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  1. I have a couple of things I need to get off my table first but if you build slowly I might catch up! Either way I will enjoy watching your build.
  2. Elise, Morris Minor and an ADO16 of some sort (although having done one, you might as well kit then all as you pretty much only need grill options to make all of them from an Austin 1100 to MG 1300).
  3. Mind if I pull up a chair? This is really tempting me to move my RFM Challenger II up the build queue!
  4. this is the rough layout, the tent will be pulled off to the left of the tank and I will try to make it as interesting as I can for a flat square of sand... 20210114_220808_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr The skirt armour is surprisingly hard to find nice photos of flat on to work out dimensions but I found enough to knock up something reasonable. received_523901838580499 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr The dimensions might be well off but they look ok on the kit. IMG-20210115-WA0001 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr I have since found that my surface detai
  5. I am using this kit so it needed a little work which I will post about as I can be bothered to upload to flickr
  6. I have got myself into a Gulf War group build on Facebook and so I am making this! I want to try my first attempt at an armour diorama which will be based on this photo:
  7. With the way this year looks to be going I might even have time!
  8. Please count me in! I have a number of options I am excited about but no idea which one I will build.
  9. @bigbadbadge thank you! Dianella is actually a good bit bigger (still flipping tiny though). 20200412_102059_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr
  10. Very impressive build rate. I am glad to see that the Midlands Air Museum is still inspiring people. I had a Javelin obsession which was kicked off by a visit there when I was in Air Cadets nearly 15 years ago.
  11. A good effort this year Jeff. I have enjoyed following the builds and look forwards to next year.
  12. I got back into plastic modelling after coming across a few podcasts which fired me up to get back into it. I decided the best way to improve was to make as much as I could and as such churned out quite a few kits, I did however fail to reach my target of twenty kits and currently have four 1/72nd scale aircraft fairly close to crossing the line. 1/72 Eduard Spitfire 20200125_142813_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr 1/700 Trumpeter USS Lexington EFFECTS by OutcastJoel, on Flickr 1/48 Airfix Meteor 20201231_114236_Film2 (1) by OutcastJoel, o
  13. Thank you both, I had never head of them before so am really pleased I asked. I have ordered this one: I have never done any figure painting before so I don't expect to do a great job but the figure looks ace.
  14. 20201229_221517_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr Base coat in Tamiya laquer went down really nicely.
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