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  1. DennisTheBear

    Westland Whirlwind

    Thanks for the replies, info and offers everyone! Bit slow in answering just now as I'm learning a new job. On lunch now but will get on to this as soon as I have a proper break. DennisTheBear
  2. DennisTheBear

    Westland Whirlwind

    Thanks for that cngaero! As far as I can tell from the price sticker this kit was sold here in good old Oz, so how the original owner knew about that publication is a mystery. Wow! The collective knows all! Thanks for the offer John but I think that it is a little far to send anything all the way to northern Australia. I'll be able to find something on the wonderful land of the interweb. Thanks for the reply Troy! It is the 1978 release with "NEW" on the box lid. The detail is finely raised panel lines and seems very nice, although the cockpit is non-existant in terms of detail. I'm sure the interweb will be my friend. DennisTheBear
  3. DennisTheBear

    Westland Whirlwind

    Evening gentle BMers! I picked up an Airfix 1/72 Westland Whirlwind last year off Evilbay, and on the top a previous owner has written what I presume to be references for it (it also has a sticker on the side saying $2.75). One of the references is easy to figure out, that being "July 73 Air Inter", however the other has me stumped. What would 'PAM 26' be? And would any of you wonderful people have either if these references? DennisTheBear
  4. DennisTheBear

    Airfix 1/72nd Messerschmitt Bf109E-3

    Really enjoying your 1940s collection Heather! All well built and well painted, and well chosen. DennisTheBear
  5. DennisTheBear

    Airfix 1/72nd Hawker Hurricane MkI

    Gasp! GASP! Is that all you can say at such heresy. Bite your tongue! Nice Hurricane, but to whit. Well done i both painting and building. I hope that when I get around to my new tool Hurri that I can make it look even half as good. DennisTheBear
  6. DennisTheBear

    RAAF Vengeance colours, US Dupont MAP colours?

    Ouch, that looks rather painful, and somewhat hampering in regards to sticking little bits of plastic together. Fascinating thread, this one. I have a Frog and a Frog-spawn Vengeance in the stash waiting to be done as RAAF machines, so following the discussion with great interest. DennisTheBear
  7. DennisTheBear

    Avia Bk 534 - Eduard -1/72

    Oh, lovely! The Avia B.534/Bk.534 has always been one of my favourite biplane fighters and you've done a stirling job on this one. DennisTheBear
  8. DennisTheBear

    Hullo from Peoples Democratic Republic of Somerset

    Welcome from the Mem Sahib Republic of the Bears (otherwise known as my place in northern Australia). Hope to see more of your work on the forums. DennisTheBear
  9. DennisTheBear

    1/76 Bofors 40mm Gun and Tractor

    Not part of this GB but following along as I LOVE classic Airfix kits. The lockers are where the gun crew kept there tea set and pastries, at least according to this old infantryman's eye. I am, of course, not being serious. All due respect to the crews of AA guns who had to be out in the open during air-raids while everyone else tried to find a safe place to be. DennisTheBear
  10. DennisTheBear

    My Newbie builds

    Very nice! They are definately up to, and beyond, my standards. DennisTheBear
  11. Delightful dio! The simplicity of your approach makes me think that you planned long and carefully on this. Inspires me to consider replicating a photo I've seen of an RAAF station in WWII. DennisTheBear
  12. DennisTheBear

    Model Displays

    We antipodeans also use 'Vinnies' and 'Salvos', just for future reference. That would be St. Vincent de Paul and the Salvation Army charity shops. DennisTheBear
  13. Oh, I think this is a great idea! I'll be following this build in a cadual way, if'n ya don't mind. DennisTheBear
  14. DennisTheBear

    PR Mosquito

    One would think so. The only account by a PR Mosquito pilot that I've heard (from an audiobook version of, I think, 'Flak' by Michael Veitch, although it could have been in 'Fly' by the same author) was by Bud Tingwell and he made mention of the cold at high altitude but not if what flying clothes he wore. As an aside if you haven't read any of his books about WWII aviation he mainly writes of the Australian experience of the war, with the occassional Brit or German pilot or aircrew living in Australia. DennisTheBear
  15. DennisTheBear

    Sopwith Camel 2F.1

    My daughter has picked this model as the next one I start (from the RAF 90th Anniversary set) so I'll sit quietly and take notes. DennisTheBear