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  1. RE C3N1 my info here is a short but good article in russian: http://www.airwar.ru/enc/spyww2/c3n.html
  2. Yes C3N1 was smaller than B5N1 as it was not ment to carry rather heavy bomb/torpedo load around. It looked like smaller baby sized fixed U/C B5N1 From what i gather similarity beween C3N1 and B5N1 was intentional. C3N1 was ment as long range scout plane for the carrier groups. Both C3N (led by Fukuda Yasuda) and B5N (led by Nakamura Katsumi) development teams closly cooperated to make the planes as similar as possible logistically vise to allow intercangebility of spare parts. C3N was finished sooner and tested satisfactory. After B5N was tested it also proved to be effective a
  3. For japanese profiles for PH attack this is usefull: https://japanese-aviation.forumotion.com/f2-color-profiles
  4. One of the reasons might be april 1941 war against Yugoslavia. Theathre markings for hungarian aircraft in that campaign were solid yellow nose and tail surfaces which were repainted before war against war against SSSR
  5. Caproni Ca.135bis U technical information: General characteristics: Wing span = 18.8 m Length = 13.7 m Height = 3.4 m with tail on the ground Distance between main wheels = 5.1 m Wing surface = 60 m2 Wing load = 158 kg/m2 Fuel tank volume = 1170 l Oil tank volume = 105 l Weight empty = 6000 kg Total load = 3500 kg Useful load = 2800 kg Max take-off weight = 9500 kg Performance: Weight - power ratio = 4.74 kg/H.P. Max speed at 4300m = 428 km/h Traveling speed = 345 km/h Climb to 2000 m = 7 mi
  6. Any photos of Curtiss Wright CW-22 when used by BVAF 1941-42? All i found was a photo of all silver plane later in use with USAAF as a hack in India.
  7. Build it. BTW AIMS produces resin conversion with decals (3 options) for Do-217N2/R22 with deeper fuselage piece, nose, behind cockpit turret replacement piece and instrument panel. Unfortunatly no parachute tail is included (all 3 of decal options) Extratech produced (probably now by Brengun label) detail set for N and a general detail set (flaps, U/C doors).
  8. As said work in progress. I numbered sources and added them into the text. I also added markings & camouflage part at the end. I asked a colegue who speaks Hungarian to translate tactical technical info on the instruction. i will post them when i get them
  9. I have a question/request about RENAULT R-35 supension comparison of RPM and First to Fight in 1/72. I have a number of RPM kits (8) in stash as result of preorder before their suspension problems became known. Now there is an aftermarket suspension for FtF kit available but i don't know if it will fit RPM kits. Does anyone have both RPM and FtF kits and could do quick test for me by dryfiting FtF suspension to RPM and report results? Aftermarket suspension for FtF (some other interesting stuff here): https://syndikateco.wixsite.com/my-site-1/product-pag
  10. Another bit of info this Polish company produces flexible plastic mottle masks: https://syndikateco.wixsite.com/my-site-1
  11. If you are interested, i compiled a short history of Ca.135bis U use in Hungarian service any additional info or correction for improving the article appreciated.
  12. OK here it goes. Compilation of various sources (at the bottom) liberal use of google translate etc. As said this is work in progress and i'm still unshure about couple of details. Help with further details, problems and corrections would be apreciated. If you use it please credit me and the sources. Links with pics and drawings from Parts catalogue are at the bottom. Caproni Ca.135bis U in Hungarian service compiled by Marko Tisovic Agreement between Caproni and Kingdom of Hungary for export of 32 Ca.135 aircraft was signed on 19th of June 19
  13. UMMM No. I got my on model show at Hungarian Mosonmagyaróvár (Moson model show 2019) from a guy selling his stash. I tried but couldn't find their page. They have a lot of interesting stuff (1/48 Ju-86K-2 etc) Here is Scalemates on it: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/planes-resin-caproni-ca-135bis-u--1317820
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