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  1. That's really nice. I like how you've got the suspension to look like it's articulated even though it's actually level.
  2. Hi Stix, I missed this reply, I've been busy all weekend doing tedious stuff like gardening and cooking. "Why do I gloss?" is something I was asking myself, because it scares the *&^% out of me, and I'm only really doing it because it's what they all do on YouTube. I've tried it again on this model and it's just another big failure (not a big deal because it was only a test on the hull bottom) and that's the fourth time in a row that it hasn't worked. I think I just need someone to see what I'm doing and tell me what it is that I'm doing wrong, because doing it by trial and error is a
  3. I'll be following as well. I like these little oddities. Everyone knows about the Churchill bridgelayer, but the Germans had them too.
  4. The Osprey book in 'German Light Panzers 1932-42'. It's not the best, it tries to cover a bit too much (Panzer I, Panzer II, 38(t)).
  5. In an Osprey book it says that the Ausf.D had a different suspension system as it was an attempt to come up with a quicker tank. It seems a bit odd that they would develop a quicker tank and then slap a bridge on top of it. I'd go with the idea that it was converted after service in Poland, but not repainted. There's also a chance that's not a white cross at all - tanks-encylopedia.com has a picture of a line of them, and the text says "What looks like a white cross in the photo is a Yellow cross bordered in white. They were painted on the vehicles to prevention ‘friendly’ fire incidents due t
  6. That looks great, Ian. Nice work. I don't think I built any Airfix tanks back in the day, I was more into the aircraft and ships although I know I did the RAF Emergency and Recovery sets. But those Matchbox kits with bases - for me that is pure nostalgia for summer holidays because the shop at the caravan camp that we always went to sold them. I'd try to get them home in one piece but I don't think it ever happened.
  7. I've done a bit of shading and I'm quite pleased, it has put a bit of life into it. I'm at a stage now that I'm dreading - gloss varnish - because every model I've built so far has gone wrong at this point. I'll be using W+N Galleria gloss as it's been recommended to me by someone here (Rob?) after a few failures with Vallejo. Any hints/tips welcome: How long do I need to leave it before varnishing over acrylics? Can I use it straight from the bottle? One good coat or a few thin ones? High pressure and a good distance, or low pressure and close up?
  8. That looks nice. I like how the small wheels show off the wacky suspension. It's very Steampunk. Stick some brass paint on those shock absorbers! The turret interior is very similar to mine. I wonder if Bronco and MiniArt worked together.
  9. Cheers Stix, I'm all set. I have two 1/35 Polish 7TP light tanks, bought online from a shop in Poland just before the Brexit rules kicked in. £7 each
  10. I've got a 1/1 scale Land Rover in my garage, does that count as a stash? It's definitely in kit form at the moment:
  11. I love a good jerry can. They belong in design museums, it's just perfect. I started collecting them after finding one at a flea market in Amsterdam years ago, but never got beyond owing that one (plus a British WD one that doesn't count!). The ones you've got here Stix are earlier ones, before the lozenge shaped indentation was introduced after the first year or two of the war. Strictly speaking, these are for fuel, not water, so wouldn't have the white crosses painted on them - they have 'Kraftstoff' pressed into the steel, not 'Wasser'. Wasser ones had a plastic liner to prevent r
  12. Well now, I was going to upload a new photo after the Mig Night Blue Grey went on, but it looks exactly the same as the picture I posted yesterday, even though it's actually a completely different shade. Camera/screen reproduction of colours can be so off sometimes. The mig paint has gone on a bit too well if anything, nothing of the darker undercoat showing through, it's just a solid matt finish all over. I'll let it dry fully and try a bit of shading/lightening with my airbrush, not something I've really tried before. I think I'll paint the rubber on the wheels and rollers before I channel m
  13. Is the guy leaning over pointing out some really bad welding? "Just look at that, Willi. There's hardly any penetration at all. It won't last five minutes..."
  14. That's a proper Panzer III. Nice work!
  15. Storage areas? Plural? I've only got one stash - is this something else that I'm not doing right? I really need to up my game.
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