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C-130B hercules RoAF 1/144

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Hi Romel,

Excellent Herc'! Like Norbert I've never heard of this kit and wondered if it is a reboxed Minicraft kit perhaps?Ā 

It certainly is a dinky little model!




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Was wondering about the term "RoAF". Good to see though that former "eastern bloc" countries are getting proper military equipment. The camouflage scheme is just wonderful, in these "grey all over" days. A nice model, it is!



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Hi, to everyone. ThanksĀ 

Yes it is a re-box of Amodel kit, with Romanian markings,spacer.png

Much better kit that Minicraft but need more work, and no external tanks.

Minicraft treeĀ here.


Ā RoAF means Romanian Air Force .Romania get 5 C-130 starting with 1996.

The camo si standard European green schemeĀ 

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