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  1. Haha... it does look like that you’re right ! Thank you Thank you
  2. Hi Ian I agree, it has had to grow on me too, as I was always a fan of the hybrid continental livery. They are very good sheets, and I hope they are released for more model variants in the future. Thank you for the comment about the grass, this is a sheet that was cut to fit the areas. I definitely think it’s a much better look than the previous grass I did have. Haha... no they don’t, I think this one must be lost or on lease ! I am currently working on a B777-200F in Korean colours, a few classic B737s and need to get round to finishing that Qatar B772LR. What about you? Take care,
  3. Thank you for your kind feedback John . Alistair Thank you mate for your kind feedback
  4. Here is my finished Zvezda Airbus A320-232 in the new colours of United Airlines registration N486UA in 1/144 scale. The kit was OOB with the aftermarket decals from RichW and the detailing A320 set from Authentic Airlines. The Zvezda Kit speaks for itself, it comes with the option to have the flaps and slats extended or retracted, as is the option I went for. Something I learnt making this kit is that the United A320 doesn’t have the coroguard sections on the wings. Paints used were Holts Grey for the Wings and Stabilisers, Halfords Appliance White for the fuselage and a blended v
  5. Thank you very much! Yeah i definitely agree with the idea of having a sky colour background and adjusting the positioning, to avoid the shadows! If I were to do an ‘in-flight’ presentation again, I’d definitely change the setup. Thank you for your feedback . Alistair
  6. Yeah I bet! Don’t say that I’m sure you will make an awesome civy build in the future! I have the BA A380 sitting around ! Oh wow, that would be excellent thank you! Thank you very much, I have a United A320 in the new livery that is close to completion. Apologies for the poor photos, hopefully I’ll finish this build off next week and have it ready for RFI.
  7. Thank you Dave. I know, I’m hoping that when Zvezda release the kit they do it with the undercarriage option, along with the other extras they add to their kits! I know what you mean, and I’m glad to hear that your getting back into the swing of it again. You’re like me, sick of the sight of unfinished kits haha! I’m glad to hear that your eye surgery has gone well also. I know what you mean, and speaking of the E195, I am hoping I’ll get round to making that Flybe one when I can find the paint mix. I’ve heard Halfords can mix it up on request. look forward to mor
  8. Wow Dave this is simply stunning!! You definitely have gone above and beyond with this build and your attention to detail is excellent. I might need to start adding some more classic airliners to my collection, I’m too set in my ways with the modern era. I hope this inspires you to keep going with some more Airliners to appear in RFI soon Regards, Alistair
  9. Thank you very much. Oh no, I meant to check back and see how you were getting on with your one as I remember you starting it. Ouch... yeah that’s a bit of an outlay for you! Hi Ian, Thank you very much! It’s good to be back, I’ve missed doing them to be honest with you I just lost my motivation with stuff that was going on in my life. I really hope you’ll be getting back in to it again. They are ok kits though I do think personally I prefer the Zvezda Airbus kits, one of which in nearly finished and will be a United A320 in the new livery which I hope I
  10. Here is my finished Revell Airbus A320-251N(SL) in the livery of British Airways registration G-TTNH. This has been my first build for nearly 5 months due to personal reasons, and my skills were a bit rusty. The build was a simple OOB although I had to change the engines as BA use the Leap 1A engines and luckily I had previously built the Revell A321 Neo kit which had both engines with it. I do like the new Revell airbus kit, it is well detailed and the only thing I don’t like is the fact that the A320 Neo kit doesn’t come with the landing gear. However, this wasn’t a problem for
  11. Thank you Chris, appreciate that! I always thought they looked very similar haha... though only when I dug deeper I realised why. Alistair Thank you very much mate! I like to try and tell a story haha, I couldn’t have given the whole thing a story . Thank you for your kind comment about the runway base, it’s the first time using it! I want to replace the grass though. Haha... I am looking forward to finishing off the 772! Thank you again mate! Alistair Thank you Alan, very kind comments! Yeah it based around 26L at LGW. Haha... I think you’re right, th
  12. Hi Dave, Thank you very much, I think like you I’d always liked the original Jet2 livery, but having seen this one up close I think it griped me. It’s effective enough to advertise the product. Yeah I think the decals were designed to fit the older Revell kit, where the winglets were very ‘chunky’ and not the correct profile. I might ask him if he can for me. Regards, Alistair
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