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  1. Looking good . The box art scheme looks good too . Then you can use the cobra Martin H
  2. Hi All A little more done . Basic seat belts from tape and fuselage closed up . The fit is surprising good for kit of this age . A little clean up then primer . The colour that shall not be mentioned is set to disappear for now. Thanks as always for dropping by Martin H
  3. Hi All First steps . Interior given a splashing of Vallejo medium olive . Another coat needed .I will add some some seat belts as the mini sumos won't be making an appearance . Not much will be seen anyway . More soon thanks for dropping by Martin H
  4. Thanks Pat Should get started this weekend . I will be painting it . What could possibly go wrong?
  5. Great choice . That blue and white scheme looks good. Martin H
  6. Very well done . Looks spot on Martin H
  7. I see the standard is set . Glad to see someone more more up to the challenge . The Orange pimpernel strikes again Martin H
  8. Well finished . Looking forward to the Coastal Martin H
  9. Good to see a Jug in a different scheme . Martin H
  10. Hi All This is where the beast is after sanding and about 3 coats of matt white to give a reasonable finish . I will add a fine coat of gloss to shine things up a bit . Getting there slowly Thanks for dropping by Sorry about the bad lighting Martin H
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