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  1. Working Lift Bridge Diorama

    This is really progressing well Peter. I noticed your vice in one of your pictures. I made one just like it many a year ago!. Though I don't have mine anymore, went missing when my father passed on and the contents of his shed were emptied.
  2. West Jet B.737-800

    Yes, later aircraft have had the eyebrow windows deleted. Glad to see you are on the ball there Paul.
  3. Revell USN C-40A Clipper Conversion

    I see more of the USAF versions here. I will be doing mine as seen prior to around 2007 when the extra markings disappear. Will also be doing it without winglets. Now with the disruption of a week away and then last week of having the house turn upside down with new floor coverings being installed, I may get to the bench this weekend and make some progress!
  4. Nils, the kit has been retooled. The original issue had engines without bulges, the spares you have are meant for the earlier kit. The extra bulges are undersized as you can see so that is why they retooled the engines.
  5. Minicraft 1/144 737-300 Magni Charters

    Ah, he has started. Make sure that friend makes a couple of extra for me
  6. West Jet B.737-800

    Flying along with his Paul, looks good
  7. Airfix 737-200, Cruzeiro decals

    Nice lineup, the Minicraft 733 would be fine to add to the GB if you want.
  8. PK-23 Hawker Tempest Mk.VI (F.6) ** FINISHED **

    Very nice Dave!
  9. PK-606 Consolidated P4BY-2 Privateer

    You can, but usually, I try and source from the larger rattle cans from a Hardware centre and my run with the household type rattle cans has not been good. Might investigate the automotive shops now. Thanks for the advice
  10. Revell USN C-40A Clipper Conversion

    So while I was away on a little break I managed to start another build for the GB Using the Revell kit and Draw decals for the C-40 I made some progress this morning on it, lots a great step by step photos taken of the build so far. And then my photo editing software decided to delete 9 of the 10 images I had when I was renaming them So I am left with these... and More progress later, if the images aren't deleted again!
  11. Airfix B737-200C Finnair Cargo

    The decided the cut up the Braz engines and add some tube to extend them Some putty to fill the gaps And the fuselage is ready for another coat of paint after some more filling
  12. Three reasons.......

    Mike, Happy for you to join with the Zvezda 738, if you can find the time that is!
  13. Airfix B737-200C Finnair Cargo

    Thanks for the engine tute John. I am now back from a break and start to hack the Braz engines up!
  14. Daco Boeing 737-300 (Another one)

    An oldy but a goody, nice choice of scheme
  15. PK-606 Consolidated P4BY-2 Privateer

    Halfords is luxury we don't have in this neck of the woods, having built plenty of airliners I have a usual ritual I go through to apply white. In this case, I was low on my go to supplies and tried something different with disastrous results. Another lesson learned