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  1. Great colour scheme Great finish too Martin H
  2. Sorry Cliff .This one is shelved for now . Martin H
  3. Evening All Calling this done late but it wouldn't look that great in the gallery . So here it is . Thanks to our hosts and all comments Martin H
  4. Looks great . Interesting font on the main titles . Martin H
  5. Interesting subject . Well done Martin H
  6. Another blink and you missed it . Looks great . Glad your spray gun decided to co-operate . Martin H
  7. Evening All Apologies for the delay . Fin stripes have been painted and most decals are one including the unit badges . Only the rest of the small serials on fin to go later once things have settled a bit . The rest of the bits and pieces to follow then the final dull coat . Thanks for dropping by Martin H
  8. Not that I know of . The only pics I have seen have Falkland Is registration . Some Australian Beavers carried civil marks in the VH-DH bracket . Hope this helps Martin H
  9. Thankyou for a magnificent modeling journey . The result speaks for itself . Martin H
  10. Strange looking beast Well worth your hanging in there Martin H
  11. Evening All Decaling has started . First problem the fin flashes are oversize and the first one split and didn't want to settle . So off it came . Painted stripes will look better anyway . The wing roundels have been persuaded with multiple coats of decal softener . The decal sheet has spare unit badges some of which may appear on a C-47 at some point . Wild thoughts and Ebay equals another kit on it's way. Tanks for looking in Martin H
  12. He looks the part Well done Martin H
  13. Blink and you miss it . Love the scheme looks great Martin H
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