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  1. I am currently working on this Zvezda Boeing 737-8 Max which will be displayed in the WestJet livery registration C-GRAX. This kit is excellent and the detailing is brilliant. The fuselage was Primed using Halfords White Primer, and then sprayed with Humbrol White Gloss Paint. The wings are painted using Revell 371 and Revell 90 for the leading edges. I have just assembled the ‘Leap’ Engines which have gone together really well and have great detailing, they have been primed ready to be painted/glossed. Will add further photos and updates as the build progresses. Thank you for looking and any comments are greatly appreciated. I have got on with a bit more work on my 787-8 Max over the last few days. I have attached the Landing Gear, painted the horizontal stabilisers and nearly completed the Engines (just a few more coats of varnish and the inlet rings to attach). Engines have been painted using Halfords White Primer and then coated with several coats of Humbrol Clear Varnish Coat, inlet rings Revell Silver 90. I am very much looking forward to applying the decals to this model. I have started applying the decals to the model now, and as always with Draw Decals they go on really well. A little bit of trimming was required for the tail decal, and for parts of the Winglets. Once again thank you for looking and any comments and suggestions are always welcomed. Alistair
  2. Thank you, haha no it’s just my poor choice of photo location . I think I need to build a display board or something I think as my hobby takes off (pardon the pun lol). I love building airliners and have several more that I’m working on, and will look forward to sharing them with you all in the future. Thank you for viewing and commenting .
  3. Thank you Norbert. Do you know which water based glue to get? Cheers, Alistair
  4. Thank you Ian, I tried signing up to Flickr but was having a nightmare with it and couldn’t get it set up. I would definitely prefer a service that didn’t post the watermark all over the image. Thank you for the link for the Decals, do you know how good they are to apply to the model etc? I agree about the Zvezda kits, they do seem to go together effortlessly and look great when complete. Alistair
  5. Thank you, yeah definitely I think I have grown to prefer the new easyjet livery. I have an A320 to do in this livery with the ‘250th Airbus’ decals .
  6. Thank you Ian, I think I will definitely consider the Windows and Cockpit decals from AA (still quite new to modelling again ). I know about Photobucket, but not sure how to get rid of it (again a proper amateur ). Thank you for looking and for your comment . Alistair
  7. Thank you. Yeah I have a soft spot for eh A320 family, as I spent most of time as Cabin Crew operating them. Also easier to display several on a shelving unit in the man cave
  8. Sounds like a good plan, another thing I like about the Zvezda A320 is that you don’t have to file down the additional flaptracks like you for the Revell kits. I know it’s only a minor detail but it’s something I quite like, and different landing gear lengths if you go for the configured mode, to reflect the suspension not being applied. Also the kit comes with both CFM and IAE V2500 engine options as standard (although the instructions only tell you how to make the CFMs it’s quite straight forward to assemble the V2500s if needed)
  9. Thank you, I must admit I only like building Airliners so will keep adding them as I build them. I have a fair few more to get through . Good luck with your build, look forward to seeing it . Alistair
  10. Thank you. I personally prefer it to the Revell Kit, I find it goes together a lot better (especially the wing box). The plastic is a lot softer. I must admit I wasn’t sure about the flaps for fear of them bang hard or difficult, but I found them to be ok to put together. I’d definitely recommend the Zvezda A320. I hope they release more Civil variants soon, I’d love a good 757 model. Thank you for viewing and commenting . Hopefully your A320 won’t be condemned .
  11. Yeah haha, I got mine from Hannants originally. I have done a few A320s with Sharklets. Here is my Swiss one.
  12. Thank you . It’s going to have Sharklets, in one of the images I’ve accidentally knocked one of them off, just need to reattach it. They are from http://www.brazmodels.com/ A318/A319/A320/A321 Sharklets.
  13. Thank you for your suggestion, it’s very much appreciated. I saw someone use nail polish and that looked really good, I’m no good with an airbrush so do all my models by brush. I will add a few coats of gloss when I’ve finished the decals. I gave it a few coats of Humbrol Clear before starting the decals. Thank you again for taking the time to view the post and for your positive suggestion . Here is what I was trying to compare it to.
  14. Thank you, I’d like it if they released decals in their ‘Jet2holidays’ livery (unless I’m missing them already being available). Thank you very much, yeah it’s really annoying .
  15. Cracking model, I wanted to ask what Grey you used for the fuselage, as I am looking to build a 787 in this livery?
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