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  1. Just caught the mega update . Great result Martin H
  2. Very tidy . Well done Martin H
  3. Awesome little kit . Did you mention rigging ? The best of luck with that . Martin H
  4. Hi All Sorry for the long pause between updates . Should be more often now that I have retired. All primed and ready for some colour . The engines will be painted and added later . The props seem prone to breaking so leaving them off until later hopefully will avoid any problems . Thanks for looking Martin H
  5. Amazing work . Looking forward to the finish Martin H
  6. That CP Scheme was great . Looking forward to this Martin H
  7. Great choice of markings Martin H
  8. Those checkers are brilliant Martin H
  9. Very well done . Like the scheme you chose . Martin H
  10. Thanks to our esteemed hosts for what has been an enjoyable GB. Thanks also to all who joined in .Apologies for missing yet another deadline. Martin H
  11. The rigging is going slowly . Apologies for not making the deadline Martin H
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