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  1. Looking good so far - nice save with the markings too! I have my own Tiran near the finishing stage - a 1/35 Miniart T-55 mod 1963 (the non-interior version) cross kitted with their Tiran 4 Late (also the non-interior boxing) to produce a SLA Tiran 5. Fairly easy conversion to do but it does require some forethought and jiggery pokery here and there! Best thing is, apart from the turret shell, the Tiran 4 kit has the same sprues as Miniart's T-54A kit so I think I'll be building one of those in Egyptian colours, probably a 1967 one with the later twin light cluster and fuel tank fittings on the rear plate. Mike.
  2. Nicely done! Mike.
  3. Welcome! There's a good lot on here so never be afraid to ask a question - you'll get a lot of great info. Mike.
  4. Brave man. I've wrestled the MPM/Special Hobby Lockheed Hudson into submission but I'm not sure I have the patience to tackle this beastie! Mike..
  5. I built one as a Cuban aircraft last year: LINK. Typical limited run - a bit rough and crude, to be honest. A decent quality kit along the lines of Eduard's single seaters would be most welcome. Mike.
  6. Definitely a CTL I would think. Depends on whether she'll be disposed of by scrapping or SINKEX. Mike.
  7. MikeR

    Those Lockdown Blues

    I can give a perfect example of that. When I returned to work last Wednesday I discovered that two of my colleagues who I thought should have self isolated, didn't. One has a pacemaker fitted and the other had a heart attack two years ago. When I asked why they didn't self isolate both said that no one had told them to! Good grief - all they had to do was go and look at the advice on the company internal website.... Mike.
  8. MikeR

    Takom kits

    Possibly supply issues due to COVID disrupting the international distribution system? Mike.
  9. Two Osprey Men-at-Arms books from Amazon: The first details the period that the Tom Cruise film "The Last Samurai" is set in whilst I've been collecting quite a few of Philip Jowett's books over the years. Mike.
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