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  1. Thanks Guys for Positive feedback. Cheers Bill
  2. Thank You all for the positive feed back. Cheers Bill
  3. Here is a bit of information for the decals.... Speed Hunter Graphics | No. 48018 | 1:48 just Google and up comes some distributors..also in Scalemates. Cheers Bill
  4. Thank You. The inside armaments are actually the Napalm tanks that come with the Monogram kit. They really looked like the load out from internet photos so Travel pods they are. Thanks again
  5. Greetings This is my Monogram kit built as an A-10C with some antennas scratch-built and Eduard photo-etched interior. I used a Black Box resin Interior for some of the upgrade such as the seat and the canopy raising components. The Decals were from reidairpublishing and they were really good. No silvering ,handled great and settled down really well. Stripes, as on all D-Day markings, were a bit of a challenge. Gunze Olive drab and Vallejo Grey, Clear coated with GX 100 and Semi-Gloss final with decanted Mr. Hobby Semi-Gloss. 43 Grams (Yes metric for an American) nose weight for correct stance. Master nose gun and Pitot were absolutely stunning. Thanks for Looking Comments Always Welcome Cheers Bill
  6. Thanks again for all the Positive feedback. I have a few Hartman Bf-109 models in my stash and I assure you they will not be "Clean. Cheers Bill
  7. I used the “Shiny Aluminum”as the base coat. I say Shiny because the label was destroyed but that was in the title. I added. Different panels to this base color. Thanks for the compliments Bill
  8. Thanks All I think the “Fresh Natural Metal “is a good representation of Eric Hartmann,s F-86. I am sure it’s not a duplicate of the actual weathering, but it is a representation I like for this pilot. cheers All Bill
  9. Thank You all for the kind words. I am a huge Hartmann fan and will continue to build his aircraft in numerous Scales. This aircraft is my best F-86 completion.(to date ). Cheers All Thanks Again Bill
  10. Another Virus Completion. This is the Hobbycraft kit and I built in mostly out of box. I added a few "Sugar scoops" and added a few fuselage vents that were not handled well by the basic kit. Painted with Alcad over decanted Tamiya Gloss Black. My go-to method for natural metal. NOTE..Im not big on real dirty aircraft especially a Pilot like Hartmann. Finding the markings for this aircraft was a bit of a challenge but I ended up using Peddinghaus decals. I would have to say they required a bit of effort and the photos are very forgiving. I had to cut each decal very close to the detail as the clear was not as thin as I needed for Natural Metal. Also the white trim is very hard to see as you try to trim the decals close. They settled down very nice with Solvaset. This is my 3rd attempt at this aircraft and I will be ok with this one. My grandson is flying the last one around the house. Thanks for taking the time to look. Comments always welcome Cheers Bill
  11. I was admiring your Super Mystere from the Israeli air force and it is just wow! I have a question and my father served in the Honduran air force and he flew the Super Mystere for well over 17 years. Do you by any chance take requests and build models for sale? If so please let me know im highly interested.


  12. Thanks All for the kind words cheers Bill
  13. Thanks Guys I Used Alclad Polished Aluminum over Gloss Black for the tanks...Trying to simulate unpainted Fuel tanks. Cheers Bill
  14. Greetings This is another Virus build. I have come to really Like these Special Hobby releases. This one is mostly out of box. (Except FOD Insert) and Replacement Pitot Tubes. Used wine seal material for seatbelts. 1/72nd Super Mystere modified in 70's. Yom Kippur war markings. (Why Camouflage??) I Used Vallejo Paints out of Israeli Box set, Clear coated in Future and Flat coated with decanted Testors Dullcoat Trying a Black Background for photos just to see effects...Looking for Feedback on this Please. Kit decals were absolute fantastic. Easy to handle, settled well with Solvaset and no color feedthrough. Uschi Steel powder for exhaust area. Thanks for Looking Feedback appreciated Regards Bill
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