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  1. nicely done Glad t see the SBS wiring turned out Martin H
  2. Hi All Thanks Steve I had it all downs to my bad handling . Pretty sure we have the same boxing . Marking will be for an NZ airframe I have a couple of options one silver with yellow trainer bands ( Late fifties I think) and standard RAF style roundels but will need to come up with a CFS badge for the fin . The other involves that dayglo orange colour with or without the red checkers . More net trolling coming up . The interior has been detailed as much as needed and seat belts fitted without breaking anything . The fuselage has been joined up without any major issues . More soon M
  3. Hi All Just a quick update . Spray gun played sort of nice . All bits that need to be interior green are . Detail will be basic just a tickle with a hairy stick here and there . Tape seat belts will be gently prodded into place as the seat legs don't look all the strong . The exhaust ring has shattered flying in all directions most never to be seen again. The exhaust stub has been salvaged and is in place . Thanks for dropping by Apologies for the pic better ones next time Martin H
  4. I usually prime with white even over yellow . Seems to give more depth . Some here on BM use pink I haven't yet but it seems to work well . Best of luck looking forward to your gallery pics Martin H
  5. Great weathering Looks like a tired work horse Martin H
  6. Makes it harder for the carpet monster . Anyhow Merry Christmas all . Just a small start. Not as much time available as planned . Border closure equals shrunken break shoud have a few days off so time will tell Some bits primed ready for some interior greening . I still haven't decided on markings but am leaning towards one from across the ditch . More soon callouts willing Thanks for looking Martin H
  7. Hi All The result of stash diving this T-6 . Marking yet to be chosen as the kit ones are suspect. Maybe a finisher to redeem 2020's shocker. Anyhow here it is . All parts accounted for Thanks for looking Martin H
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