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  1. As a beginner, heartily agree about panel lines. The very, very best in these pages don’t overdo them. But, it’s all a matter of perception. Stand 20’ away from a Tornado and you’ll be hard pressed to see any panel lines, just equipment bay doors maybe. On different side of the marshalling front, show me a liney who hasn’t flipped a know-it-all pilot the finger and chucked the bats into the long grass!
  2. I have kits for a Martinet (1/72) and a Master Mk1 (1/48). I can scan the instructions for these if they would help?
  3. That’ll do for me! Just thought it looked “modern” - as in, I used much the same stuff in the 70/80/90 years. I suppose if it works, why change it? Still a cracking little scene.
  4. Lovely looking tableau. One query, though - is the maintenance staging right for the period?
  5. Aaaaaahhhhhhh - Houchins, the liney’s friend. Spent many a cold winter day huddled round one trying to keep warm. Used to start them up just to use as heaters.
  6. I will be building a 17Sqn TT Mk10. It will have Silver over Yellow/Black. Sources are: The Long Drag by Don Evans, Warpaint Series 1, Beaufighter, by Alan Hall and a b/w photo of RD751, UT*10 in Aviation News, Vol22 No9. Good enough for me!
  7. There is a build of one on here somewhere that I found. I’ll be (one day) building 4 TT types - Beaufighter, Oxford, Harvard and Martinet.
  8. Try EINSA 140KvA Model EAR. Bet the ground crew still call them Houchins!
  9. Possibly an EINSA 140KvA?
  10. I found that but when I tried to open it all I got was a website selling the AAP and a view of the cover! This is exactly what I need. Many thanks, Edge.
  11. I don’t suppose anyone has a copy of AP1721L-VOL1? This shows the specific changes for a Target Tug. I’m really only after a few images showing the detail of the cable guard around the tailplanes/fin area and maybe a bit of internals by the winch mechanism so scans would be fine.
  12. I concur with Doccur. (See what I did there?) When I did my Electrician Tornado course way back in 1979 () we were told that the gold sheen was the canopy deicing system and had been lifted directly from TSR2.
  13. BillF67

    Beaufighter TT 10

    I’m just getting my ducks in a row - won’t start for a few days yet
  14. BillF67

    Beaufighter TT 10

    Thanks, Rossi. There are 2 shown in-line on the centre line. The third is slightly forward of these and offset to starboard. I would assume the 2 in-line are the ones you identify?
  15. BillF67

    Beaufighter TT 10

    I’m about to start a 1/72 Beaufighter TT10. The instructions show 3 downward/signal lights on the lower rear fuselage. Should these be clear or, if not, can anyone help me with colours for these? VMT Bill
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