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  1. Oh boy ! How many times have we all said that, only for the opposite to happen. Lets keep everything crossed for you, touch wood, and even that you are right ! Look forward to seeing this one cheers Pat
  2. Hi Ian Lovely attention to detail, you are setting a very high standard of authenticity, for which I cannot commend you highly enough cheers Pat
  3. Outstanding, Mike we salute you cheers Pat
  4. Great film Jerzy, the fuselage looks really deep in the film, I wonder why they designed it that way ?
  5. Supermarine Seagull ASR-1

    Great work Andrew, wouldn't fret on the " P " decals, readily available through the big H, or evilBay cheers Pat
  6. Brilliant, love the signature you have, "Join our Procrastinating Modeller's Club; details to follow later." The other members would be very proud of you ! cheers Pat
  7. That's the spirit Jerzy, always maintain a positive outlook...... Lets hope, they are made so well they almost fall together instead I have complete confidence in you..... so no pressure then ! cheers Pat
  8. Sanger Blackburn Iris

    Morning Neil I've dropped you a PM, for someone on here who can supply you with strut material. I enjoyed your To Do list that is running during this GB, Mrs Jockney has reminded me of mine only this morning. cheers Pat
  9. Hi Ian I hope you don't mind me asking but what are your plans for the struts ? The ones that come with the kit looks like someone drew them on the plastic rather than moulded them ! cheers Pat
  10. Congratulations Ian A fantastic choice, and another Vacform to boot this is turning into the most amazing GB, there are so many aircraft I had never heard of before, but as a flying boat fan I couldn't be more delighted. With you all the way. cheers Pat
  11. That's a shame Ian, it's too young an aircraft for you anyway something like a Straaken floatplane would be more appropriate cheers Pat
  12. Sanger Blackburn Iris

    Evening BB I will raise a white flag now, as you will finish first, however... Did you get an instrument panel scaled picture to use with your kit ? My Perth came with one, although I'm not sure its looks the same as your picture, but you are welcome to a copy. Plus I know someone who can help with your struts, unless you have an overwhelming desire to make your own cheers Pat
  13. Well go and get it, we're all waiting........ Good luck Ced, just one word..... corrugations verses decals ! cheers Pat
  14. Dear Mike Can we have the Empire Flying Boat please, its such an important model as far as the history of flying boats is concerned and especially as it might just possibly be another Vacform cheers Pat
  15. BV222 - she's a big'un!!!!

    Oh dear Jaime, you have succumbed to the dark side..... cheers Pat