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  1. Thank You all very much I really appreciate allmthe great comments Cheers Bill
  2. Recent Group-Build /Theme for Pittsburgh,PA,USA IPMS Club was the 80s. I discovered a Fujimi 1/72 Sea Harrier from our in-House Dealer(Pusher) and at $7.00 started down the Rabbit hole. Yes.. Resin Interior,Master Models Pitot and a second kit for Falkland Markings had me following the white Rabbit. Cut Canopy open,Added a few antenna, Opened up some vents and most challenging was dropping Engine vents for Ground Ops. Also Inserted some colored sprue for wing formation lights (Red/Green) Gunze Dark Sea Gray, GX-100 and Markings for HMS Invincible . Please note "007" how could I not choose this . Most decals came from a recent Airfix release and they performed great. Thanks for Looking Comments Always Welcome Cheers Bill
  3. Be aware the clear parts are quite a challenge for fit. Cheers Bill
  4. Thanks All for Positive comments Cheers Bill
  5. This is a great kit. Very nice surface and really good fit. I feel kinda bad wasting a resin interior as you just can't see much Oh well Finished with Alclad and GX flat overcoat. Premiered with Tamiya Rattle can Black (Decanted). Decals are from the Kagaro book on P-47s in USAAF Europe. Great decals. I added resin Paper Fuel tank and painted Day steps under aircraft. Also used Resin aftermarket tires Thanks for Looking Comments are always welcome Cheers Bill D.
  6. Thanks Guys Next USAF aircraft...EC-135 Wright-Patterson AFB 1976/79 Bill
  7. Greetings Just for reference the date stamped in this fuselage was 1959..Golden Oldie. Black Box Resin Interior and some opening of the front canopy. Used a Resin engine for a T-28B but you can't see it. Kit Decals, except national Insignia...Decals were terrible, way too old . Testors Aircraft Grey enamel. I used Metal landing gear(kits was toylike) I believe it is a little tall, but I like the look . Sanded the giant rivets off and scabbed a few panel lines. Thanks for taking a look Comments are always welcome Cheers Bill D.
  8. Thank You all for the Positive feedback Cheers Bill
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