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  1. Did you get to the point of hanging engines on wings? AFAIK the GP7200/Trent 900 should fit the 747 as the GP7200 was originally designed for the 747-500/600. Also I have seen pictures of the GE test 747 with a GE90-115B fitted so I have no worries about my what-if 747's L O L
  2. Top notch! At this rate you'll have built a model of every Vulcan ever produced.
  3. And I thought I was getting obsessed with 8! I feel so much better now! Do you have a warehouse to display them in?
  4. So what's wrong with the kit? Sounds like an Amodel BTW on your miracle working.
  5. Thing to remember is this thread was originally started about LH not BA and being a What-if no-one can say it's wrong. Plus the wings are constructed differently to the B787 and the A350 which have less tolerance to thermal expansion and flexing.
  6. I'm enjoying the comparative builds. I too have both the Zvezda and Revell 747's in production. Like you I think I might go for more Zvezdas if I build wheels down. All destined for What-if Utopia liveries? Enquiring minds would like to know.....
  7. Superb whirlybird! Love the tail rotor, absolute genius.
  8. Very nice. Very realistic. Very effective. The only negative for me is.....it looks crowded, especially with the Mig overhanging the base on 3 sides. Other than that, it's top notch and I'm very impressed. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Gotta love the wraparound camouflage!
  10. Lovely build and a real shame about the decals bleeding. I too should be able to spare some replacement Zvezda decals. PM if I can help.
  11. Most definitely. I think the designs on page one are worth doing as well (says the man with 8 747's on the go and more ideas brewing. Maybe I'll finish one someday).
  12. A beautiful airliner with a simple and elegant livery.
  13. I'm really liking the idea of a KC-748 sold to Iran as part of a new nuclear deal. I found this http://www.allflightmods.com/microsoft-flight-simulator-2020/msfs2020-liveries/iran-air-747-8-special-livery-4k-v1-0/ This would fit well with the idea of a KC-748 tanker sold to the civilian Iran Air instead of the Iranian air force to avoid trade embargoes. But I also like the idea of an Iranian tanker in the Asia minor camo with a grey underside. Any ideas on which colour to match the Boeing house blue?
  14. I have another blue question! Having been warned that Revell painting instructions are not always accurate I decided to cross reference the Boeing house colours in the Revell 777-300ER with the Zvezda 767-300, same livery equals same colours right? When painting the Boeing house colours Revell say to use Revell blue 51 which equates to Humbrol 48 while the Zvezda instructions say to use Humbrol blue15 which equates to Revell 54 so my question is, which is correct or are they both wrong?
  15. Thanks @Doom3r for the link. Maybe we should have a similar airline colours thread here? @phil1 did a very nice 777 using Revell 54 and the blue looks right on that.
  16. Ooh, nice and shiny. Love the exhaust staining, very realistic. But I'm a sucker for a B17G.
  17. Found a 777 by phil1 from 2016 where he used Revell 54. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php%3F/topic/234997414-zvezda-777-300-aeroflot-1144/page/2/&ved=2ahUKEwjRx4CHz9HyAhUFglwKHTRwCGEQFnoECAcQAQ&usg=AOvVaw3Bloi6L77nOB5czx0sVdAY
  18. Having googled both the Transaero and BA Chatham livery 747's I would say that Fiat Capri Blue is a good fit for Transaero blue.
  19. Kudos to you for being accurate in your modelling. It really shows in your fine creations. I too am trying to make sure that all of my fleet have some historical background to make them plausible. So, thread drift aside. Wadda ya think? As a non-whiffer your input is very relevant.
  20. True. That said I don't want to do a naff job with glaring inaccuracies. How does this sound? Tamiya X-3 on the Landor 747 and Humbrol 15 on the Aeroflot A380? And forget the Transaero hybrid scheme?
  21. Agreed. Looks very spot on. When I looked at pictures on Airliners.net I got the impression that it was the other way around with the Aeroflot blue ever so slightly lighter and bluer, but only just.
  22. I'm planning an Aeroflot A380 (I know, the story of my life. Yet another What-if! ) and have the decals on the way from PAS decals. So I checked the instructions sheet in my Zvezda 767-300 (my thinking was that a Russian model manufacturer should be able to get the correct information from a Russian airline, or should I not assume?) and it says to use Humbrol 15 for the blue. Thing is, I got some Humbrol 15 for painting my BA Landor 747. So I decided to compare a BA 767 in both the Landor and Chatham livery (sorry for the poor quality name choice but I'm not sure what the current scheme is called. Please tell me and I will edit this) and the current Aeroflot livery. I decided that using the same aircraft would be as fair as possible comparison of them as all 3 blues will subject to the same shapes and forms and shadows. I have come to the conclusion that Humbrol 15 (Landor) is way too dark and that the current BA blue is close enough for me to use some Fiat Capri Blue from Halfords. But then I thought (keep getting into trouble doing that) would an Aeroflot A380 be some form of hybrid Transaero/Aeroflot scheme as if it was real the A380 would have gone to Transaero in March 2015 before the takeover in October 2015. So that's another blue to consider! Any thoughts peeps? Maybe a better colour match for either the Aeroflot blue or the Landor blue?
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