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  1. From Wiki: First photo on previous post is Sarja 1 (series 1). They were modified after winter war before start of invasion of SSSR in 1941 There were a couple conversions for the bomb bays in 1/72 by GAL decals for series 1 and 2. I have 72-02 Sarja 1 bomb bay. Basicly it is 3 part set and contains main bomb bay troughs for 100kg bombs and wing bomb bays troughs for 12,5kg bombs. Bays don't have bomb hangers so you will have to do them yourself or hang bombs to mask that. Set doesn't contain bombs. Finnish bombs are AFAIK produced only produced by GAL Decals and KORA models. KORA models sets for finnish bombs are: DS72.99 Finnish weapons set pt. I - Racks with 8x12,5kg bombs DS72.100 Finnish weapons set pt. II - 4 x Finnish type bombs 50kg DS72.101 Finnish weapons set pt. III - 4 x 100kg bombs DS72.102 Finnish weapons set pt. IV - 2 x 250kg bombs and bomb mix sets for various aircraft: DS72.80 Fokker C.X Finnish service-Weapons set DS72.94 Koolhoven FK.52 - Finnish- Weapons set DS72.98 Fokker C.V D/E - Finnish-Weapons set BTW if you will be doing Series I you need to modify wing landing lights GAL set: R72-05 Finnish Air Force - Tolfvan bomb set 4 of each:Psi 12,5 & 25,Pmi 50 & 100
  2. Is there any posibility of issuing this modification of existing Italian Armoured Car IZM kit?
  3. Yep. Desert tires. Good article on this thing. It even has registration numbers for Raggruppament Sahariano: https://comandosupremo.com/as-42-sahariana/ ANother good article: https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2/italy/camioneta_as-42_sahariana.php few pic's: https://www.nevingtonwarmuseum.com/as-42-saharaiana.html BTW AS 42 Saharianas serving in SSSR were Sahariana AS 42 tipo II of RSI 10 ┬░Reggimento Arditi (Gruppo Paris) attached to 2. Fallschirmj├Ąger-Division in Ukraine 1943-1944.
  4. Depends on the tires in the kit if they are of artiglio type and you have metropolitana boxes you can also do a 20mm vehicle in SSSR. Some were part of italian RSI paratroopers attached to german 6. paratrooper division and operated in Ukraine during winter 1943-44
  5. SMER (and by extension KP) IMHO is one of those underrated kits. It builds nicely, is relatively accurate and is cheap. AFAIK it is also the only Il-2 kit with option for ski undecarrige. Original packing was in 2 versions: plain and Hi-tech with small PE fret.
  6. If you intend on making improvised 2 seater there is a KP kit which is complete SMER single seater + extra fusellage and small and clear parts with 3 attractive decal options. Problem is it should have wooden wings as most photos of modified Il-2's show wooden winged planes (including all 3 decal options) but has metal wings. Can be corrected by puttying the panel lines or making this kit as single seater and using extra parts for modification of Dakoplast kit which has wooden wings
  7. In my it was basicly copy of Fujimi in rather soft gray plasctic. Panel lines are a bit heavier but still acceptable, Lower wing in my box was warped but since it is soft plastic it was just a metter of warping it back and gluing it and fixing it with clamps until glue sets. No biggie.
  8. TISO

    Caproni Ca.310

    A photo on paluba.info forum shows a plane Ca.311 with a black number 28 on the rudder http://www.paluba.info/smf/index.php?topic=12941.0
  9. TISO

    Caproni Ca.310

    Interesting photo already posted shows small black 26 or 28 number on the tail surface below the thin flag. Unknown if photo was taken before or afetr delivery
  10. TISO

    Caproni Ca.310

    In article on Yugoslav use i added information on accident on 3rd of february 1944 when one Croatian Caproni was damaged in an accident. Info is taken from a book Messerschmitt Bf-109 - The Yugoslav Story (page 116-117) which also contains 2 phoos of damaged Caproni
  11. AFAIK You would also have to modify engine cowling
  12. Never mind. I got the answer:
  13. A question regarding this beast. I have FtF kit and my intention is to build it as Spanish nationalist gun since i mistakenly recieved crew for it from Steelworks. A couple of years ago I ordered some other stuff (aviation related) and set was in the package. After notifying the shop they passed on the offered payment (by me) on the lines "OK. Thanks for notifying us, consider it a free sample". What were the colors used on french ammunition? I only found colors for late polish 30's ammo here: http://derela.pl/155mm_wz17_schneider.htm
  14. Sweet. Nicely built little thing. BTW there are few add ons for this kit: - Syndikate.co from Poland produces in 3D print : - tracks & wheels set (they also produce separate set for A9) - periscopes for UK tanks - Master produces brass set of gun barrels (both 40mm and BESA)
  15. On the following film at 19:17 you can see bombing up the Wellinton
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