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  1. What an excellent 170 Dave, I like the scheme very much. It looks a lot like they are photos of the real thing. I must say I love the AA decals, they really add to the overall finish of the model. Great work as usual Dave . Alistair
  2. Thank you, yeah it’s an awkward colour to match as like most airliners, they look very different under various lighting conditions... I used this mix on my 773 and I was pleased with the final result... Alistair
  3. I present my Revell Airbus A319 in the new livery of American Airlines N800IN. The build was OOB with the addition of Braz Sharklets and aftermarket decals from 26Decals and Authentic Airliners. It was a straightforward enough build, with the usual removal of the additional flap track fairings for the A321. I’ve had this model on my bench for a long time, but just never got round to finishing it off... so I’m trying to get through unfinished projects before starting anything new. I still think it looks quite strange seeing an A319 baby bus with sharklets... The paint mix I went for was mixing Revell light grey 371, Revell white gloss 04 and a touch of Revell Silver 90. It was a case of keep mixing until I found a shade I was most happy with. It was then brush painted. Wings and stabs are Revell 371 with Revell 374 coroguard section. Was then clear coated several times with Humbrol Clear, and then finally glossed once the decals had been applied. Thank you for looking and as always any constructive feedback and comments are welcomed. Next up to finish now is my Germanwings A320. Regards, Alistair
  4. Oh wow, that’s really cool . I used to be CC for EasyJet for while before becoming a Train Driver... oh really, that’s annoying ...
  5. Thank you Adam, I agree. The Revell kit is showing it’s age, and I am looking forward to seeing what the Neo kits are like... the Zvezda kit literally falls together and I do highly recommend it... I might do an Aeroflot one too, the only thing that lets the Zvezda kit down is the quality of the decals.
  6. Thank you , did you fly it as a Pilot or a passenger, that’s really cool? I look forward to seeing you built model in the future mate, she is awkward to mask off and get the lines right... I’ve had the decals for ages but always used aftermarket ones for the actual product. I’ve always wanted to build it but was always too nervous... still was when I actually built it . Alistair Thank you, yeah is definitely very sad indeed. Always very sad to lose an airline, it’s so competitive out there...
  7. Hi Norbert, This is brilliant, I love the scheme and the attention to detail you have shown, it has really paid off... its good to hear how good the AA A330 is if I consider making one in the future... thank you for sharing. Regards, Alistair
  8. Thank you Ian. That’s what I’m doing before starting anything new, I have so many part builds or unfinished decaling ones to finish. I have some retro Lufthansa Decals for an A321 that I want to get round up doing eventually. Regards, Alistair That would be awesome, and I’ll look forward to seeing it one day here in RFI...
  9. Thanks Ian, that is very true and I am going to be using the kit decals for the Germanwings so that’ll be 3 haha. I am glad you think the red looks ok, as I thought it was too dark to begin with when I was painting but it seemed to come round ok after glossing. I have brush painted the Germanwings , it’s not brilliant and I don’t think I am happy with it so I am going for a ‘hardworking airframe’ look with the effect, have added a few photos too... Regards, Alistair
  10. This is truly stunning Dave, and your attention to detail is top notch! The extra you have applied has definitely paid off, and really helps to bring the model to life. I’ve never done a ‘classic’ Airliner but I’m tempted having seen how awesome this looks. I quite like the idea of doing a 707. Regards, Alistair
  11. Thank you . I tried to create the effect of the steps/Airbridge scuffing the L1 door... what livery are you thinking for your A321, it’s a lovely kit to build... I might get another soon but it’s just deciding on a livery for it haha. Alistair Thank you Dave, that’s a great compliment. Alistair Thank you
  12. Thank you, I never flew with them but I always liked their livery, it was just right enough for it to stand out amongst a sea of ‘white whales’.
  13. Thank you, oh really. It’s always really sad to see an airline disappear. I am tempted to do a Monarch A320 in the retro scheme. Alistair
  14. Thank you, appreciate that . Thank you Dave, a lot of patience was required along the way haha. Alistair
  15. Thank you Dave, I must admit it was sad to see them wind down, the vibrant red of their scheme would dominate a pier at many German Airports... I must admit using the Kit Decals is rare, but I am currently working on another A320 in the old Germanwings livery using leftover decals. Alistair
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