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  1. Thank you! Haha… yeah that’s very true! I remember the long old taxi journeys in and out at Schipol ! Alistair Thank you Thank you Thank you, yeah the build is very fun and easy to do! That sounds like a very cool project for sure and look forward to seeing the finished results! Yeah I have heard the Minicraft kit was plagued with issues. Alistair
  2. Thank you, I was never lucky enough to fly on a BA B757 just the B767. I love the landor scheme and may be tempted to build one in that livery. Alistair Thank you, I have never tried to build the Minicraft kit but I have heard a lot of people don’t like it. That’s really cool that you got to fly and maintain them, it’s a lovely aircraft. Definitely a great kit! Alistair Thank you Paul. I think weathering is a hard thing to get right, as at 1/144 scale it’s difficult to replicate it and sometimes I worry that I am overdoing it. The Nazca details are excellent and you’ll enjoy using them on your build. I have another 2 now that I will start in due course. Alistair Thank you David! Thank you also for the detailed information about the liveries , and I know that G-BIKC would have had the earlier RB211s but I just went for an ‘engine upgrade’ ! Never full of useless information though . Alistair Thank you Keith! That made me laugh about you not buying more, there is never enough ! I know this one (G-BIKC) should have had the earlier RB211s , I have given it and engine ‘upgrade’ for some fun. Alistaur
  3. Thank you again Dave! I have one on order of they ever come back into stock! I have the decals for them, just no kit ! What livery do you think you’ll go for with your B757? Alistair Thank you very much Thank you so much! I’m glad you like that, she’s definitely a well worked narrow body! Yeah that’s very true, I wanted the Edinburgh castle markings so that’s what I did, and just gave it a little engine upgrade ! Thank you again for your kind comments ! Alistair I know right! It definitely suits it that’s for sure! Thank you very much! It’s a lovely kit to build! Thank you Thank you very much !
  4. Agh nice one Steve! I love the AirNZ livery and would love to try one myself sometime ! Good luck with your build! Alistair
  5. Here is my finished Boeing 757-236 in 1/144 scale from Zvezda’s new B757 kit in the classic ‘Negus’ livery of British Airways registration G-BIKC “Edinburgh Castle”. This kit, quite literally, goes together seamlessly with very little sanding and filling required. It’s great that is has both engine options as well as having either the newer blended winglets or the classic wing tips. I’ve never built the Minicraft or EE kits but I absolutely can’t recommend this kit enough! The beautiful decals are from Ray at @26Decalsand the B757 detail sheet is from @nazca-decals. The registration I went for, G-BIKC, was fitted with the older style RB211 engines. But I love Edinburgh so I opted to go for an engine upgrade with my build and use the newer RB211 engines. Paints used were Halfords appliance white for the upper fuselage, Humbrol 15 Midnight Blue for the lower fuselage and Halfords Racking Grey for the wings, nacelles and stabilisers. Metals are a mix of Revells aqua range. The decals are excellent, though I did mess up the port side tail decal as they were designed for the Minicraft B757, but Ray kindly provided me with a replacement screen printed one. I am already looking forward to building my next B757 which will be either Thomas Cook or Continental. As always, all comments and feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you for looking! Regards, Alistair
  6. Thank you Steve! No this was a full cut up job to shorten the fuselage. It’s the 2nd time I’ve done it now ! Alistair
  7. Here is my finished Boeing 777-FB5 in 1/144 scale which has been converted from the Revell B777-300ER kit. Presented in the attractive Korean Air livery sporting registration HL8251. This is the 2nd time I have done this conversion, having previously built my British Airways B777-236(ER). It’s a lovely little conversion and the added bonus is that the freighter version of the B777 uses the same engines and extended wing tips as the B777-300(ER). I did do a WIP post before on how to do this conversion when I built my BA B777. The decals are from Draw Decal and the wing markings are from RichW. Paints used were Ford Riveria Blue from Halfords which I found was a good match for the light blue of Korean Air. Halfords Appliance White for the lower fuselage & nacelles and racking grey for the wings and stabilisers. The ‘silver’ stripe through the fuselage was my own mix of Revell Aqua colours 371 and 90. I opted to paint the silver line first and then mask off the areas for the light blue and white sections. The metals are from Revell’s Aqua range. I enjoyed this build as it made a nice change from the Airliner’s I usually build as it’s the first time I’ve built a freighter model. I am currently working on the new Zvezda B757 kit and a B787-8. Thank you for looking and as always all comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. Regards, Alistair
  8. Thank you Dave, the BA/Comair decals came with the AA sheet which was very helpful! I do agree, it has made me somewhat nervous at the thought of flying on one, plus I am such a fan of Airbus having flown on them most of my time as cabin crew. The Boeing 757 however I do love and I can’t wait to do a model of one of those in the future! Look forward to seeing some more of your finished builds soon! Take care, Alistair
  9. Thank you everyone for your kind comments on this build !
  10. Thank you everyone for all your kind comments and feedback !
  11. Here is my finished Zvezda Boeing 737-8 Max in 1/144 scale. This is in the ‘protective layer’ fresh from the production line and in British Airways livery, though they don’t actually operate this variant, it is used by Comair in South Africa under the BA livery (ZS-ZCA). It was a standard OOB the build with the detail sheet supplied by Authentic Airliner Decals. The kit is straight forward enough to build and is great for little details at the same time! As this was a build designed to show the aircraft in its post production state the paint used was Halfords Racking Grey all over. I used Revell 361 applied lightly with streaks for the high impact primer layer on the engine nacelles. Various Revell Aqua colours for the metals. The detail sheet from AA was excellent and very true to life. It was like completing a jigsaw puzzle the way the pieces all interlocked and joined! I have always wanted to do a model in this way and when I saw this sheet I knew it had to be done! I can only hope I’ve done this excellent sheet some justice. It’s tempting me to convert a 737-8 Max to a 737-7 Max just to do the other scheme. Thank you for looking and as always feedback and comments are always welcomed. I am on a roll with getting these projects that have been sat around for a long time completed! Regards, Alistair
  12. Here is my finished Revell Airbus A321-251NX in 1/144 scale and in British Airways colours registration G-NEOS. G-NEOS has a convertible cabin and is able to operate in full economy mode when being used on charters. The box was a simple OOB one with the decals being provided by RichW. The Revell kit is a good one and goes together really well. I am still torn between which one I prefer out of this or the Zvezda one. I think the fact the Zvezda one adds the antennae after is good as it helps with the filling and sanding of the fuselage during assembly. However, the surface details on the Revell kit are excellent. Paints used were Halfords appliance white and Fiat Capri blue for the fuselage and engine nacelles. Holts grey for the wings and stabilisers. Revell’s Aqua range for the metals and tyres. The decals are excellent once again having used them several times in the past. This is the first one I’ve used from Rich that incorporated the photo real windows on them. I love how they bring a sense of realism to the model. It felt strange applying over wing exits and the relevant wing markings on an A321 but I love the cabin flex layout designed by Airbus. Thank you for looking and as always comments and feedback are always greatly appreciated. This is going be one of a line of models I’ll be displaying in the coming weeks. My bench is full at the moment! Regards, Alistair
  13. I am looking to do an A321 in the Wizz air colours but not sure what colours to use? Anyone had any success with a mix for the fuschia pink and the blue used on the new scheme pease?
  14. Hi all, I’m hoping to build a Wizz Air A321 but I’m stumped on a colour match for the pink and purple of the new livery for it? Anyone got any tips or advice for, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
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