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  1. MikeR

    Italeri Su-34 Fullback

    Looks good! Mike.
  2. Airfix 1/72 Sea King HAR.3/Mk.43 to be done as the Norwegian option. I have set of Vingtor decals that have been waiting patiently to be used! Just need to decide if I'm doing an early or late aircraft and whether or not to fold the rotors.... Mike.
  3. MikeR

    Takom T55AM2B

    Nicely done! Mike.
  4. MikeR

    PE for Aoshima 1/700 HMS Illustrious

    This one? Definitely the old tool - be prepared to expend a lot of elbow grease! Crude just about covers it. Mike.
  5. A big +1 on this, my copy arrived today and it's very good. Considering how secretive Middle Eastern countries are when it comes to anything military or security the two authers have done an excellent job of collecting and collating the information they've used in the book. I'm looking forward to getting volumes Two and Three when they appear! Mike.
  6. MikeR

    Argentina Armada A4 Attack Trio

    Coming along nicely! Mike.
  7. 1/72 Italeri Jaguar A to go with the Jaguar E and Hobby Boss Jaguar A I bought a while back. Both Italeri Jags are going to be parts sources for other projects but I might have a go at building one just to see how ill fitting it is! Two books from Helion and Company's MiddleEast@War series: Iraqi Mirages: Dassault Mirage Family In Service With The Iraqi Air Force, 1981-1988 by Tom Cooper and Milos Sipos. It makes an interesting companion to Miguel Garcia's Iraqi Mirages In Combat. The Military and Police Forces of the Gulf States: Volume 1 The Trucial States and United Arab Emirates 1951-1980 by Athol Yates and Cliff Lord. Reviewed HERE on BM by Julien! Lastly, something a little different: the Manga "Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler" Volumes One and Two. Just as odd as anything of that ilk to come from Japan but I do like the art style! Mike.
  8. MikeR

    T-10M - 1/35 - MENG

    Nicely done! Mike.
  9. Another example is Zvezda's 1/72 Yak-130 - the undercart has to go in before you close everything up. Mind you, I'm a brush painter so having the undercarriage attached isn't an issue for me personally but I can see why an airbrush user wouldn't like it. It makes masking that much more difficult. Mike.
  10. MikeR

    1/350 USS Saratoga 1940

    I'll take a guess - 1/700 Revell Titanic being converted to the Britannic and a Combrig Yuri Gagarin? Mike.
  11. Lovely job! Mike.
  12. MikeR

    Yak-130 Algerian AF

    Excellent! I have the 1/72 one on the bench just now and it's going to be an Algerian one too! Mike.
  13. MikeR

    Kfir C-2

    Looks great! Mike.
  14. MikeR

    747-200 Air Gabon 1/200

    Nicely done! Mike.
  15. MikeR

    1/72 Eduard Bf-109 G

    If Eduard do the AS versions first I'm interested. If they do the Erla built G-10 first I'll be more than interested! Mike.