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  1. Martin Mars JRM-3 Coulson 1/72

    Hi Jan Im really sorry to hear about all the issues with this kit. When you spend a lot of money on such an iconic aircraft it's very disappointing to find it has all these problems. Please keep going it will look amazing when you finish, there's lots of support from us all to help you on the way cheers Pat
  2. Great work Stew Don't forget to put a net and the white lines on the ping pong table before you finish, it might also be nice if he has someone at the other end to play with ! Cheers Pat
  3. PK-306 MG TC a member of the family

    Brilliant thanks Tony
  4. PK-306 MG TC a member of the family

    Great thanks Tony Pity I can't transfer it across to the knockoff / spinners ! cheers Pat
  5. PK-306 MG TC a member of the family

    Apologies for the rather late start to this GB, too many kits on the go at once Pictures of unstarted kit ready to go First impressions are very good but they have gone bit made on the number of chrome parts ! They have chromed the wire wheels and the whole exhaust including the manifold, neither of which were but not the eared knockoff's to hold the wheels on which were ! Can you paint over this chrome finish, or will I have to remove it ? cheers Pat
  6. I have a stalled Contrail Blackburn Perth in the current Flying boat / floatplane GB, this would be an ideal chance to finish it. I also have the Monogram Liberator in 1/48 are there Coastal Command Decals available for it ? cheers Pat
  7. Another find in the stash same as below Plus I have the Airmodel conversion for the Gannet, nice change to build a Frog and an Airmodel kit at the same time. And before you ask Rich, I haven't found anything resin that fits the bill.........yet ! cheers Pat
  8. Stroll on David, what happened to your crewman he looks like you either dipped him in acid or the willows been on fire 🔥 ? cheers Pat
  9. AZ Model Morane 'WR'...or is it...?

    Great progress John, safe journey. Look forward to seeing this progress when you get back Cheers Pat
  10. Absolutely superb, looking forward to the next instalment cheers Pat
  11. Hi CC Brilliant picture thanks very much, all I need now is a shrinking ray gun to reduce it to the right size ! cheers Pat
  12. PBY-5A Catalina Rescue

    Great stuff Mike Are you showing off that your eyesight is still go enough to build all these kits in 1/144 ! Good luck mate, look forward to following this one cheers Pat
  13. Hi Mike Great chance to dig out the old Airfix Ark Royal, sadly something I no longer have. What do you have in mind ? cheers Pat
  14. ** The MTO GB II for 2018

    I'm in on this one I still have my Loire 130 Flying boat unfinished from the first time ! Still below the 25% Come on everyone, the selection of models last time was amazing let's make it even better this time ! cheers Pat
  15. Great to see this GB amongst the leaders. Thinking about a change from WW2 stuff Anyone built either of these ? cheers Pat