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  1. Thank you Chris, appreciate that! I always thought they looked very similar haha... though only when I dug deeper I realised why. Alistair Thank you very much mate! I like to try and tell a story haha, I couldn’t have given the whole thing a story . Thank you for your kind comment about the runway base, it’s the first time using it! I want to replace the grass though. Haha... I am looking forward to finishing off the 772! Thank you again mate! Alistair Thank you Alan, very kind comments! Yeah it based around 26L at LGW. Haha... I think you’re right, they would certainly not be impressed they’ve taken that long to vacate... could give imagine haha. They got lost, that’s what I’m going with ! Alistair
  2. Hi Dave, Thank you very much, I think like you I’d always liked the original Jet2 livery, but having seen this one up close I think it griped me. It’s effective enough to advertise the product. Yeah I think the decals were designed to fit the older Revell kit, where the winglets were very ‘chunky’ and not the correct profile. I might ask him if he can for me. Regards, Alistair
  3. Hi Ian Thank you , I’m glad it turned out ok. The masking was fun lol, so I’m happy it turned out as crisp as it did. I might message him and ask, as it’s only a little detail but would be good to have it added to the finished product! Thank you about the baseboard, I still think I am going to replace the grass with the static stuff to make it look more realistic. Being on lockdown is enabling me to really crack on with the builds. Regards, Alistair
  4. Thank you very much! I can’t recommend the Zvezda civil kits anymore, they are excellent! I have built a fair few now. Definitely give one a try mate! Alistair Thank you very much John, appreciate your kind comments! It’s a livery I have wanted to build for many years ever since I stepped off of it. Regards, Alistair
  5. Here is my finished Zvezda Boeing 737-8MG(WL) in the Jet2Holidays livery with registration G-JZHK. I opted for this livery and registration as I flew on this particular aircraft back in 2017 and she was only about 4/5 months old at the time, you could still smell the newness. I’m also quite a fan of this livery, it’s effective and stands out just enough. It’s also identical to that of the American low cost carrier Allegiant and I tried to do some digging in to this. From what I gathered Jet2 leased 2 752s from Allegiant and they had just painted them, so Jet2 simply added the Jet2Holidays titles. I think there is also some history of European carriers fleet sharing with North American carriers when demand is lower, I know the TUI and Sunwing one is an example of this. The build was a simple enough OOB build, with the decals from RichW. This is my second set of decals now that I have used from Rich, after my BA 772. The windows are from AA. I don’t need to say much about the Zvezda kit, as it’s a good one, and goes together very well. The paints used were Halfords Appliance White for the fuselage, the blue is Revell’s 52 which I lightened with some white to try and match the shade more accurately to the real thing and then brush painted it to be fuselage and nacelles. The wings and stabs are Halfords Racking Grey and the metallics are a mixture of Revell’s Aqua range. The decals are excellent and fit the model brilliantly. I have a few more sets of decals from Rich, including a Qatar 777-200(LR) and TAP A320. I messed up the winglet decals though which I’m annoyed about. I’m also looking to do one of the BA World tails on a B737-300 as well soon. I am currently, working on my Qatar B772(LR) and VietJet A321, though I also have a Volotea A319 that I need to finish decaling. Anyway, I have gone on long enough now, thank you for looking and as always any comments or constructive feedback is very welcome. Regards, Alistair
  6. I’m really looking forward to this mate! I was considering the BA livery for me A320neo, but haven’t fully decided yet haha! I’ve just finished my Jet2Holidays 737-800 which I’ll post shortly. Keep me updated with how you’re getting along with the build ! Regards, Alistair
  7. Thank you very much, I am still learning with how to perfect airliners weathering. There are so many techniques and things to weather. Alistair Thank you, I was hoping to bring life to the model and help it to not look like a toy. Alistair Thank you Alistair
  8. Thank you very much, it was a challenge but one that I enjoyed, and also learnt a lot from. It has encouraged me with my next build, the BA Landor B777-200(ER). So I hope that turns out ok. Do it... it’s a rewarding feeling when it’s all done. Definitely looks like she has worked hard... thank you again Alistair Thank you very much Keith, that’s a great compliment to receive. They definitely show she has worked hard haha... gives it life and character. Alistair
  9. Thank you very much! Thank you . I agree the BA is lovely, it’s relatively simple but elegant at the same time! Alistair
  10. Hi Ian Thank you very much, I hope I have done it justice. There is something simple but somewhat elegant to the BA livery, it’s so British ! I have learned a lot of different techniques with this build, and trying to grow in confidence with weathering... I’m getting there slowly. I did spray if, then the paint crazed really badly under the tape when I masked off the demarcation. This downhearted me somewhat, so resorted back to my brush. I have the Revell basic starter airbrush set, that I might try and have a go at getting used to. It’s just trying to figure out how to mix the Aqua colours ready for spraying etc... the last time I tried it was really bubbly when it reached the surface of the model. I will touch them up, I have just seen how they need tidying up. I think I messed them up when I was weathering inside the engines. Regards, Alistair
  11. Thank you Chris Thank you Dave. It was fun, and a new challenge which was good to have a go at. Thank you for the kind comment about the weathering, I’m still learning to get to grips with it and what I like and what works etc... I hope it does encourage to build the KLM 772, I may end up with an army of B772s . Regards, Alistair
  12. Here is a sequence of photos all together of my converted build... Once again thank for following my progress I built this, this is probably the first model I have actually built from start to finish without being distracted by other projects. Here is my final model in the RFI section... Regards, Alistair
  13. Thank you! I never used to use them and then got recommended them by some fellow modellers on here and I have used them since. They really add a sense of realism to the model. Haha... that’s funny about the MD-80! Alistair
  14. Here is my finished Boeing 777-236(ER) which has been converted using the Revell B777-300(ER) kit. I opted for the British Airways livery and G-VIIB as it was a regular site for me when I used to work at LGW. I have converted this kit, and a full WIP can be found by following the link which is below. This was my first attempt at a conversion and when I had made the cuts and ended up with 3 pieces of fuselage I found it hard to imagine an end result. I followed some excellent advice given to me and persevered with it. The Revell kit is a nice build and goes together really well. The engines are the GE90-94s from BraZ as are the wingtips. The decals are from RichW and they have gone on brilliantly as well as the AA windows. The paints used were Revell 04 White Gloss for the upper fuselage (I opted for this due to an issue with spraying), Halfords Fiat Capri Blue for the lower fuselage and nacelles, Halfords Racking Grey for the wings and Revell 374 for the coroguard. The metals and greys are mix of Revell Aqua colours. This was my first time really masking off a demarcation line, although in principal it seems easy enough, but I’m too set on wanting it perfect. I used Tamiya flex tape for the tapered ends and thicker Tamiya tape for the straight sections. I think it has turned out ok. I studied several photos of BA’s 777 wings and I found they were all particularly dirty, especially the trailing ends and had an unusual light grey contamination on the upper surfaces. I have tried to replicate this effect on this model. The decals were easy to work with, with each one requiring cutting individually. The authentic airlines decals help to bring it to life. I have enjoyed this build, and it has encouraged me to do more conversions. In fact I am planning a B737-700 and B777-200(ER) in United and BA Landor respectively this year. Thank you for looking and as always any comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. Regards, Alistair
  15. Thank you I appreciate that. I think you’re right about the coroguard section on the wings... the photos I had to compare made it look heavily contaminated. I’m looking forward to getting it finished now. Alistair
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