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  1. Evening All Here we are all closed up . A bit of wrestling required but I have seen worse. More progress since the pic . Much filling and adding bits and nearly ready for primer . More soon . Construction or should I say reconstruction of the Hobby space is underway . Just a wall to come out what could possibly go wrong .More soon comments welcome as always Martin H
  2. Evening All Thanks to all who dropped by . Progress is a little slow at the moment but hopefully things should get a wriggle on now . Just about ready to close up. Little bits basically painted and tape seat belts added. Not great but will pass as not much will be seen later but they have been trimmed since the pic . More soon Martin H
  3. Quite the stunner . Great colour scheme Martin H
  4. Evening All Thanks all for your comments . Internals assembled and primed ready a detailing by a hairy stick . The IP will be added after its encounter with said stick . There won't be seen when everything is closed up. Comments always welcome Martin H
  5. Looks great Kudos for sticking with the decals Martin H
  6. Thanks all . Yes Pat it seems so . Will see soon Martin H
  7. Well done something different Refraining from puns with difficulty Martin H
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