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  1. A big reason for this will be to try and encourage buying or sourcing within the UK, thus helping the UK economy. These rules also bring us into line with what the US and Australia do as well. Potentially the biggest loser could be China but it'll also have an effect on EU trade with the UK if there is indeed a "No Deal". There's an element of protectionism with all the good and bad that entails. Mike.
  2. Not sure about Dragon but as far as Hasegawa and Fujimi will be concerned the home market will be their main concern. Never underestimate just how, well, insular would be the best way to put it, the Japanese are and their corporate mores follow that. Mike.
  3. Looking good so far! Mike.
  4. I'm detecting a bit of Japanese humor with those "Chubo 01 Mechatrobots" - that's an interesting position for the operator's seat...... Mike.
  5. For my part I've now standardised on the following: Aircraft - 1/72 AFV's, softskins etc - 1/35 Ships - 1/700 I do have a small number of 1/48 aircraft kits in the stash although the only one I've built so far has been a Tamiya Spitfire Vb Trop and that was over 10 years ago. There's also a couple of 1/350 ship kits and a Revell 1/144 Type VIIC/41 U-Boat rounding out the maritime side plus a small number of Sci-Fi kits in various scales. Mike.
  6. I like that test build - warts-and-all so you can see the awkward bits. Mike.
  7. Nicely done! Mike.
  8. Excellent stuff, Bullbasket! Turned very nice indeed. Mike.
  9. It does all seem to emanate from a certain individual's views and ideas, doesn't it? I dread to think what will be on his hit list next.... and I'll leave it at that. Anything to do with defence procurement and policy comes too close to the forum's "no politics" rule as they are inherently political in nature. Mike.
  10. I must admit a wry smile when Miniart announced this one. I wonder how many people pre-ordered the initial T-55A Polish Production kit with the intention of doing "Marina", had to cancel it and then pre-order this kit? Now then, Miniart, what about a Czechoslovak T-55A boxing? Mike.
  11. Very true! Excellent info on the SLA Tirans - now that I've had a look at the same photo I can just see the bulge of the ventilator as well. I've just received another Tiran book, this time from Bookworld Wholesale: T-54/5 to IDF Tiran 4/5. It deals with the period 1967-73 and has an excellent set of photos which show the initial configuration for the Tiran 5 which all seem to be based on the early type of T-55 without the loaders MG cupola. Apparently the majority of the T-54/55's captured by Israel in 1967 were Egyptian with only about 22 coming from Syria. There's also a photo (
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