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  1. My father tried to teach me how to weld when I was trying to restore an old Beetle. He was a terrible teacher (to him you just "did it" because he'd been doing it for 40+ years and it was a tacit, unteachable skill by then), and I was a terrible pupil (I hate not being able to do things) so it didn't go very well. I got a spark of weld in my ear, I could HEAR the sizzling flesh in my ear as it burned and I was yelping in pain, he laughed and said "welcome to welding". I'd stick to building PCs, you get the odd nasty cut from a sharp case edge, but you never get to hear your own flesh being burned Tyres on an old rusty wreck by the shore will be interesting. I'd expect them to be a bleached-out grey under the sun, but then black when they're wet.
  2. I pity the gallant crew of any of my childhood kit builds. Thrown into combat in ramshackle things chucked together in an afternoon, a wonky world of barely air/sea/land worthy constructions more dangerous to their crew than the enemy.
  3. Nice work. I know it's finished and everything, but I'm catching up on old builds and just bought the same kit so it's good to have a build to look through. After opening the box and looking at the instructions, my first thoughts were 'oh, no, that camouflage' but I can't keep just painting them grey or yellow Smart build, well done for not giving up, its so easy to do that. It looks a lot bigger until the last 2 pictures with the figure.
  4. Yikes! I can't match that. I have no idea how to paint them in more than one colour. My airbrush skills are going to be challenged.
  5. I'm back! Ready to get on with the Toldi again now that a few pesky real-life things are out of the way (and my Beaufighter is finished). Where was I? Oh yes, the Friul tracks are made and burnished, the lower hull is ready for some dust/oil/wear, and the top hull is primered. We have guests today, but I'll crack on tomorrow, honest! I really, really, really want to build a Panzer III, but I think the Toldi looks too good to not finish now.
  6. Nice work so far! I wish I could dirty up engines as well as you. I've got the RFM Panzer III and just the size of the box is scary I know that I'll be taking my time with it when it gets onto my bench. I don't think I've ever completed an interior kit, it is such a commitment, and like you say cleanup, test fit, cleanup, test fit, cleanup, glue, paint over and over means that all of your tools are always needed. Worth it in the end though - at least yours will be visible!
  7. You have a fine Panzer I collection. I have a few, but it's a "collection in being" as they're all unmade other than a very dusty Dragon Ausf.A from years ago. I really must get on and start one of them (it has to be the trainer tank first). I've just read your build thread and I'm already searching for a Befehlswagen, it's probably for the best that I can't find one Enjoying your 1/16th work, your level of detail is daunting, I don't think I'd ever get beyond planning something like this.
  8. Ned


    Hey Martin, greetings from a damp Leeds this morning. I'm into tanks, but nothing bigger/newer than a Panzer III.
  9. PK-103 Bristol Beaufighter Mk X Aircraft building is a novelty for me, so I couldn't resist adding an Aires cockpit to an otherwise straight build. Vallejo paint, original 1970s decals. This has been a brilliant GB, a real return to childhood for me and many others.
  10. I'm calling this done! The masking tape is off and the Aires cockpit can just be seen at last Loved this opportunity to put right an old wrong and finally finish a Beaufighter, and also to release something imprisoned in a box for almost 50 years. The decals are the original ones, they've come out fine. A few lessons learned along the way: Don't use Ammo paint because you'll end up sanding it off. After sanding off Ammo paint, clean all of the crud out of the panel lines because panel liner doesn't flow through crud. Paint the nose first and mask it off. Stick to tanks, sausage fingers. But not yellow ones.
  11. The steering position looks awful in those original pictures, especially the second one, Imagine driving all day with your hands up at face level. Even if it's wrong, yours looks more ergonomically correct, so the plastic driver will thank you. Unless the wheel is too close to the screen, in which case he'll be cursing you every time he turns a tight corner
  12. Yes! That's it! I thought that I'd maybe imagined it because it's something like 40 years since I saw it. Shame about the tank, they haven't even painted it yellow It might not be quite as good as I remembered it.
  13. Hello, I just caught up this morning, the small amount of time that I've been spending on BM has mostly been in the Matchbox GB, so I've missed all of this. I'm very impressed with what I've seen so far - 7 pages in and you haven't even done the wheels yet! It says something about our inability to create entropy, but I don't know what. Bertie's 'Entropy' GB will need a VERY long runtime Musing about films from that age and tanks reminded me of one that I saw years ago where some lost airmen find an old Afrika Corps tank in the desert and bring it back to life. I'll have to try to find it now.
  14. Ned

    Panzer III kits

    Which Panzer III kits are the best? Why, all of them of course! There was a Panzer II GB last year, you could maybe have a look through that for research - https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/forum/722-panzer-iii-stgb/ Like f matthews, I plan on building all of them (9 in my stash so far), but I haven't got very far. In fact I've only built one, The Bronco 'A'.
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