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  1. Looks like I will be altering the kit - some doors and windows might need sorting out!
  2. It’s in there already, Ron, in Dioramas - “The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill” but after seeing your plans, I need to rework the room layout and stairs placement.
  3. These are brilliant! Many thanks, Ron. The internal plans show far more rooms than I expected. Total rethink and more plastic sheets required. This will take far longer than I anticipated.
  4. Thanks too, Woody. You Tube shows much the same layout as East Kirkby. Lots more detail than I had. Might need a total rethink
  5. Marvellous! VMT indeed Noelh. Need to revisit my plan for the Airfix tower and see how to incorporate this
  6. Does anyone have an interior view of a WW2 RAF Control Tower, preferably East Kirkby, showing where the interior stairs are? There must be some as there don’t appear to be any on the outside and there is a first floor! VMT, Bill
  7. Never done a Bull night at Swinderby George? Actually, you are probably right. I’ll put a coat of semi gloss over it
  8. Note that every EWS I’ve ever come across is heavily populated with goldfish. Some even have koi carp in.
  9. Next up a bit of glazing and furniture for the other office. Then assemble the structure round this bit and get the base ready. It’s OK to criticise - this is my first attempt at this sort of thing. I’d particularly like a tip or two on adding some simple definition to the figures - they’re a bit 2D P.S. The office furniture is photo etch set from Severn Models. More of it will appear later. Another first for me, p.e. But I must say this little set is . The old phone and wire was me - modelling clay and fuse wire.
  10. Made a start by putting supports in for the upper floor. The sides are only tacked together to give me a template for the floors. Then made the lower floor and partitions for some offices (all completely fictitious and wrong but it’s my model so who cares?) Made a staircase. Not totally happy with it - it’s a bit wonky in places. I might try again but it shows the idea. Started the paint scheme - cream grey over green, a fairly common one as I understand. The floor will be a darkish brown to represent the Lino I spent hours buffing manually at Swinderby all those years ago
  11. Thanks, Model Mate. I’d come to that conclusion Actually done a bit of cutting stuff! I’ll upload photos for your amusement once i get my iPad back from the fixer upper. I’ll also plan how to do stairs
  12. Don’t know if this helps but HMS Warrior has a similar platform running the width of the deck.
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