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  1. Thank You all for the Positive feedback Cheers Bill
  2. Thanks All for Positive Feedback. She is "fast Looking" Cheers Happy New Year All
  3. Thanks All Wonder how those 60s stealth fighter managed. Miss the PIZZAZ Cheers Bill
  4. It has been a good year and I wanted a simple build to finish off. 1/72nd Monogram F-104C. Super kit. Well engineered with very good surface details and easy build. Aftermarket decals and Alclad Finish Need Solvaset and used a Hairdryer on the larger decals as the panel lines were not that deep. I did use an Aftermarket Exhaust pipe to enhance the area. Used Uschi Powders for the metallic exhaust. Used Alclad Aqua Clear over the Metallic Finish and Gunze GX-100 on the painted surfaces. Thanks for Looking Comments Always welcome Cheers Bill D.
  5. Thank You all for the Very Positive feedback Cheers Bill
  6. Thank You all for Positive feedback. I understand the wires vibrated so much they created a massive amount of Noise. Not really positive ,but what I found somewhere. Cheers Bill
  7. Karaya Resin model was a bit of a challenge. Polish Kosciuszko Squadron aircraft flown by Maj. Fauntleroy in 1920. Used Gunze paints and Aviattic wood grain decals. Alclad for engine cover. Used a few items for Rigging and Braces. Uschi Line, Ceramic wire, Steel wire and Albion Alloys Interwing Strut bracing wires on actual aircraft were covered and I tried to duplicate this( Not 100% satisfied). Received a custom made base for displaying my Kosciuszko aircraft and loved the base made by "Bases by Bill". Thanks for Looking Comments Always Welcome Cheers Bill D.
  8. Thank you all very much for the kind words. This Squadron is a passion of mine and I am quite happy for the Albatross results. Working on a Resin Karaya Ansaldo Ballia and she is quite a challenge. Thanks Again Cheers Bill
  9. Thanks all I have heard the Sworl material was actually wallpaper. Who would have though. Cheers Bill
  10. Completed Today 2 December. This is a replacement Aircraft for model Donated to the NEAM in Hartford Conneticut. They have a great Kosciuszko Display 1/48 Eduard Profipack with minor modifications to create correct Polish Version. Decals are from ModelMaker in Poland(they were fantastic). Painted with Gunze paints and Sworl Decals are from Aviattic (they were a pleasure to apply). Rigging is a mix of materials. Uschi line for support wires,Ceramic wire for Control rods and front Braces. Also used Bobs Buckles from England for connection points(great products and service). Final Coating is GX100 Clear and I am Happy with the Gloss look of the Model Thanks for Looking and Comments are always welcome Cheers Bill
  11. Thank You all for your Comments . Cheers Bill
  12. Thank You all for the Very Positive Feedback...Appreciate It Cheers Bill
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