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  1. jrlx

    What are you reading?

    I've finished reading Will Huton's "How good we can be". As I feared when I started reading, the ideas proposed seem to be completely utopic in face of the political mess we're witnessing. Recommended, nonetheless. I'm now reading Anna Funder's "Stasiland : Stories From Behind The Berlin Wall". Very interesting. It's a journalistic work, where the author interviewed people from the former GDR, both the victims and the officers of the Stasi. Cheers Jaime
  2. Great work! Beautiful collection! Cheers Jaime
  3. jrlx

    jrlx's 2018 Yearbook

    Thank you very much, Ced! It's great having your comments! I really must stop adding to my stash: I'm pretty much out of space for any further additions and must concentrate on building some models. This year will be very difficult to do much modelling before July, as I'm finishing my German course and have two certification exams to do: one in February and the other in June. I've been slowly working on my Tiger Moth (started in 2015) but it is giving a hell of a fight... I still haven't updated the WIP... Cheers Jaime
  4. jrlx

    jrlx's 2018 Yearbook

    Hi Stix! It's always great having you around. Thank you very much for your extremely kind words! Just let me know when you start your Defiant! Cheers Jaime
  5. jrlx

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Delivered yesterday: Arma Hobby Hurricane Mk I Expert Set + one overtree Arma Hobby Fokker E.V Lozenge - Limited Edition Everything looks very good in the boxes. Cheers Jaime
  6. Mine arrived yesterday (together with an overtree and one Fokker E.V Lozenge limited edition). Everything looks goods in the box. I'm afraid I won't be able to start any very soon but I'm following all builds with great interest. Cheers Jaime
  7. jrlx

    jrlx's 2018 Yearbook

    Steve, Corsair, Thank you very much for the kind words! Cheers Jaime
  8. jrlx

    jrlx's 2018 Yearbook

    Vince, Falke, Thank you very much! Really much appreciated! Cheers Jaime
  9. jrlx

    jrlx's 2018 Yearbook

    Thanks Reini! Cheers Jaime
  10. jrlx

    jrlx's 2018 Yearbook

    Thank you very much, Roman. Much appreciated! Cheers Jaime
  11. jrlx

    jrlx's 2018 Yearbook

    Hi all, In 2018 I managed to finish three models, two of them rescued from the shelf of doom. It should be noticed that I only finished one model in 2017 (though I did work on several others). So, I consider 2018 a good modelling year. Here they are: 1. Dornier Do 24T, Luftwaffe 3/Seenotgruppe, 1942 (Italeri 1/72) This was my entry to the Flying Boats and Floatplanes GB, which I hosted from late 2017 till mid-January 2018. As usual, I didn't manage to finish in time but I was using this build as a test bed for seaplane weathering techniques, so it would be difficult to finish in time anyway. In fact, it took me an additional 4 and a half months past the GB deadline to finish it... The WIP is here and the RFI is here. A few pictures: IMAG5519 IMAG5534 IMAG5499 IMAG5539 2. Boulton Paul Defiant Mk I (Airfix 1/72 Dogfight Doubles) This kit comes in an Airfix Dogfight Doubles boxing, which also includes the Dornier Do 17z. These two aircraft met over Britain in August 1940. The Defiant managed to shoot down the Dornier but was, in turn, itself shot down next by an escorting German fighter. This specific Defiant was based in Martlesham Heath, where BT Labs were later built. This is quite meaningful, personally, because I did my MSc. Project there in 1993-4 (on self-pulsating lasers for fibre optic communications systems, by the way). I started the build in the Summer of 2015, in the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain GB but didn't manage to finish it in time and shelved it in November of the same year. The build was resumed in June 2018 for the 100th Anniversary of the RAF GB. Again, I didn't finish it in time and only managed to conclude it in early September 2018. The WIP is here and the RFI is here. Some pictures: IMAG5936 IMAG5938 IMAG5951 IMAG5966 3. Fujimi Phantom F-4K/FG.1 (Royal Navy) 1/72 this is the first of three entries I made in the Phantom STGB in 2015. I wasn't able to finish any in time. Then I tried to finish the builds as regular WIPs. I run into problems with the decals for the Royal Navy Phantom, which were latter solved, but lead me to lose my enthusiasm for the builds. I finally managed to finish the Royal Navy Phantom in November 2018 The WIP is here and the RFI is here. A few pictures: IMAG6086 IMAG6094 IMAG6116 IMAG6112 Thanks for looking Cheers Jaime
  12. jrlx

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Got this just before Christmas. It'd been bought in eBay back in November but the post office is working as bad as they possibly can since privatisation... Boeing Vertol CH-46E/F Sea Knight 'Tiger' It came with Eduard's PE set 72251 for this kit, which is a pleasant surprise. Cheers Jaime
  13. I'll be following with great interest. I'm still waiting for mine: an expert set plus one overtree. Cheers Jaime
  14. jrlx

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Arrived yesterday: Revell 1/720 Airship Hindenburg Cheers Jaime
  15. jrlx

    What are you reading?

    I've finished Tim Marshall's "Prisoners of Geography" a few days ago and I can highly recommend it to anyone interested in geopolitics. I really learned a lot. I'm now reading Will Hutton's "How good we can be". Though it's focused on the UK, I guess it could be more or less applicable to other Western countries. I fear that the political events of the last two years in Europe have rendered the author's vision rather utopical... Cheers Jaime