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  1. I hope to be there. I haven't been to the Midland Air Museum since I was about 15!
  2. I have to say I like this very much. How is your little layout coming along?
  3. Fairly big for fans of braile scale armour (or at least me). I don't think there has ever been a 1/72 Centaur in plastic and the state of the art for the Cromwell is probably the Matchbox kit which has been reboxed many times by the Revell kit as was pointed out below . (Although there have been a few nice releases aimed more at wargamers from Armourfast and Plastic Soldier.) So both of those should be good! https://www.scalemates.com/kits/ibg-models-72102-cromwell-mkiv-british-tank-hull-type-c--1385854 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/ibg-models-72108-centaur-mkiv-british-tank--1385855 The 3Ro lorry comes in two boxings, with a large howitzer and as a standard lorry with a canvas top (Italeri did a version with an AA gun but neither of these have ever been done before in 1/72 as far as I can tell). https://www.scalemates.com/kits/ibg-models-72098-3ro-italian-truck-with-100-17-100mm-howitzer--1385853 Prices look to be pretty good as per IBG's norm for tiny tanks n' trucks. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4623265287795079&id=712790215509292&sfnsn=scwspmo
  4. I mostly don't like second world war German stuff. But I do like the FW-190. On the other hand I already have one in the stash. But this looks wonderful Hannant's pre-order here I come
  5. Even if I wasn't interested in the subject, the care that has clearly gone into the breakdown and the beautifully rendered detail would be getting my attention. However, I love a Spit so my excitement is at a level best described as "embarrassing"
  6. My Lancaster is planned into the build queue before Feb so I will have to go with something else. A Vickers Valetta was quite chunky but I think I will most likely go with HMS Hood
  7. I am very excited about this, it looks great! I think 2022 might be the year of 1/144 scale builds for me
  8. @Martian I didn't realise that was you either! I was the guy in an orange hat who legged it round to the front of the queue on Saturday morning to work out if it was one queue or two.
  9. Well I shall be there on Saturday for my first ever model show! (God willin' and the creek don't rise!)
  10. I have a cunning plan for this! Please make it happen! The kit in question is not only one that has been sat in my stash for over a year but also older than me! Or I might just build an Airfix Jaguar which I have had since visiting RAF Coltishall as a cadet in 2004.
  11. Thank you @vytautas it would not have been half the build it is without the help of you and the rest of the BM folks.
  12. @Johnj that sounds pretty awesome, we look forwards to seeing your builds.
  13. Hello Folks, this one took rather a lot of work, the basic kit is nice but the interior is configured for the Lee. As a result I have 3D printed a lot of details for the inside and I am really pleased with it (although I did not manage to take enough good photos) The other downside is that North African Grants seem to have normally been fitted with the chunky tread led tracks rather than the plain tread supplied with the kit. To sort this, I used the Mini Art workable plastic tracks which are excellent.
  14. I finally accepted that further work would only make it worse so... RFI to follow...
  15. It took a few attempts but I think it is a reasonable representation.
  16. The initial surgery went fairly well: I just need to park it now for the glue to dry so I can start attempting the tissue and PVA work.
  17. Sooo... My plan to paint the tools by themselves and then glue them to the kit didn't happen. I also dug through the kit box and found that there was indeed a shorter barrel with a distinct flair at the muzzle. So, the rear deck is awaiting repainting: And I am trying to work out how to remove the existing barrel in such a way I can get the new one on ok... It will probably need a canvas mantlet cover to hide the join.
  18. Ooh, baseless speculation, my favourite game! Airfix seem to have been on a bit of a classic jet kick so... I do think a decent Jaguar would do well in 1/72 or 1/48, unless you want to do the Kittyhawk one all opened up, there isn't a good option I can think of. The 1/48 Javelin has had a few releases I wouldn't be surprised (and would be really pleased) if there is one of those in the not too distant future. I would hope for an FAW.5 but realistically an FAW.9 seems more likely. Is there a good 1/48 Spey Phantom? I can't think of one I don't know if the Type 45 Destroyer was a success, but it wasn't the best kit, I would like to think HMS Queen Elizabeth is in the offing but, would a 1/350 modern aircraft carrier be a little large to do well even if it was a good kit? Airfix seem to have decided 1/700 isn't for them so I don't suppose it will come out in my scale at any rate... I imagine the 1/35 line will expand but I wouldn't like to guess the subject. Their 1/72 Firefly and Tiger seem to have done well but I don't really know what the logical direction from that release would be. Personally I would love some of the Funnies but that seems a little niche.
  19. Cześć Weisiek! I Look forwards to seeing your builds. I am very envious of your lovely build area! Also, don't apologise for your English, it is certainly good enough (and my Polish is essentially non-existant)
  20. I love those bare metal finishes, great to have you aboard.
  21. Is this the hull mounted 75mm? The instructions were very unclear, I used the shorter of the two plain barrels available.
  22. Thank you folks Once I have it finished I will take it outside into the daylight and get some nice photos. Don't get your hopes up though, the interior isn't great, I really struggled to make white look grubby effectively.
  23. @Bertie Psmith thank you! I manage to utterly forget to update this thread but over the last few weeks I have painted and weathered it. It needs a little more work but it is almost finished.
  24. I am glad they are sorting this, the detail on the resin wheels is too nice to not use them. Is getting replacement wheels a job to be done through the retailer or direct through Eduard?
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