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  1. MikeR

    RNoAF F-16s Part 1-- A and B

    Coming along nicely! Mike.
  2. MikeR

    1/72 Su 47 (Hobby Boss)

    Looks good! Mike.
  3. MikeR

    RAF Burma pair

    Very nice indeed! Mike.
  4. Thanks, Peter - PM sent! Mike.
  5. MikeR

    Kirk Gresley Coaches

    This'll be interesting! I have one of these kits in a partially built state as well but I'm not too sure that it will ever be completed as my main interest in railways ends rather abruptly at midnight on the 31st December 1922! I have heard that although the Kirk kits are still available the quality control is pretty poor these days due to the new owner not looking after the moulds. Mike.
  6. MikeR

    Trumpeter T-62 ERA Iraq

    Nicely done! Mike.
  7. That is very nice indeed! I was tempted to make my 1/72 model an Ecuadorian one but decided to go with early SAAF instead! Mike.
  8. MikeR

    B-25, Airfix, 1/72

    Nicely done! Mike.
  9. Hi peeps, I'm currently building the newish 1/72 KP Spitfire Mk Vc and plan on making it BS236 QY-N of 452 Sqdn as of 20th June 1943. Although I'm nowhere near the decaling stage I do have a question about how the squadron codes were arranged on the starboard fuselage side. Put simply, QY-roundel-N or N-roundel-QY? I know that 457 Sqdn usually went for ZP-roundel-aircraft letter and 54 used aircraft letter-roundel-DL on the starboard fuselage but I haven't seen very many 452 aircraft photographed from that side. Thanks in advance, Mike. P.S. Is there any indication of what the "Gremlin" that was apparently on the port side of BS199 ZP-S looked like? Edit: Got my dates wrong! I meant the 20th of June, not May!
  10. Looks good! Mike.