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  1. I scored this kit for $10.00 USD at a show and it was a great deal. The kit goes together fantastic and the "many" decals were unbelievable. . Out of box except for the seatbelts that were made from wine bottle seal materials. Used Revell paints except Uschi powders on exhaust metals and GX-100 Clear from Gunze for decal base and final overcoat. This kit was pleasure to build and the challenge of the many deals kept me on my toes. Took a few days as I applied decals and allowed sections to seat and dry before adding more. I used Solvaset over the decals and produced great look. Turkish Crescent on underside was really cool. Off to find a Mirror for this one. Thanks all for looking Comments are always welcome Cheers Bill
  2. Thanks for all the positive feedback Bill
  3. Thanks for all positive feedback
  4. Subtitle : The hunt for the Desert Pink. I am Happy with this Result (Otherwise I would not publish.) 1/144 DML wit Kits World decals I took a Photo with a grey card ,trying for color accuracy. Aftermarket resin for Interior(can't see), Wheel wells (Can't really see),Exhaust(can See) Landing gear (Can See) Master Brass Pitot. three moves and I haven't bent...YAY Vallejo "American Sand" how Ironic and USchi powders for Exhausts Thanks for Looking Comments Always Welcome Cheers Bill D.
  5. Greetings A Friend ,knowing my passion for the Kosciuszko History, provided this print to me. "Droga Do Nieba " I decided to have this framed and hung in my model display area. To accompany the print I used the superb Airfix Hurricane to honor this squadron. The model was a pleasure to build and I finished in less than 2weeks. Mostly out of box except for the Seatbelts from my spares/Scrap Box. National markings were the Airfix decals and they were fantastic. Aircraft serial and Squadron codes were from spares bin. I choose RF-P markings to represent the aircraft in the forefront of the print and the only aircraft with canopy slid back. This aircraft was flown by Jan Kowalski on this mission,27 September 1940 and credited with a damaged HE- 111 (Thank you Mike Dobrzelecki for reference help). The paints used were Gunze colors for Dark green and Dark earth. I did overcoat the whole aircraft with a thin layer of darker green to try and get the colors a bit darker. GX-100 was used for gloss base and GX 114 was used to flatten the final finish.Drilled out exhausts and Uschi line for antenna Thanks for Looking Comments Always Welcome Cheers Bill D.
  6. Fantastic Aircraft build. Thanks for re-sharing.
  7. The aircraft depicted was a Camel used/provided by Lt Kenneth Murray in the Kosciuszko Sq in 1920. This is the Eduard older Sopwith, not sure why they needed a newer one ! O-well Painted with Gunze Color and Alclad for Natural metal cowling. Slight weathering with Tamiya weathering powders for a bit of dirt and dust to break-up green and show some wear. Decals were from Model Master in Poland and were really nice. I did not take any chances, so I used an undercoat of white decal on each of the checkerboard insignia and Kosciuszko Sq insignia.No feedthrough. Rigging was a combination of Ceramic wires and Usci Thread. Bobs Buckles from UK were used for attachment points (Love those items). Wood finishes were Brown oils over Gunze sail color and coated with Future . Thanks for Looking Comments Always Welcome Bill D.
  8. I can say I am glad I did not have to enter the surgery kingdom. did you finish yours and may we se her ? Cheers Bill
  9. Thanks for all the great feed back. I did not have any warpage issues , mostly fit and alignment challenges. Cheers Bill
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