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  1. Oh Iike that very much indeed. Well done. Thank the gods we had Matchbox in our lives, huh? We all owe those guys a beer.
  2. Really, really nice build. There's a few MiG-23s at the Czech AF at museum outside Prague (also highly recommend) and you've captured the feel of these aircraft extremely well. Have to heartily agree with you about those panel lines. Well done, time well spent.
  3. Very nice indeed. Have to say my favourite is the T4, but you've achieved a bonza result on both models. I dips me lid to you sir!
  4. Brilliant work. When it comes to a G&T, make mine a double!
  5. Great work! I too seem to remember that it was originally a Special Hobby kit. In an ideal world, Airfix would release a new tool kit of this aircraft. It was quite significant in recent history.
  6. Very nice indeed. Good choice with the Snickers! I'd have questioned your taste if you'd gone with a Cherry Ripe...
  7. That's a great model I agree about the photography - go for a plain background so that we can fully appreciate your fine work!
  8. Brilliant job and a great tribute. Respect.
  9. Really nice It's great to see these old kits brought to life. I commend you sir!
  10. That's a lovely result. I have to agree about the HB kits. They're really good if you want something straightforward and quick.
  11. Very nice! I use Vallejo Black Grey for tyres. Tyres are only black when they're new.
  12. Nice work! Can I ask what makes this partly an Airfix kit? Did you use Airfix parts or something?
  13. That's not just nice, it's very nice! I'm looking forward to making the 1/72 Zvezda Hind A from my stash. I'm taking inspiration from your build!
  14. Very nice! Well done on the engine heat staining. What is the ordnance on the outer pylons?
  15. Brilliant! Lived in WA for years, but never got to the Hutt River Province.
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