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  1. Annoyingly the seatbelts are glued in place... I did basecoat it with Alclad for chipping purposes so I might just attack the seat with a toothpick tonight.
  2. @Troy Smith thank you, I did wonder, most of the preserved examples seemed to be all green except the US airforce museum and I nearly went with silver just to add a little more contrast but went the wrong way at the last moment. I am undecided as to whether I can be bothered to fix it...
  3. @Bugle07 "more warping than an episode of Star Trek" Excellent description! Mine is the 2014 gift set boxing which is supprisingly nicely molded, I wonder if they got such a pasting in 2011 that they refurbished the molds? (Is that even economically possible?) I suppose it is also possible that the tooling on the Spit just degraded faster. The use of multiple different plastics is just inexcusable though.
  4. Thank you. Given how many repops there have been of this, the molds are in surprisingly good shape! My fuselage halves are still on the sprue but look to be much straighter than the horror stories I have heard about these big kits from Airfix.
  5. I have pretty much finished the engine, it will probably add some more wiring and piping as it get added onto the fuselage but it is done for now. 20200713_161414_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr The cockpit isn't too far behind, I am working on the truly beautiful HGW seatbelts which are amazing! 20200713_185424_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr 20200713_185234_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr
  6. This looks like is going to be a seriously impressive build. That dog on the nose art really does look like a Westie, it is uncanny. I am not the biggest fan of the ME109 (I am really more of an FW190 chap) but I am looking forward to seeing this!
  7. This new kit looks great, I shall enjoy seeing what you do with it.
  8. That looks like an interesting set from Aifix there, it may end up on a wish list... I will watch this build with interest, it should be good!
  9. It is a gorgeous little kit, as an engineering geek I think I would buy it by itself if Airfix ever released it like that. (If anyone has one they didn't use on a build and they want to sell please PM me!)
  10. Lovely to have you guys along, the more the merrier! I have been so stoked about this build and ripped into it as soon as work was over today. The detail is much nicer than I was expecting, and there is less flash than I was expecting for the zillionth repop of a 1970s tooling. The Merlin is really lovely but there is some squiffy fitting around the top end of the block so quite of lot of filing and filling is needed. Unfortunately, I need to leave the filler to dry so I have had to halt my progress on the engine, fingers crossed for getting the paint on tomorrow. 20200710_212835_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr
  11. I think you have drawn first blood amongst the big Hurricanes! Beautiful work on the parachute and seat cushion, you are setting a high standard to follow, I am looking forward to watching this all come together!
  12. This should be interesting, mind if I sit by with popcorn?
  13. I have been trying to avoid plastic this week to make sure I am raring to go on the 1/24th Hurricane build I am planning to start on Friday. I have however managed to fill those bulges with a mixture of sprue goo and plastic sheet and braced the whole shebang with sprue cut into T shapes. 20200707_211415_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr I still haven't managed to feel brave enough to get the Dremel out, but will at some point.
  14. This is looking gorgeous. I agree that a slightly warmer colour would look even better. I would be interested to know if painting the inside yellow would work, but I think the thing I would go for would be plastic bottle sides and misted over with a thinned spray of yellow paint.
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