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  1. As for the helmet, I found this on eBay, but it's coming from the UK to the US, so likely a squeaker with the gallery closure (presuming I can get six other kits across the finish line in time anyway...) 1/12 scale doll bike helmet...
  2. Trying to figure out colouring - the instructions say the engine block should just be Humbrol 49 matt varnish, which would leave it a brick red matt color. Is that right? I would have thought some kind of steel or aluminium, but I'm certainly no superbike buff.
  3. Yes folks, it's here. The kit is a bit ropey - assembly has been attempted previously, but it is, for the most part, ok. I probably won't get this finished by the deadline, but at least it's here and under way. Parts bagged up. Nothing missing except the two halves of Barry's helmet... Looking into possible replacements. And here's bits of Barry doing the hokey cokey... And a few bits glued together already. And finally, what do you think, Barry?
  4. I ordered a set of canopy and wheel masks a couple of weeks ago, but due to a shipping glitch, they just arrived. Not intended for the Matchbox kit, of course, but close enough and trimmable. So, here goes. Hope to get this one pushed along significantly this weekend.
  5. I already did that - you can even see the hole the aircraft left in the water...
  6. More assembly and some light filling...
  7. I was at the Museum of Flight last Friday and got the opportunity to ask what happened to the ol' Fiat G91. It turns out some Italians bought it back a few months ago and it got dismantled, crated up and shipped back to Italy.
  8. Fiat moving along with sea grey upper... and masking for the camo green (using AK Interactive masking putty) More to come soon...
  9. Alternative extreme diorama option, courtesy of RAF Coastal Command... That would be more of a resin pour, and it's so intriguing I might have to pick up another kit to do this one. Photo at http://www.historyofwar.org/Pictures/pictures_dornier_do_18.html
  10. Still working this, but getting close to putting the cowling on for good.
  11. Looking pretty good right now. Love the Alclad II metallics.
  12. More viggeny goodness. The wings are just dry fit for now. It looks like a pretty decent fitting kit.
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