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  1. Is a wee dram going to be enough? Once seen can scare a memory for life . Martin H
  2. Paint looking great . Do like a 17 in camo Martin H
  3. Evening All The Vengence is not dead . Tried some ARCUS paint from Ukraine , It worked well straight from the bottle . Will have to be dulled down a bit though . Stiil hope to actually finish on time . Thanks as always for dropping by .
  4. Great work Steve . Looking forward to the blue . Notes being taken martin H
  5. Well done Pat . Nice work on the camo . Can we expect 3 builds from you each GB now that you have set the standard ?
  6. Greetings All Underside colour done . AK Azure Blue straight from the bottle no thinners . I will leave it to cure overnight and mask off and hopefully get the Dark Earth on the uppers tomorrow . Thanks as always for dropping by Martin H
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