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  1. Muddling Moving on (thanks Harry) fuselage fits to wing sort of OK one side at a time but sadly not both at once. Taking Mr Ts advice I’m slowly trimming and check fitting at regular intervals. Also, optimistically looking ahead, the illustrated tabs and corresponding cut outs for the tail planes don’t exist - just plain faces to mate. (I take it there’s a better, almost identical kit to this with one set of instructions between them?) Anyway, from what I can see on various images there is no dihedral on the tail planes? Plain 90’?
  2. Good point well made. Assembly removed, squared up and replaced. Fuselage joined up a treat after a few light wipes with a file.
  3. Despite lots of wiggling and cajoling I couldn’t get the fuselage halves to fit. It didn’t help that the locating lines for the cockpit assembly are almost non existent. So I taped the fuselage halves together and located the assembly from below. Still didn’t fit so I started reducing each side of both bulkheads, constantly checking, until it located in the correct position. That was just a matter of perseverance. Once it fitted but before committing to glue, I noted what Mr T warned about above and checked fuselage to wing fit. To do this, dry fitted the wing elements. They fitted well once I removed pin marks, seam lines and flash.
  4. I eventually got there. There was a lot of flash cleaned off, then painted and dry fitted. The lollipop stick is supposed to be the bulkhead that’s missing behind the seat.
  5. The instruction sheet is a bit baffling to me. This, for the cockpit build. There are no locating pins on the parts and nothing really to show how the completed assembly should look.
  6. A few sprue shots, but these have been shown elsewhere. Quite a bit of flash and very prominent pin marks.
  7. Thanks, Mr T. I’ve done a bit of dry fitting already and - well, I won’t be rushing this. Looks like at least 2 people are interested so I’ll go for it. Be gentle with me. Bill
  8. As a real beginner, I looked here for some info on this kit. I found two really good builds but……. One used aftermarket which I don’t want to do and the other was a fantastic introduction to the world of moulding. Both of these were informative but I didn’t quite get what I wanted - a warts and all idiot’s guide. If there is any appetite for this kind of WIP written by an old, ham fisted newcomer to the hobby, I’m prepared to put my myself on the line - especially as this particular kit has its own little foibles! Bill
  9. BillF67

    Canberra PR7

    Not a problem. Wait until you get the list of queries I’ll have when I start my conversion.
  10. BillF67

    Canberra PR7

    I should have asked earlier but is there an etiquette amongst Forum members about EBay bidding? Should one let people know when they are bidding so as not to encourage a feeding frenzy?
  11. BillF67

    Canberra PR7

    I was stopping at £30. I thought that a fair price for the two. Sorry back to you, Paul. At least you know it will get built at some point. P.S. Maybe you can’t kill a horse with a flute but you can make a fine LP about them with one
  12. BillF67

    Canberra PR7

    I got an aeroclub resin conversion. I’ve just gotten 2 Canberras off self same EBay, an Airfix B57 and a High Planes B(1)8 for £25 the pair. I’m hoping that with the help of the assembled wisdom here that I can make up my PR7 from them. To paraphrase Montgomery Burns, “Dammit, Smithers, it’s Canberra surgery! It isn’t rocket science”. Bill
  13. BillF67

    Canberra PR7

    I would never ever pay that but what amazes me is the postage. At that price I would expect the seller to hand deliver it (it’s from Japan, but even so! I’ve had other deliveries from there for under £15).
  14. BillF67

    Canberra PR7

    Good news! Frog PR 7 available on EBay!!! Bad news - £193.66 plus £42.15 postage. Tax extra. Really dents my faith in the basic fairness of the human condition. Carry on carrying on
  15. BillF67

    Canberra PR7

    Wow. Even I understand that, John. Small question - is the red cut line really on that panel line? Can life be so kind?
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