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  1. I'll agree with Mark that the rearview mirror is a small thing makes all the difference - it just finishes the model off nicely. Mike.
  2. Very nice indeed, that's another kit to be added to the "to buy" list! I've been waiting for a decent IIb ever since buying "Hurricanes over Singapore" by Brian Cull and Paul Sortehaug when it came out. Mike.
  3. MikeR

    Airfix 2021...

    The two highlights for me are the twin stage Mossie and the K2 ambulance. I'm happy enough with that. Mike.
  4. Looks like I'm definitely going to have to get a few of these Airfix Spitfire Vc's! The only quibble I have with it is the shape of the spinner for the DH prop, it seems a bit too bulbous for the Malta and RAAF aircraft. Mike.
  5. Depends on what your screen shows - on my phone they look darker, on the PC, lighter. However the Mirage IIIB sheet I can Mk.1 eyeball and on that the IDF and SAAF markings are too light. Both blues should be darker and richer in tone than what Modelsvit provide. I have the 1/72 Isradecal Mirage IIIB/C decal sheet so for an Israeli aircraft I'm sorted but since I wanted to do the SAAF IIIB option the kit's "on hold" for the moment. Mike.
  6. That's certainly an odd claim - I have a copy of that photo in one of my books and Barham's definitely not in camo. Mike.
  7. Gah, Facebook! Trust me to do Twitter rather than that one!! Anyway, to diverge off the Hood, what did Mal Wright turn up about the Barham? When I did my own model I had a really good look at the photos I gathered and it seemed to me that the colour demarcation on the bridge structure was rather different to what the various colour profiles of her showed. Mike.
  8. SH had my interest when they said they were going to do the Swiss version. If the kit needs a little tweaking here and there then that's not a problem. Mike.
  9. Plastic look great, as to be expected, but the decal sheet seems to have the same problem as the IIIB kit (which I have). The blue for the Israeli and South African markings is too light. Mike.
  10. Told my dad about this and he's just a wee bit happy! He would like one in BCal colours. Mike.
  11. Oooh - I'm intrigued by this. Where do I need to look? Mike.
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