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  1. Inspiring work More types I was not aware of Martin H
  2. Hi All The clear pieces are in place. These are a little fiddly . I found it easier fix the doors to their halves then each half in place on the fuselage individually so as to get an accurate location of the lower joints . Not as per instructions but it worked . I have started masking( the fun bit?) . Should have some paint on soon . Thanks for dropping by Martin H
  3. Interesting choice . Not a large production run Martin H
  4. Nice mask job Looking good Martin H
  5. Stunner well done . The Il-62 would be nice or a 777 No pressure Martin H
  6. Hi All Some more done . First the parts for the wing fold seem to work better if the lower half is set in place on the wing then the upper half added . All control surfaces are tight and need a little trimming . The highlighted bits Then we have wings Still plenty to do but it's getting there Thanks all for dropping by Martin H
  7. This is on my to do list will be watching Martin H
  8. interesting choice watching Martin H
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