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  1. Thanks for the information, i think i will get the 2014 1:72 airfix tiger moth.
  2. Hi Dave, I was initially inspired to do a tiger moth from when i visited the one a temora aviation museum. i really would like to do an raaf version, so thanks for the response.
  3. Hi, For my next build I was wondering, what I should build. I eventually decided on a tiger moth. What are some good kits in 1:48th and 1:72 scale for the tiger moth?
  4. ICM have made a 1:72 SB's in the past, but I have never heard of a good quality 1:48 SB-2. ICM would be my best guess for releasing a 1:48 SB-2. If one pops up, im sure alot of people would build it.
  5. G'day all, This is the final product of a lot of work, procrastination and fun, my Academy 1:72 F-86 Sabre. Since I am very new to this site, any tips, queries or comments are all welcome! Hope you all enjoy! My next build is the 1:72 Airfix Spitfire Pr.XIX. https://www.flickr.com/photos/160510570@N02/albums/72157704107977061
  6. A beautiful set of RAAF Spitfires, wonderful job. Good to see someone making good quality RAAF models, i'd like to see more around. Great job Olivier
  7. I love the mix of weathered and non-weathered areas, makes this a highly realistic build. Bravo Tom
  8. First i glued the wings together and then sanded the excess plastic. Thanks for the tips, Olivier
  9. thanks, i appreciate the tips. my next builds are the 1:72 scale academy f-86 saber and the 1:72 airfix supermarine spitfire and a 1:72 folland gnat by airfix.
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