child in this group of three is the red one, that somehow one of the dogs stepped on (dog was climbing on table - extremely bad boy) and managed to break a wing join. I did get that back together a while ago, but it does need a bit of re-sanding, etc. So I got that done, and finally got a layer of Vallejo Air Ferrari Red on it. Another coat or two and it might be ready for gloss again. Then the props and decals, and so on. Let's see what I can manage.
  6. Yeah, I have a few contenders for that one myself, including the much nicer MikroMir 1/48 Comet...
  7. And here's the result of the first one separated. The supports came off quite well, the prop seems quite robust, and the remaining nubs should sand right off.
  8. Slow progress so far, as I cannot for the life of me find the bag of bits that has all the props for the Comets. However, I have a 3D resin printer and I found a decent 3D Comet stl file, so I clipped the props from it and made half a dozen that look like this... Lots of careful clipping of the supports, but it looks manageable.
  9. Family circumstances intervened massively this year, with the result that the one project I got started stalled back in February. One thing led to another, then the dogs broke one of the Comets, so entropy also intervened. However, things are looking up and I'm feeling game to finish off the three MacRobertson Comets. Lets see how it goes from here.
  10. Well, it's been a hell of a year (family medical stuff ,mostly), with almost zero modelling to show for it, but watch this space. I'll move this over to KUTA 2023 as I try to revive the ol' mojo and get something finished.
  11. Count me in - my favourite genre is 1950's aircraft. Such a rich time of experimentation - lots of concepts and no way to prove them other than build it and try.
  12. Wow, that is a fabulous display cabinet. Is it an IKEA thing? Looks like it could be the BILLY bookcase with a bunch of glass shelves.
  13. The old Frog kit is much better, and I would have used those instead had I known...
  14. Sorry to be so out of touch, but circumstances beyond my control kept me away from the bench for quite a while. And then when the circumstances went away, it turned out the quality of this kit (three of them) and some gloss coat woes continue to be mojo killers. Nevertheless, I am continuing on now, and aim to finish them to a modest degree. So here's where they're at right now. Mostly just props, decals and a few detail paint touch-ups.
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