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  1. Victoire! 2 x 116 track links assembled. I wouldn't go as far as to say that it has been enjoyable, but it hasn't been the worst way to spend a few hours. The big bag of sprues (2 links plus pins per sprue) was a bit daunting at first, but I got through them 20 at a time. Just two failures that had to be drilled out and re-pinned. Only 8 spares though, which seems a bit tight!
  2. I'd like to join this, nice idea for a GB. Maybe a captured Polish 7TP or other Beutepanzer.
  3. I've just had a better look at the kit and it seems to also include the parts to build a H39, the just-before-the-war redesign. There a more boxy rear hull, different exhaust, long barrel 37mm gun, different idlers and hatches. That would completely get me off the hook with regards to the complicated camouflage scheme, as H39s look to have been olive drab. I shall resist! The boxy rear looks a lot less French than the streamlined original, and if I wanted olive drab I'd build Shermans, Track build going reasonably well. 90 links down so I'm nearly halfway there. The hull is a complicated affair with too many parts and a few ejector marks to deal with. The hull sides have marks on the outside and a lovely smooth inner just to be annoying.
  4. That looks great. I never had this one (maybe it was out of my pocket-money range) but I have happy summer holiday memories of these diorama kits.
  5. Lovely work, Stix. Your magic brushes have lost none of their power.
  6. Steve, this looks great. I never looked at French tanks until recently, I never saw the appeal, but I think I know what I'll be buying soon... (hey, I've got a Hotchkiss and a Renault, may as well finish the set!)
  7. I'm already concerned about the wings, with just a flat mounting surface for them. You'll be sweating like a Thunderbird puppet when it's time to fix those on
  8. Nice work. Did you have any trouble with the tracks? I built the twin turret version a few months ago and found them way too long and hard to get to sit on the drive gear.
  9. Cheers Cliff, that looks great. I had a rummage around and found a black marker pen but it's a M so will probably be too thick. I'll have a shop around. I'll need some white tac as well for masking. The rivet-free cast hull and turret will hopefully make it easier to work on, but the wheel bogies are going to be awkward. I just stuck a gloss coat on my Panther this morning, so should have it out of the way soon so that I can get started.
  10. Hi Pat. Yes, that might be the best way to do it. I'll be starting it next week as I'll finally be getting some time off work.
  11. Yessir! First we have some rather dull boxart (livened up by my stripey socks!) 3 sprues, and they all say 'Hotchkiss H35' which is promising. There are two crew figures, so I think I'll have a go, at least with the driver lurking in the shadows. It all looks OK considering it's essentially a 1978 kit. Rubber tracks, a length of chain, decals for a pre-war and wartime vehicle, some little pots of paint, a brush and a tube of glue (that I already stole) are included. I haven't thought about paint options yet, but as I'll be wanting something that fought against 1.Panzer Division, I guess it'll be something like this. Slightly worried about the black outlining, tbh! If it goes wrong it'll end up as a grey Beutepanzer I'll get started in a bit. I've got a Panther to finish first, but I'm not planning on spending much more time on it. Quite excited, I think that it will be the first French thing I've built since an Airfix Dassault Mirage in the last century. Certainly the first Heller kit for me. Oh, forgot to say, I've got some AM tracks from Modelkasten to spice it up.
  12. Just a placeholder for now. Grand unboxing later.
  13. You're going to be having nightmares about wheels.
  14. Great choice. I've got an RPM kit of the same, but am a bit put off by the delicacy of the running gear so it's in my 'need to get my skills up first' stash section. I'll be watching how you get on
  15. Thank you Rich. Those of us that browse WIPs with a mobile phone appreciate your efforts, it really makes a difference to load times.
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