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  1. My 12yo daughter Destiny decided that she wanted "to see what all the fuss was about" (her words) when it came to building models so I got her a kit of her own. I don't think that she did too badly for an afternoons work on her first model kit. I did mention paint and decals but that met with a "meh" so I am not going to worry about it. Annoyingly I have models almost as old as her that I have still not finished. Maybe I could learn something from her.
  2. Two questions. Has anyone had any experience using the avia decals AVD144-07? And are the Bra.Z RD-36-51 exhaust nozzles more/less accurate than the kit parts?
  3. Same here. BTW, love the COVID-19 war signature. Made me LOL.
  4. This is very educational for my own Tu-144D build.
  5. Looking very nice. How's your hand? Do hope you're back to the full 10 digits.
  6. The last 2 pics....shiny and pointing at the stars.......as a Lightning should be.
  7. The last 2 pictures remind me of so pics I've seen of Lightnings in the air. Top notch sir.
  8. I have to agree especially as thought Absolutely amazing. The realism of the figures is astounding. Superb backdrop photo, it works so well. Kudos.
  9. Awesomely Awesome. Especially the second picture.
  10. As Meatloaf said, @SAT69 "you took the words right out of my mouth ". That is awesome.
  11. What can anyone say about your amazing work? And they make me happy too.
  12. Just a thought, are they worth buying? Seeing as you have a set lurking in the spares box?
  13. Thanks for your reply and pictures. Better than the Bra.Z website.
  14. @Pin, just realised what a top bloke you are on this thread with 50% of the posts answering questions
  15. That would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance.
  16. Just got myself an ICM Tu-144D (14402) and I'm planning to build OOB as 77112 (I must be ill, OOB and non whif?, that's not me!?) as I have a hankering for something with bare metal engines. My question is, does anybody know if the Bra.Z Kolesov RD36-51A exhaust nozzles have hollow centre cones or is it solid like the kit parts?
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