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  1. What's not to love when presented with a Phantom in wraparound and? Absolutely Phabulous!
  2. Hi ADM43, Try hahen.de as they sell 747-8i/f fan blades. Or get a set of zvezda 747-8i fan blades which will fit the Revell engines. ATB A.P.
  3. Amazing A320s.Hey @Corsairfoxfouruncle, another great modeller from the Windy City.
  4. I salute you for your amazing work on a absolutely awesome An-225. Be proud of your model, I would be if it were mine.
  5. Certainly inspiration for me to pull my finger out and crack on with my own fleet. with interest.
  6. RAL7035 is a good match for Boeing grey. In the UK many modellers use Halfords Racking Grey paint and RAL7035 is the code on the tin.
  7. Quite eggstraordinary. That is a cracking collection of egg planes. The 747 shuttle carrier is eggquisite. Amazing work Sir, top notch
  8. She is a beauty. That is a lovely tribute.
  9. Sorry to hear your woes with your ICM and Zvezda kits @e8n2 Dave. I have read mixed reviews on different ICM kits and my own experience with Zvezda kits is positive. Given your feelings, I suggest that you stay well away from Amodel and Eastern Express, two companies who are definitely not as good as the aforementioned manufacturers.
  10. Just wondering what would be a good tractor to tow a Mi-26 for a small diorama? Needs to able to pull 50 ton, the max weight of a fully loaded Halo.
  11. Wow! Your first models since you were 12! Very impressive. They are both great looking and if there is anything wrong with them, it's very minor and not worth worrying about. Keep up the good work.
  12. Well done on turning that lemon into lemonade. Fantastic looking 757 there.
  13. Another absolutely superb build. Fantastic Fulcrum sir! Top notch quality as usual. You never fail to delight with your aircraft. Bravo.
  14. Now at £13.25. You have obviously created demand for this.
  15. Then you can post this very fine set in the aircraft RFI and then the diorama RFI. That's 3 RFI's for the price of 1, bargain!
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