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  1. Thank You all for the Great Feedback. The Photo lights make her look Shinier than she is. Not dead Flat but not really as glossy as the Photos show. Thanks for Comments Cheers Bill
  2. Markings and Scheme are for Spitfire lost May 1940 in the Dunkirk area. AZ 1/72nd Spitfire Late Mk I I Liked the Black and White underside colors. Not a Bad kit but certainly not and Eduard Spitfire. Xtradecals used and Vallejo Paints Actually out of box build with only Uschi Antenna added Thanks for Looking Comments Always Welcome Cheers Bill D.
  3. Here are a few of my last Battle of Britain completions (Italian model on Order but I'll run out of Time) Fujimi 1/72nd Bf 110 Finished in Gunze RLM 70 /RLM 71 / RLM 65 and Extradecal 72-118 A Bit of scratch-building to help the interior and a few Eduard Seatbelts. Final Finish was Mr Hobby Matt and Semi-Gloss decanted and mixed. Thanks for Looking Comments Welcome Cheers Bill
  4. Greetings Completed Today Greatest Invention ever...Eduard canopy masks Few more photos in the Gallery Cheers Bill
  5. Trying to duplicate this scheme as I'm using these decals.
  6. Hello guys colors are described in text 70/71/65 scheme(71 looks like 02) yes on the ZG26 Thanks All Clear coated and heading for decals Cheers Bill
  7. Greetings Heading into the Home Stretch. Allowing to dry before Gloss Coat. Painted with Gunze RLM 70 and RLM 71 with RLM 65 underneath. Mottled with RLM 70 and RLM 02 Hope to Gloss Coat this evening..Mr Hobby Rattle can Gloss,decanted Thanks for Looking Getting close to deadline Cheers Bill
  8. Got a little more build accomplished. Major components fit quite well Some scratch-build interior stuff Allowing clear parts to cure after dipping in Future. Cheers Bill
  9. Greetings Started this Fujimi 1/72nd Bf 110C for this Group Build. a recent $5.00 USD purchase. I have decided to add some little stuff and Scratch some interior stuff Here is a little interior scratch-building . One of the first thing I ordered.. Fuselage and wings getting ready for attachment. May do a bit of riveting Comments Welcome Cheers Bill
  10. Thank You all Very Much Riveting was just a bit to add some life to the skin. Cheers Bill
  11. Thank you All very much for the Very Positive feedback Best Regards Bill
  12. Thanks All I thought the same so I added about 20grams behind the Pilot and about 8 grams over front landing gear...Just-in-case
  13. Thank You Glad I stimulated some interest. Cheers Bill
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