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  1. MikeR

    What have you purchased / been given

    I don't get upset. I just get mildly irritated...... I've actually purchased a kit this time - Zvezda's kit of the Yak-130 "Mitten" along with the Begemot decals and Peewitt masks for it. As an extra and for a possible future project the new Vingtor decal set for the Norwegian Sea King Mk 43. Mike.
  2. MikeR

    1/72 RS Models F-5A Lightning

    Excellent! Mike.
  3. MikeR

    New Ship Related Releases

    Thats the HobbySearch page now updated with the Dorsetshire box art. Just as subtle as the initial release Exeter! LINK. Mike.
  4. MikeR

    Airfix 2019

    Yep, I'd vote for a Boston/Havoc as well. The old Airfix kit was a Mk III, so if they did decide to do a new tool of that version it would be an almost guaranteed purchase from me! Mike.
  5. Very nice indeed! Mike.
  6. MikeR

    What have you purchased / been given

    Er, more books: Russia's Last Gasp: The Eastern Front 1916–17, M113 APC 1960–75: US, ARVN, and Australian variants in Vietnam and Naval Archives vol. IX. Something not a book: Boots, Safety, Steel Toe Capped. For the wearing of. Mike.
  7. Nicely done! Mike.
  8. MikeR

    Airfix 2019

    Well, that was a pure wish list suggestion! Airfix have done a MiG-21F-13 in the past so they do have form with the type. As for the difference between an FL and a PF, the main visual one is the fin - the FL has a broad chord one like the PFM whilst the PF has the narrow chord one. I can't see Eduard bundling both spine/fin mouldings in their projected PF kit. Writing of Dogfight Doubles, one thing that has always puzzled me is why Airfix bundled their old MiG-15 with their Mirage as the MiG-21 would have been more appropriate. Mike.
  9. MikeR

    Airfix 2019

    I think we probably will get a Hampden at some point but the question would be when? I'd like to see some of the following (all in 1/72 of course!): WW2 Bristol Beaufort - preferably with the option for an Aussie built Mk VIII. Junkers Ju 88A-1 - like the metal wing Hurricane Mk I, goes with Airfix's BoB range. Aichi D3A "Val" - they've done the Zero and Kate already and it would replace their old one. Consolidated Catalina - again, would replace the old one. Consolidated B-24 - as above and it goes with the B-17G/P-51D 8th Air Force lineup. Vultee Vengeance - fits the slightly left of field tendency! Supermarine Walrus - scale it down! Post War/Cold war Mirage IIICJ - replaces the old one. MiG-21FL - Eduard have said they aren't likely to do this variant and you kinda need this for a proper Six-Day War Dogfight Double with the Mirage! A new Lynx family - the HobbyBoss ones are OK, but we could do with decent line up including the Army variants. Puma/Super Puma family - another one to replace an old tool. Westland Wasp, Scout and Wessex - Falklands. Aérospatiale Gazelle - Falklands. Mike.
  10. MikeR

    Takom M47 Patton

    Nicely done! Mike.
  11. MikeR

    Airfix Heinkel He 111 H6 colour scheme

    I can't comment on the Humbrol paints accuracy of colour, but they seem OK to me. What I can comment on is how easy they are to use! The enamels are a pain in the rear end when new, extremely thin/ translucent and require a fair few coats to get a good colour density. However they appear to improve with age as the thinners are used up leaving a better ratio of the colour pigment to carrier, if that makes sense! The acrylics are much better though I have noticed that they aren't quite the same colour as their enamel equivalents. Humbrol acrylics do tend to be a bit thick in comparison to Revell's ones, though. Mike.
  12. Any hints in the kit that a Mk X would be a possible release from Airfix? That's the only version I'm really after as 99 Sqn used them in India. Mike.
  13. MikeR

    Sword 1/72nd RF-84F Thunderflash

    Perhaps a little harsh, we haven't seen sprue shots yet. Although not without some merit, all the same - Sword's Cougers did remind me quite strongly of the Hasegawa single seater.Either way, we can't tell one way or the other until we see plastic. Mike.