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  1. Thank You all for the positive feedback. This Squadron is a passion of mine and I have loved the story and the actions of the Polish Air Force. Cheers Bill
  2. Thank You Sir for those kind comments and your skill in the presenting of the Tadevuš Kaśćiuška's name. Best Regards Bill
  3. I have Just completed My last Aircraft Honoring the Kosciuszko Squadron Flyers. This was the 1/48 Eduard/Academy Mig-29 UB in Polish Markings I need to thank Polish AF US Liaison Budniak Karol for all his support in correct colors of Mig-29. The decals are from ModelMaker ,a Polish decal company and they were fantastic. Below are two Aircraft with 100 years of separation tied in by the pilot, American Major Cedric Fauntleroy. The Albatross is the markings of Major Fauntleroy in 1920 and the 2020 Mig-29 has the pilots image on the inside of the the tails. Both aircraft sport t
  4. Thank You all for Positive Replies Cheers Bill
  5. Thank You all for the Very Positive feedback. Cheers Bill
  6. Thank You all for the Feedback. Colors will stay. Cheers Bill
  7. Visiting a Friend and wanted to Try a single day build. Just to let you know it turned into six days (Testor's Rattle can Blue wouldn't dry). Revell of Germany 1/72nd F4U-5 and I used the night fighter parts. I understand the nose may be short but rivet counting is not my forte. Out of Box Build except for Seatbelts (wine bottle Seals) and Uschi antenna Line. If you replace a broken Pitot with Albion tubing is it still out of Box ???? Decals are Older Microscale Korean Ace sheet. A bit of a Pain was the missing NAVY letters . Had to hit spares and Overcoat with foo
  8. Thank You I used Alclad Chrome over Gloss Black. I used Alclad Stainless over Gloss Black for the Front Grill and Uschi powder Chrome top buff up the Grill lines. Thanks Again Bill
  9. I loved this the moment I saw the Box-ART. This is the Box-Art of the kit Little artistic License with this Photo-color Painted in Gunze Grey and Alclad Metal colors Added Some Photo-Etch Hatch Wheel and some MV Lenses A little Challenge to build .but nothing Horrible. Raised rivets replaced with Archer Rivet Decals. Thanks for Looking Comments Always Welcome Cheers Bill D
  10. Thank You for all the Positive Feedback Cheers Bill
  11. So Sorry Guys thought I had mentioned this is the 1/48 Kit Thanks for the Positives. Cheers Bill
  12. Just when I though the Arma kit was nice I come across this product. Airfix has done a great job with this P-40. Almost completely out of box except gun sight, Uschi Antenna and Seatbelts. Painted with Vallejo Air colors, Future for Gloss and Testors Dullcoat decanted for Final Finish. Prop was Gloss Black buffed with Uschi Chrome powder. A little Tamiya weathering palates for dust and dirt. Thanks For Looking Comments Always welcome Cheers Bill D
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