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  1. Italeri release 2 different C-47 kits, one of which is the Esci and the other Italeri's own moulding. Which one is which I can't rightly remember. DennisTheBear
  2. Tasman 1/72 RAF DH Vampire Mk 1 (Heller FB.5 with conversion parts). Tasman 1/72 RNZAF DH Vampire FB.5 Yellow Hammers (Heller FB.5 repack) DennisTheBear
  3. DennisTheBear

    Sand and Spinach

    Being trained in both history and archaeology I take a very scientific approach to the paints used in my 1/72 aircraft models. After deciding which aircraft to do I consult my references, the colour guide of the kit, check Britmodeller. After that I carefully write down what colours of what brands I need on a clean sheet of paper. Following that I screw up the paper and toss it in the bin. As I only have access to a limited number of paints (mostly Humbrol) and because I enjoy brush painting and prefer enamals I pick the closest colour I can find in my small stock. For me it is about having a representation if a particular aircraft associated with a particular person, event, or a particular campaign, and for the pure fun of building. DennisTheBear
  4. Welcome along @Vannie! You'll find the members here are helpful, knowledgable, and supportive! Some of them even have senses of humour. DennisTheBear
  5. Nice A-26! Love the dio too. Hope mine turns out looking half of a quarter as good. DennisTheBear
  6. That is a true scale model! A brilliant example of the art in fact. I think it most definately belongs on Britmodeller, and in this section!! The fact that it was (and hopefully still is) used by your daughter for something joyful doesn't detract from it as a model, indeed it enhances the whole thing. Outstanding work!!! DennisTheBear
  7. So....party ay your place after the Big Unlocking? Very generous offer of pictures and info @oldsarbouy! Welcome from the Great Driptray (that would be the Magical Land of Oz, right at the bottom of everything). DennisTheBear
  8. Greeting from the Antipodes @FlyingSpanner! DennisTheBear
  9. What a little pearler!! Absolutely amazing for such a small scale. I think the overpaint looks fine, as it gives a story without having to write a placard. DennisTheBear
  10. DennisTheBear


    Greetings and salutations @sjsald from the far off climes of the Great Southern Land (ahh, that would be Australia)! Nice boats! Hope you find this site as enjoyable, informative, helpful, supportive, and fascinating as the rest of us do. DennisTheBear
  11. I had fun with this thread as I am not hugely familiar with the period, but I was suprised that I knew some of the types. Having fun is what our hobby is about after all! More, more, more!!! DennisTheBear
  12. Wow, no-one in watching yet. I get a front row seat! Nice start so far @Hole in the ground! I have a 1/72 Vampire FB.5 kit somewhere in the stash so I'll be watching this looking for general tips. DennisTheBear
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