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  1. DennisTheBear

    BAe Hawk T.Mk I Red Arrow

    Oh, very nice! The white trim really looks good. Inspires me to get out a couple of my aerobatic aircraft and give them a go. And I'm sure your mum will love it! DennisTheBear
  2. DennisTheBear

    Hello from Brisbane

    Hi Ian, welcome to BM from even further north in Queensland, sunny Townsville! I think we should ask Mike and The Mods if we can have a sub-forum called Q-modeller. DennisTheBear
  3. DennisTheBear

    Biggles Flies Undone

    Oh, fortunate son! I am officially envious!! Ain't no thing like that in my part of the world. Well, ifn I want to drive for 5 hours I could get a Tiger Moth flight (20 minutes would be the most I could afford) but....... Ah well, a boy can dream! More photos would be a vicarious pleasure. DennisTheBear
  4. DennisTheBear

    Halifax BIII Wheels ?

    That photo is brilliant as a basis for a diorama. Wish I had the skill and/or inclination to build on. DennisTheBear
  5. DennisTheBear

    Hurricane I

    Was this aircraft just back from France? The underside looks a little overdone to my eye, but I'm no expert. But a lovely model overall! DennisTheBear
  6. DennisTheBear

    Grump Britain.

    Now that someone has raised a grump like this I will my grump about a certain word being bandied about the posts. A "mold" is something nasty that grows in equally nadty damp places, it is not something used to molten plastics into diverse shapes. For shaping of said plastics a MOULD is used. Grump over. DennisTheBear
  7. DennisTheBear

    FOUR whom the toll bells

    run in Pamplona or
  8. DennisTheBear

    Could this Me 262 be of Walter Nowotny?

    Well, this aircraft is definately not in good shape. The rear of the nacelle has been banged about quite a bit. Having said that I don't know the details of Nowotny's last fight, so...... I also noticed the GI's Garand rifle leaned against the trailing edge. DennisTheBear
  9. DennisTheBear

    Hello - Barry Gillingwater here

    Well, its about time that a Bazza showed up! Sorry, as an Aussie I couldn't resist a bit of antipodean humour. Welcome to BM! DennisTheBear
  10. DennisTheBear

    A new member here!

    Hello Will, and welcome from ! The people on BM are always helpful, and someone will know the answer to just about any question you care to ask. DennisTheBear
  11. DennisTheBear

    1/72 Esci AV-8A 'Matador'

    Nice! DennisTheBear
  12. DennisTheBear

    D-Day Double build.

    Very cool (if you'll excuse the pun with your screen name). I've got the Italeri Horsa, and your build is tempting me to move it closer to the top of the TBP (To Build Pile). DennisTheBear
  13. DennisTheBear

    1/72 Spitfire- where does adding detail end?

    Solidarity brother! Minimalism is the way (pretentious, superior, smug face ON)!! Exit, stage left DennisTheBear
  14. DennisTheBear

    FOUR whom the toll bells

    Waxo for two in
  15. DennisTheBear


    Really nice! I particularly like the colour variation on some of the panels. Well done! DennisTheBear