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  1. Nice! Like you I want to build one of each mark, and in order, but for my sanity I think I'll skip the C and D, although I do like the early grey/brown camouflage. Kudos for picking the B variant with the most difficult decal placement, getting them to sit over the hatches must've been hard work. The crews back then just had no consideration at all for us future modellers
  2. Slow progress, there are just soooo many parts and they all need a bit of fettling to get them right. The suspension has been made far too fiddly by MiniArt in an attempt to make the wheels turn and the bogies move, but the end result would just be too fragile to be of any use. Everything is glued bar the drive sprockets, but the road wheels are all nice and level. There are also some odd (circled) holes in the hull that I'm going to have to block because they don't make any sense. The suspension isn't finished, there's some dirty great shock absorbers to go on yet, but I think that I want to get some paint on the cart springs and big rubber bump stops while I can still get to them. I've found some Trex tracks in the stash so I'll be having a go with them when I'm in the mood! Nasty join between the rear and middle upper hull. I'm going to fit the side vents a bit further forward than they should be to cover the join. Don't tell anyone.
  3. Dearie me, I just can't get the time to push this along, it's all 10 minutes here and there. I've tried to add a little bit of wear here and there (the front mudguard where I accidentally nicked it while cleaning it up) and I suppose it's ready for the decals. I've put the numberplates on tonight, so I don't really have any excuse now...
  4. Cutting the last piece from a sprue always sends a nice little buzz of dopamine down the brain tubes, it's never the same when it has cursed bits left over. "Have I missed something?" "Where does that go?" "Did I use the wrong one?". These MiniArt kits with loads of parts can be cruel.
  5. Well, so much for daily updates! It's all @Bertie McBoatface's fault, he made me start my MiniArt Panzer before this was finished. I'm a bit non-plussed by this little car though. It's not a tank. It does not drive over fields or have crew climbing all over it so I can't weather it like a tank. But then it will just be a small grey lump. I'll have to explore lightening it up with a dusty wash. It's just sat on my desk now, looking at me sadly.
  6. That sounds familiar! You get more choice than I had, I was wanting to put some exotic tracks on one of my Panzer III stash, but all of the fancy ones like Winterkette/Ostkette came too late, but with your Stugs you have much more choice. This is what got me drawn in to the murky world of Panzer tracks:
  7. I just risked a quick look on eBay. The prices are so high now that I am not tempted, it is safe for me to look. There is one Winterkette link for £250
  8. There is a book about tracks used by all German vehicles which I am almost ashamed to say that I couldn't resist. I bought it because I couldn't make sense of the many tracks used during the Panzer III's long life. Every German tracked vehicle is covered, from Kettenkrad to Maus. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Panzerketten-Gleisketten-deutschen-Kettenfahrzeuge-Weltkrieges/dp/3943883000
  9. The more I look at track links, the more I want to own one. But I know that one will not be enough and I will have found yet another thing to spend money on. I must resist!
  10. Don't worry Stef, you're not alone. You are here with friends to support you!
  11. I might already have one or two or nine in the stash. In my defence, it is my favourite tank. I don't have a 'C' though. Or a 'D' for that matter...
  12. Time for some photos I suppose. This is the kit that I have. It includes a corrected front and rear hull. Look at all of those wheels! "THIS IS NOT A TOY" Nice looking instructions, with markings for 5 tanks. All of them are pretty similar, but one of them is the early brown-over-grey scheme so is currently winning. Loads of sprues! 2 big ones, 1 with replacement hull parts, and then loads of little ones with fiddly bits on. A small PE sheet, transparencies and decals. There's also 4 figures in Grattan catalogue poses, all wearing jaunty hats. And of course I now realise that I don't have tracks because I nicked them for the Bronco Ausf A last year. I think I've got some Friuls tucked away somewhere. Or I could just buy an Ausf C and steal them from that. Here's the hull so far. Only just started really, there's still loads to go on. Those brackets that stick out under the hull are just crying out to get broken off. The suspension arms are very poorly moulded compared to the rest of the kit for some reason. The suspension is fixed, but the bogies can be fitted movable should you want to pose one breaking down as it drives over a rutted field. Onwards!
  13. No, Winterkette were a single piece just like Ostkette. They were a modified type 6a.
  14. This will be my mantra from now on. Thanks Bertie.
  15. Yes, I realised quickly enough and was able to unglue it. No harm done. I enjoy this juggling part of the build. In my mind I am an engineer assembling the first prototype from sheets of armour plate on a machine room floor.
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