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  1. Brilliant! Good to see a bit of my home city's history done as well. Mike.
  2. .... is this Saudi F-15S carrying? LINK and LINK. The aircraft was taking part in the 2008 Red Flag exercise. Thanks in advance, Mike.
  3. Word of warning - Pit Road have recently started upgrading their JMSDF ship kits with lower hulls and the current, post-2005 helicopter deck markings which your model has. So an out of the box build using the kit decals isn't going to be correct for the 1980's. The correct period markings are like this: Pit-Road did do a set of aftermarket generic JMSDF/JMSA decals that included the old-style helideck markings, but I'm not 100% sure if it's still readily available. Mike.
  4. No idea, to be honest - modern ships are a bit of a weakpoint in my knowledge base. These are prototypes but Aoshima do seem to produce rather chunky mouldings with their ship kits. Here's a shot of the Norfolk kit built up OOB: Here's the bridge from Mr Kubota's in progress model, taken from his Twitter feed: Mike.
  5. Indeed they are! They also have a Cornwall in the pipeline as well which will come with a kit of a WW1 vintage Admiralty "S" class destroyer too! The new Dorsetshire: The Cornwall: A close up of the tincan: I wonder if this is meant to be the HMS Tenedos? She was with Force "Z" and was sunk by the Japanese during the Ceylon Raid. I wouldn't be too surprised to see a kit of the HMS Thracian in her guise as the Patrol Boat 101: Mike.
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