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  1. Built my AC-123K as C-123K a couple of years ago as one of two Barry Seal's C-123's i.e. as a one of "Cocain cawboys" flying weapons to contras and cocaine to US.
  2. Now we need WH-3. Unfortunatly i'm rather pessimistic about that as that would mean significant changes to the mould. Now i will finally be able to use some of my Flevo decals set.
  3. The best option is to ask on this forum: http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/board/index.php
  4. Nothing a new tube of putty and some puttying and sanding skills can't solve. Been there done that sort of a thing. Bigger problems as as already mentioned in the shape of mostly tail and cowlings. Replacement cowlings and spinners are produced in resin by Renaissance models: https://www.renaissance-models.com/ter/index.php/avions-toutes-echelles/echelle-1-72/produits/2982-bloch-174-capots
  5. TISO

    Skua bomb carrier

    Would this help? from: https://dingeraviation.net//skuaroc/modelling_the_blackburn_skua.htm
  6. TISO

    Blenheim Mk I L1385 VAoP

  7. While searchingi found 3 photos of said plane: Captioned "Recovery of an English aircraft shot down into Devoli River in Albania in winter 1941" Any info on the crew? http://www.televignole.it/foto-storie-guerra-19/
  8. TISO

    SBC container?

    I found a series photo captioned generally war material on Tirana airfield in the winter 1941 Two officers at Tirana airport observe war material in the ground in the winter of 1941 http://www.televignole.it/foto-storie-guerra-20/ It this british SBC container with incidiaries?
  9. same source:
  10. another from same source with same caption:
  11. One with italian 50kg bombs. Note that it says new Macchi 200. from: http://www.televignole.it/foto-storie-guerra-25/ Shackling of a bomb on new Macchi 200 spring 1941 Caricamento di bombe ad un nuovo caccia “Macchi” 200 nella primavera 1941
  12. TISO

    Strange D.520

    My guess also.
  13. TISO

    Strange D.520

    i found these in italian photo archive with caption "captured British plane" (Apparecchio inglese catturato nell’estate 1941). I thought He, he, he a good one but then started to look a roundel colors. Could it be a RAF cocarde? http://www.televignole.it/foto-storie-guerra-57/
  14. Also spring 1941 Note german 50 KG bombs under the wings http://www.televignole.it/foto-storie-guerra-31/
  15. from: http://www.televignole.it/foto-storie-guerra-32/ Seems like a mix: Rifornimento di bombe in un campo di aviazione nella primavera 1941
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