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  1. Hannants announced that this has had more pre-orders than any other kit in their history!
  2. The colour of the Eduard set is quite a bright blue which I am fairly certain isn't accurate however, it looks nice so I am going with it. PXL_20220416_183320457 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr PXL_20220416_183349642.MP by OutcastJoel, on Flickr As promised last time a gratuitous shot of the fuselage starting to look a little like a Gannet. PXL_20220416_192557856 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr The other fun bit has been the canopies, being bulged blown ones they have a mould line along the top of each which is something I have never had to deal with before but it turns out that sanding sticks and Tamiya polishing compound make really quick work of them. PXL_20220416_184756766 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr PXL_20220416_190930992.MP by OutcastJoel, on Flickr
  3. Well house repairs trumped modelling time so progress has been slow but one wing fold is pretty well ready for paint. PXL_20220411_201816097.MP by OutcastJoel, on Flickr The cockpit has been prettied up with the Eduard zoom set and the fuselage buttoned up (photos to follow) I think I will miss the deadline of Thursday but I will have a crack at it.
  4. Nope It isn't even the second best kit on the market as far as I can tell. Sword is generally regarded the best kit on the market and the Revell kit from ~2008 is the next best option. This is still quite nice though and if you can find one for the right price I would thoroughly recommend it.
  5. A fun side note of all of the work on the folds is that I am having to learn how to scribe (right wing after, left wing before). It isn't great but I am happy so far. PXL_20220322_204829520 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr
  6. PXL_20220313_210117483.MP by OutcastJoel, on Flickr
  7. My model club has a theme of Sub Hunters next month so I am trying to get this popped out in time. PXL_20220311_182611488 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr But as soon as I opened the box a club mate asked if I was going to the wings folded so... PXL_20220311_213521684.MP by OutcastJoel, on Flickr
  8. That 809 NAS scheme is gorgeous.
  9. Please tell me the truck will be used in some sort of 30s Chicago bootlegging diorama!
  10. This: PXL_20220303_132709030.MP by OutcastJoel, on Flickr My dad was a big fan of Jim Clarke and I grew up hearing all of the stories so I am stoked about this kit!
  11. I was intrigued by the choice, does anyone know if Leopard and Le Clerc were considered?
  12. I was thinking that. A pity as they are really nice bits but not exactly the most important outcome of one little man's stupidity.
  13. Another vote for Wildcats from me. They seem to be the easiest way of getting Masterclub without waiting for Telford.
  14. Hello Folks, I have been polishing a car model I am making for a friend and using Tamiya compounds which I have found to work very nicely. I have been applying them using cotton buds (q-tips for those in the States) and some cotton make up removal pads I pinched from my wife. These work well but the pads fall apart very very quickly. So my question is; what do people use for polishing by hand? Are there small foam pads or similar designed for the job like those available for full sized cars?
  15. I have a stupid question (or possibly thread of questions) about the magnets: Are they permanent or electro magnets? If they are permanent magnets, how does the system work? (I am hoping to build a model railway in the not too distant future and like the idea of automatic coupling).
  16. Ditto! With luck I might fit an Aircraft Carrier into that GB.
  17. I have a few small builds to finish off and a fairly big conversion that needs to be done by June but to make sure I squeeze this in, I am throwing down a marker: PXL_20220126_174603392 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr It is the Dam Busters boxing and was a Christmas present from an awesome friend last year! I am planning to mount in a picture frame to give an effect like the photo below: LancasterRearCloser by OutcastJoel, on Flickr
  18. A Gloster Javelin FAW5 in 1/72 would be nice. I don't think there has been a single pen nib tail Javelin in 72nd or 48th except the Heller T3 which is quite different from all the fighters.
  19. I hope to be there. I haven't been to the Midland Air Museum since I was about 15!
  20. I have to say I like this very much. How is your little layout coming along?
  21. Fairly big for fans of braile scale armour (or at least me). I don't think there has ever been a 1/72 Centaur in plastic and the state of the art for the Cromwell is probably the Matchbox kit which has been reboxed many times by the Revell kit as was pointed out below . (Although there have been a few nice releases aimed more at wargamers from Armourfast and Plastic Soldier.) So both of those should be good! https://www.scalemates.com/kits/ibg-models-72102-cromwell-mkiv-british-tank-hull-type-c--1385854 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/ibg-models-72108-centaur-mkiv-british-tank--1385855 The 3Ro lorry comes in two boxings, with a large howitzer and as a standard lorry with a canvas top (Italeri did a version with an AA gun but neither of these have ever been done before in 1/72 as far as I can tell). https://www.scalemates.com/kits/ibg-models-72098-3ro-italian-truck-with-100-17-100mm-howitzer--1385853 Prices look to be pretty good as per IBG's norm for tiny tanks n' trucks. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4623265287795079&id=712790215509292&sfnsn=scwspmo
  22. I mostly don't like second world war German stuff. But I do like the FW-190. On the other hand I already have one in the stash. But this looks wonderful Hannant's pre-order here I come
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