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  1. Nostalgic Tribute to Frog Model Kits GB

    Hi Paul Great choices, welcome to the Frog GB, please note positive vibes, it's in the bag for the 2019 vote off ! cheers Pat
  2. Fairey Battle kits

    Well done Ian, look forward to seeing the finished article. Great news I don't this this one will need your wood effect skills or extensive rigging, like the Floatplane GB cheers Pat
  3. Frog Hawker Tempest.

    Or the overpassing Space Station !
  4. Flying Boats & Float Planes 2 GB

    Hi Knight_Flyer You are very welcome, I always associate this aircraft with the Falklands War and them being lashed by waves while tied down to the flight deck. What decals does yours come with and what do you have planned for it ? cheers Pat
  5. Fairey Battle kits

    I think we are forgetting the real issue here, did limeypilot win the blooming airfix one he was going after ! Oh and I think the Bilek is the Airfix one, sorry I know couldnt resist it ! If I recall correctly I have a strange looking version in the stash I think by MPM with 2 individual cockpits and covers rather than one long one, is this some sort of trainer ? cheers Pat
  6. Thanks very much John. The kit gives no guidance as to how the engine and wing locate to the fuselage, i.e. No injector pins etc. The prop is actually too big for the model, so much so that it would actually hit the fuselage and canopy if it was turning ! Cheers Pat
  7. Novo Hawker Hunter Old School Build

    Progress so far, I'm not sure those gaps between the wings and fuselage are as Hawker intended ! Those of you with a keen eye ( i.e. They still work) will notice a seam going all the way round the centre of the fuselage including the 2 half pilots, this despite being an old school build will need a bit of reduction if only to stand a chance of getting the canopy on The second picture highlights the 4 injector marks very well, as this is an old school build they will remain, as they would have done when we were nippers
  8. Nostalgic Tribute to Frog Model Kits GB

    Top man Martin, you are very welcome I have a few of these which I have always intended building and never got round to it, a Frog classic if ever there was one. cheers Pat
  9. Nostalgic Tribute to Frog Model Kits GB

    Hi Tony Thanks for the photo, I think I have a spare Shark, not sure it has decals but will look, pm me your address and it's yours. I'll check with Enzo but seeing these restored to their former glory would be terrific but I also fear no small undertaking cheers Pat
  10. Novo Hawker Hunter Old School Build

    Swapsies, my High quality extremely accurate Merlin Osprey, for some spare Hunter decals, deal ? Not a word to Enzo though or will both get detention cheers Pat
  11. Novo Hawker Hunter Old School Build

    Morning all This is the result of last nights application of the micro scale liquid decal film, I've never used it before, but to the untrained eye they now look like they've had it, thoughts ?
  12. Frog Hawker Tempest.

    Hi Steve You are correct, and as "Blue Peter" would say here's one we prepared earlier cheers Pat
  13. Novo Hawker Hunter Old School Build

    Brilliant, thank you Gents Please don't think bad of me but, as I am at home with the kids and powerless to change events, I have made a start on the Hunter. Currently trying to change the one wing pointing up and the other pointing down problem at the moment ! cheers Pat
  14. Novo Hawker Hunter Old School Build

    Doh ! Top man well done, thanks
  15. Novo Hawker Hunter Old School Build

    Thanks Steve Any idea with the colours ?