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  1. Can anyone help a newbie? I want a reasonable match (acrylic)for the yellow/green undercoat or primer used on RAF fast jets. I bought Mig Zinc Chrome Yellow as it looked OK in the pickiest but it’s way too brown. VMT.
  2. Thanks for that, Dennis. I will go slow and steady! I am amazed by the add ons available and equally surprised by how much kits have come on - although happily the Airfix pilot seems to be the same chap (in 1/72) that I remember form all those years ago!
  3. I’m Bill, 67 and putting glue to plastic for the first time since about 1966. My word things have changed! I’ll be needing a lot of guidance, methinks. I’ve “practised” on two cheapo 1/72 planes I picked up in a sale Airfix Zero and ME109). I’ve taken a deep breath and opened up the box of a Revell 1/48 Jaguar - worked on these in F shed at Abingdon back in the day. Wish me luck
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