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  1. From what i gather MLD Catalinas were same as Do-24K's i.e. Donkerblauwgrijs (Dark Blue Grey) on top and Wit (milky white) on bottom. As per this table: https://www.ipmsstockholm.se/home/colours-of-the-dutch-air-force-part-2/ On decal set DP Casper No.72009 "Java sea: from january to march 1942", camo 18 is PBY-5 Catalina Y-38. Instructions say upper colour is dark earth but that is wrong Some time ago i did preview of that set for a now defunct forum and crossposted it on Axis History Forum. There are a couple of addenums for planes depicted lower down in the thtread as AHF doesn't allow edits after certain time: https://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?t=205227 If you find any mistakes in my article for planes depicted please let me know.
  2. Inscriptions depend on individual aircraft. Basic inscriptions can be roughly be devided in 2 groups. 1. Inscriptions painted in the unit or repair shop 2. dedication inscriptions painted in the factories (one could pay for aircraft/tank and choose the dedicating inscription) From what i gather most are NOT identical on left or right side of the fuselage. This is most definitly where photos of the aicraft are necessary before you start.
  3. TISO

    T-72 in Syria

    Excellent thread on history of syrian anrmor in last war with lost of pic's. Lots of T-72 pics (and other heavy metal) and history on their upgrades: http://sturgeonshouse.ipbhost.com/topic/754-syrian-tanks-at-war-some-pictures-and-words-between-them/
  4. TISO

    T-72 in Syria

    A good pic's of DIY modifications to SAA armor: https://southfront.org/armoured-beasts-diy-style-modifications-of-syrian-army-battle-tanks/
  5. TISO

    T-72 in Syria

    For inspiration on SAA tanks (mostly T-72AV) and APC's (BMP's and Akatsiya). Music video. Footage is mostly early war mostly Al-Quabun 2013 made by ANNA news (Russians). There os huge ammount of footage just type ANNA NEWS: Syria into YouTube. This is from time when SAA was still operating alone with it's own prewar complement of tanks and before most local armor modifications (cage, concrete etc.) took place:
  6. TISO

    Zvezda C-130?

    HMMM Zvezda if You are reading this forum we are in dire need of new AC-130A. And do a "roman nose" as well (can be as separate part).
  7. TISO

    Amiot 351/354

    There are few photos and drawings of interior in Replic No.49 (september 1995)
  8. TISO

    Amiot 351/354

    One cutway is here: https://histaviation.com/amiot_351_.html also one of long distance plane cutway is here: https://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k65550893?rk=193134;0
  9. TISO

    Philippines 1941

    JWM both are rather exotic (IMHO that is understatement). I'm not aware of any pic's of O-46 from PI after start of the war only stateside OD/NG planes. As for A-27 i was thinking something on the line of Lend-lease P-40's but i'm not shure. Any experts on Thai colours here?
  10. TISO

    Philippines 1941

    Thank You for link. Any info on colours used on A-27's (which brown, green and gray) and O-46 planes after the start of the war?
  11. Good russian source of photos with 2 downloadable drawings: http://www.airwar.ru/enc/sww2/she2.html Russian Modelist-Konstruktor article with excellent detail drawings: http://hobbyport.ru/avia/sh_2.htm
  12. TISO

    1/72 B-17

    Photo of B-17C floor is interesting. Maybe it's only mee but it doesn't look as one piece floor but rather that small floor plates after pilot seats are simply bolted to the seat frame. Also intererestingly there are some weapons loadout drawings (even the very crude Emergency exit plan drawing has step) that show stepped floor for C and D (towards bottom of this page) : http://warbirdinformationexchange.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?p=248545
  13. Just a suggestion. It would be nice if Airfix would add Egyptian air to ground missiles and fuel tanks
  14. My humble sugestions 1/144 soviet WW2 submarine series: - series X and series Xbis Schuka class submarines - series Vbis - needs only new connig tower really- i don't understand why only series V was made - the only type that didn't see the action (all being part of Pacific fleet) good model tough, series Vbis-2 Schuka class , - series XII - M class submarine, - A class submarine (modernised American Holland - class) 1/72 - G-5 class torpedo boat - D class torpedo boat - BK-1125 gunboat - basicly scaling down to 1/72 of all your coming 1/48 aircraft and helicopter projects
  15. You also have PART PE sets for Gran kits (usable for other kits as well) S72 134 La-11: S72 133 La-9:
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