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  1. Nigel ( @Clashcityrocker ), Steve ( @stevehnz ), thank you very much for the kind words!
  2. Thanks Bertie! Very kind!
  3. Hi Chris ( @bigbadbadge ), Greg ( @GREG DESTEC ), Thank you very much for your appreciation! A Happy New Year for you, too! Jaime
  4. Dear All, In 2021 I only managed to finish two models. Here they are. 1. Heinkel He 178 V1 - first jet aircraft in History (Special Hobby/MPM 1/72) This was a challenging build. It fought me back in every step of the build. In the end it turned out well, but it definitely isn't a beginner's model. The WIP is here and the RFI is here. IMAG7343 IMAG7346 IMAG7357 IMAG7358 2. USS Greeneville (Hobby Boss 1/350) This is my first submarine build since returning to modelling. It was a simple build. The real challenge was trying to weather it realistically. It turned out satisfactorily for a first attempt. I have a few more submarines in the stash now. The WIP is here and the RFI is here. IMAG7429 IMAG7435 IMAG7439 IMAG7441 Thanks for looking. Jaime
  5. Hi again, After a long period away from this build, I've finally made some progress last week in making air-intakes for the jet engines, which was scaring me away from the build. However, I still must update the build log with work done earlier this year, from January to March. First, I decided to complete seat with the foot-rests protruding in front of the seat. These were done with 0.13 mm-think plasticard: IMAG7154 The foot-rests were painted by paintbrush: IMAG7155 The raised detail on the instrument panel and side panels was highlighted by dry-brushing: IMAG7156 IMAG7157 The next step was applying a dark wash to the cockpit parts, after gloss-coating these parts. I used Vallejo's greased earth acrylic wash: IMAG7159 A detail of the gloss-coated cockpit parts before applying the wash: IMAG7160 After the wash, a matt coat was applied, resulting in this: IMAG7163 The cockpit walls turned out very dark because I didn't remove the excess wash: IMAG7164 I used some spare PE seat belts from a Cobra helicopter for this build, as they look very similar to the seat belts used in this aircraft. The seat belts were painted still in the PE fret: IMAG7158 I decided to try a recently acquired liquid chrome marker to paint the buckles: IMAG7165 Here's the result: IMAG7166 The seat belts were cut off the fret: IMAG7174 ... applied to the seat: IMAG7175 The seat was glued to the cockpit base: IMAG7176 The cockpit base was glued to the port fuselage half: IMAG7180 The model needs some weight on the nose to avoid becoming a tail seater. I used miliput to glue lead balls in place: IMAG7181 I had to close the front of the cockpit base in order to avoid seeing the lead in the nose: IMAG7189 The fuselage halves were glued together: IMAG7190 IMAG7194 I applied tiny drops of Aqua Gloss on the instrument faces to simulate the glass covers: IMAG7171 Finally, the instrument panel was glued in place: IMAG7221 Thanks for looking Cheers Jaime
  6. Thanks a lot! It's my first submarine, I wasn't sure about the weathering and tried to not overdue it.
  7. I swear it's a plastic base. The WIP pictures don't lie I believe the "puppy" is some kind of remote controlled mini-sub but I must admit I didn't look for information on it. Cheers Jaime
  8. In reply to @Adm Lord De Univers request, here are some pictures of the base, showing the wood-like effect I tried to achieve: IMAG7454 IMAG7455 IMAG7456 IMAG7458 IMAG7459 The base was primed with Alclad Black Primer and Microfiller. Next, the holders were painted Gunze Metal Color MC219 Brass, which provides a very good metal effect. After masking the holders, I painted the base with Gunze H84 Mahogany. This was gloss coated with Microgloss and the wood grain effect was done by spreading spots of AMMO MIG-3512 Oilbrusher Dark Brown along the length of the base using a flat brush. To seal both the base and holdera, I applied a good coat of Alclad Gloss Kote. Hope this is helpful. Cheers Jaime
  9. Hi David, thank you very much for your interest and kind words. Much appreciated! I'll certainly post close up photos of the base. I'll do it tomorrow and let you know when the thread is updated. Cheers Jaime
  10. I added a link to the RFI photos in the last post of the build. It can also be accessed here. Cheers Jaime
  11. Hello, This is my build of Hobby Boss 1/350 USS Greeneville. It's also my first submarine and maritime build since I returned to the hobby in 2014 (I'm mainly an aircraft guy). It is a simple kit to build and comes with a few PE parts to improve the propellers. Most effort was spent trying to get a (hopefully) realistic weathering. This was obtained by a combination of different tones of gray on the black areas of the model, pre-shading, grey wash and staining along the waterline. The WIP thread can be found here. Here are the pictures of the finished model. All comments are very much welcome. IMAG7429 IMAG7430 IMAG7431 IMAG7432 IMAG7433 IMAG7434 IMAG7435 IMAG7436 IMAG7437 IMAG7438 IMAG7439 IMAG7440 IMAG7441 IMAG7442 IMAG7443 IMAG7444 IMAG7445 IMAG7446 Cheers Jaime
  12. Thank you very much Richard, and thanks for the links. I'll take that into account for my next subs. I have the Zvezda 1/350 Kursk in the stash for a future build. Cheers Jaime
  13. Thanks Jeff! Much appreciated! I couldn't find much information on weathering submarine models,, so I had to improvise in order to try and reproduce what I saw in the pictures of the real thing. Cheers JR
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