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  1. Thank you all very Much. The word I wanted to use on the last response was "Shelf." Regards Bill
  2. Thank You Guys for all your Responses. It adds to the completion, rather than Just heading to a Ahelve Cheers Bill
  3. Thank you all for the positive feedback cheers Bill
  4. This s the AZ model with Resin . Nice Surface detail. Some really bad flash that was just more than extra plastic. I used UHU tack materials for Camo worms to accomplish the scheme. All done with Vallejo Air Paints from their Israeli Box set. Kit decals were really good and settle down perfect using Solvaset (my go to solution). I used Future as my gloss for the decals and decanted Mr Hobby Rattle can Matt and Semi-Gloss mixed together for final flat finish. Mostly clean colors but added some lightening here and there for modulation and used som Tamiya weathers sets for wear & Tear. F.O.D covers from Milliput and red Door trim with marker. Thanks for Looking Comments are always Welcome Bill D
  5. Thank you all for the positive feedback. Happy New year Bill
  6. Thanks I used Testors Enamel..Ford Engine Blue. Be Aware,I could not get it to settle in the panel lines. Was too far along to strip and try over. Regards Bill
  7. Thank you for the feedback. For some reason the Enamel paint would not fill the panel Lines. Even though the aircraft was primered in Tamiya spray white. The blue would not fill the panels. Strange finish? Bill
  8. I wanted to bring something back from Telford this Year and this kit looked really cool. This was not a Hard kit but there were a few curves tossed here and there. Dry-fitting and Sanding were the word of the day. I added some details to the landing gear such as retractors and braces, using Albion alloys real small tubbing. Kit decals were used and the were mostly very good except the red forward sections on the nose, I used some Vallejo red for touch up. Checking steady-ness of my hands. This was a Beautiful aircraft and I am quite happy with the small version I have. PS the Paint is much smoother than the Magnified photos reflect. Thanks for taking a look and Comments welcome Happy New Year Bill
  9. I do like these Revell Kits (Other than the Wing sections). These are the Kit markings but I used Barracuda resin for the small wheel bumps and the spinner & props. Gunze Paints and GX100 Clear for Decals. Mr Hobby Matt for Final Seal. USchi Line for Antennas and Kit decals for Markings...These were really Good.(Spares box for Tail marking) HGW Cloth Seatbelts are really nice..My photos don't show well Thanks for Looking Comments Always welcome Cheers Bill
  10. Beautiful Build. I did find the Aircraft in Hendon fascinating and look forward to the "Pink" release. Still Great build Bill
  11. Thank You Very Much for the Positive Comments. I truly appreciate your words and thanks for taking time to let me know. Best Regards Bill
  12. I would like to Thank You all for the Compliments. I greatly appreciate them Best Regards Bill
  13. Thank You it is Alclad Polished Aluminum over decanted Tamiya Gloss Black. Airframe Aluminum over control surfaces and overcoat with Alclad Aqua Gloss Acrylic. Cheers Bill
  14. Great Group effort..Fun to Participate and Thanks to those who liked the P-38. It is now in a Museum in West Virginia in Honor of the Pilot. Cheers Bill D
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