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  1. Damn distinguished, both your appearence and the stash! Alas when I grow my full beard the only thing you can see of my face is a pair of beady eyes peering out of a mibile hedge, thus my moniker. DennisTheBear
  2. A2 cutting mat, Humbrol Met 27001 and Met 191, Revell Matt 56. AZ 1/72 Bell X-2 "Starbuster" 6675 (AZ 7681). DennisTheBear
  3. @dogsbody gotta ask. Do you still rock that awesome 'stache? DennisTheAweful'stache
  4. The RAAF used Tiger Moths in northern Australia and New Guinea which would cover conditions from "oh my god its hot and dry/damp" to "oh my god its even hotter and drier/drenching wet than it was 10 minutes ago". Not to mention the many record breaking flights made by its older brother the Gypsy Moth. I really don't think the conditions in North Africa would have been a bar to it flying in the MTO.
  5. BNA are pretty good. Any time I've ordered from them they've been brilliant. The only downside is SWMBO doesn't let me order very often. DennisThe(Oz)Bear
  6. Thread bump. Would really like to see a new Connie. DennisTheBear
  7. Wow! Completely WOW! Since I don't know how big the real thing is to divide by 4 can you tell me how big it is? DennisTheBear
  8. Welcome Dave! You've started the new year by joining in with a bunch of incredibally talented (not me), amazingly knowlegable (again, not me), enthusiastic (ohhh, I qualify), and sometimes grumpy (look at that, 2 out of four) modellers! No matter what you build you'll find not only inspiration but encouragement from everyone here!!! DennisThe(Antipodean)Bear
  9. This kit was the first multi-engine aircraft I built some time in the early '80s (followed quickly by the Airfix Sunderland and Catalina) so I've read through this thread with nostalgia pouring out of me. Be really interested in watching the completion. DennisTheBear
  10. I would buy one, but only if the price includes a shed to display it in. DennisTheBear
  11. Nobody would have put money on Australia buying a French fighter either. DennisTheBear
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