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  1. Thank you very much for the heads up Pat. I haven't been able to progress much and I very much doubt I'll manage to finish the build in time
  2. Thanks a lot for your interest! I managed to solve the problem of how to create acceptable intake tubings and already glued the wings to the fuselage. I have several new pictures but haven't found the time to update the thread yet. I'll try to do it soon. However, the build is on hold right now because I'm doing builds for the Matchbox GB and the Bomber/Strike/Ground Attack GB. Cheers Jaime
  3. Hi again, As I said to Pat above, I've been progressing very slowly in this build. I've only managed to prepare the parts for painting. I'll show a few pictures taken in the process. On the inner face of the doors, a small piece was glued to allow the doors to slide. It can be seen on the lower left corner of the door on the left of the picture: IMAG7562 I also glued the parts making up the lateral extensions where the main landing gear will be installed. They can be seen here, together with the lower back part of the fuselage: IMAG7563 The top of the fuselage and engine cover can be seen here. There are two lateral parts to be glued: IMAG7564 Dry-fitting all the fuselage parts I concluded that the doors cannot be inserted after glueing the top and lateral parts of the fuselage: IMAG7565 So, it isn't possible to have paint the doors and fuselage separately and install the doors later in order to have sliding doors on the model. I decided to glue the doors in closed position and paint the whole model in the end. There's no special detail to be seen inside anyway. This is a more complete dry-fit, which shows that the model seems not to be a tail-seater after all: IMAG7566 I'll add some weight to the nose, just to be sure. Here we can see all parts ready for painting: IMAG7569 That's all for now. I think I'll have to try and finish first my Typhoon, which I'm also currently building in the Bomber/Strike GB, as that GB ends first. I still have to start my Twin Otter as well. So, too many builds in parallel... Thanks for looking. Jaime
  4. Hi Pat, thanks for your interest. I have all the parts taken off the sprues, cleaned and ready for painting. I'll try to post some pictures in the next few days. The daily job has been very time consuming and haven't managed to get much workbench time. Cheers Jaime
  5. Hi again, Continuing with the PE, I glued the lateral panels to the cockpit walls: IMAG6506 The port panel got some detailing: IMAG6507 The throttle lever is made of several PE parts glued in layers. It will later be glued to the tubular structure of the cockpit: IMAG6509 The instrument panel is also a PE part, which must first be bent in several places: IMAG6510 Several PE levers were glued to the lateral consoles of the instrument panel: IMAG6511 There's an additional side panel, which needs bending in several points: IMAG6512 IMAG6513 It was finished with additional PE detailing: IMAG6514 The panel on the starboard cockpit wall got some PE detailing as well: IMAG6518 Finally, I applied a PE part to the wheel well: IMAG6519 Cheers Jaime
  6. Hi @stevehnz it's great to have you on board. I admit I'm an AM junkie I think it results in my being quite slow in my modeling. Right now I'm also building two matchbox kits in the Matchbox GB and I'll do them OOB for a change. Hopefully, these will be finished in a short time. Cheers Jaime
  7. Hi again, Some more progress, this time with PE. The kit's seat will be replaced by several PE parts, which provides a lot more detail: IMAG6492 IMAG6494 IMAG6495 The bulkhead behind the seat also gets a PE improvement on its top. But first the top of the plastic part must be removed, as shown in the following pictures: IMAG6496 IMAG6497 IMAG6498 The control column also gets a bit more detail: IMAG6499 IMAG6500 The tubular structure around the cockpit and the open bottom of the cockpit are completely made up of PE parts: IMAG6501 IMAG6502 IMAG6503 The rudder pedals are also replaced by PE parts and a 0.5 mm copper wire: IMAG6504 IMAG6505 Finally, the rudder pedals are glued to the cockpit tubing: IMAG6508 Thanks for looking. Jaime
  8. Thanks Col. The upgrades should make the model much more realistic.
  9. Hi again, As usual, I didn't progress any further with this build for a long time. Now, I'm using the opportunity of the Bomber/Strike/Ground attack GB to try and finish it. Picking it up where I left, I removed the resin parts (front intake, wheels and pitot tube) from the moulding blocks: IMAG6480 Next, I had to remove the cockpit walls detail from the fuselage halves, as I'll be using the PE detail set from Eduard. Here we can see the raised detail moulded in plastic: IMAG6481 All this was removed with a curved bladed, sanded and polished: IMAG6482 The radiator flap will be replaced by PE and needs to be cut off. Here's the area to remove: IMAG6485 After removal: IMAG6486 The spine behind the cockpit has a guide for the sliding canopy. This is moulded in plastic but will be replaced by PE, and needs to be removed. Original: IMAG6487 After removal: IMAG6488 Next, holes for installing the rocket pylons must be opened on the undersides of wings. The cartridge ejectors must also be opened. This was done in two steps: first, by drilling small holes: IMAG6489 Finally, the openings were finished using a nÂș 11 blade: IMAG6490 I'll finish this update showing a comparison of the various tail planes I have for this build. On the bottom right of the picture we can see the original kit parts, which are not correct for the machine I'm building, since it used a horizontal tail plane similar to the Tempest Mk V. On the left side of the picture we can see the tail plane parts of the Academy Tempest Mk V. However, I managed to find the Quickboost correction for the Academy Typhoon, which is shown on the top right of the picture: IMAG6491 Cheers Jaime
  10. Thanks Pat! I've been very quiet on the modelling front in the last year or so but hope to be back on track now. Yes, I'll do the Deutsche Kriegsmarine version, shown on the box art. The blue-grey on top and white bottom scheme looks great. Cheers Jaime
  11. I always insist that my kits come with kitchen paper. It's really useful during the build!
  12. Dear all, this is my second entry to this GB: Revell's rebox of Matchbox's Twin Otter in 1/72. I'll build the Canadian Rescue Service version with skids. Here's the box: IMAG7547 There are 3 light-grey plastic sprues and 1 transparent parts sprue: IMAG7551 IMAG7552 IMAG7553 There are parts for three different versions: wheels, wheels + skids and floats. The decals look excellent: IMAG7555 I haven't started this build yet but expect to start it in about two weeks after I make some substantial progress in my Westland Lynx. Cheers Jaime
  13. Dear all, This is my first entry to this GB: Revell's rebox of Matchbox's Westland Lynx in 1/72: IMAG7546 Here are the sprues: 3 sprues of light grey plastic and 1 of transparent parts: IMAG7548 IMAG7549 IMAG7550 There's some flash in places but not too bad and the level of detail is good, considering the age of the kit. The decals are a bit yellow on the backing paper , ut I hope they work well: IMAG7554 I've started work by removing the main parts from the sprues: IMAG7560 A quick dry fit of the fuselage shows that fit is reasonably good and some weight should be added to the nose to avoid a tail sitter: IMAG7561 I removed a few more parts and cleaned them of flash but haven't progressed much yet. Thanks for looking Jaime
  14. Thanks V-P! You're right: I've applied the masks to the transparent parts and glued the cockpit PE in place and painted the interior but the fuselage halves are still open and all other parts are still in the sprues. Cheers Jaime
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