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  1. For some reason I've never read the Biggles stories set in the Great War only those ser in the inter-war period. Still great stories for a 9 year old though. DennisTheBear
  2. Greetings and welcome from North Queensland, Australia! DennisTheBear
  3. Mini-drills? MINI-DRILLS? For thinning plastic or buffing finishes? Goodness gracious no! Try a cheap electric rotary toothbrush (AU$10 from Woolworths here in Oz) and superglue whatever grade of sandpaper (cut into the appropriately sized disks) to the end. And welcome to Britmodeller from the Antipodes! DennisTheBear
  4. Ah, which operation? Can you sit down afterwards? Nice to find a @CedB on the first page. Hope the doggy gets well soon. Carry on! DennisTheBear
  5. That is one ugly aeroplane! I love it!!!!. Great work, sir! DennisTheBear
  6. Groovy! Grab 4 or 5 of the old Academy kits and do a dio based on the first few pictures. DennisTheBear
  7. Possibly the budget version. DennisTheBear
  8. Nice! Won't ding the weathering as I alwYs do mine pristine.
  9. That is a good looking model! Have you christened it with a name yet? If not how about 'Farley Flatfish'? DennisTheBear
  10. I tend to disagree to an extent. If you are using a known colour value from one point, for example the white in an eye, then you can get a decent (but admittedly not perfect) approximation for the rest of the image. Using a digital scan from the original frame will make a difference. Just as the tools and materials used in creating the models that we build has advanced giving us finer detail, so has the software (and hardware for that matter) that allows for recovery of colour information. DennisTheBear
  11. But what about an RAAF Meteor? Nice beginning for a Korean war collection. DennisTheBear
  12. To quote one of my favourite lines from cinema "groovy baby groovy"! DennisTheBear
  13. Doesn't look half bad. I have one of the old tool somewhere in the stash and would be pleased if it turned out like that. DennisTheBear
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