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  1. Another kit done, this time with an attempt at a diorama. 20201015_195039_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr 20201015_195100_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr 20201015_195203_Film2 (1) by OutcastJoel, on Flickr 20201015_195228_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr 20201015_195334_Film2 (2) by OutcastJoel, on Flickr 20201015_195325_Film2 (1) by OutcastJoel, on Flickr IMG_20201015_200356_028 (1) by OutcastJoel, on Flickr
  2. Unfortunately I don't think I can finish the diorama in the next fortnight but on the bright side I have managed to get the big Hurricane done! Once I have taken a bit of a break from 1/24, I plan to sort out the diorama for the end of the year. It is a great kit and I have learned a lot along the way. I think oddly that this big scale really shows up any flaws in my work far more than my usual scales of 1/72 and 1/700. I certainly want to pick up another of these in a few years when I have improved a bit further. 20201015_201917_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flick
  3. I have had some success: Big Blue Boy (no I had never heard of them either) do a set of four Mk8 mod 1 guns in resin and brass which is available from BNA model world in Australia.
  4. Starling models was actually my first port of call, I have also tried Sovereign hobbies, ebay and Atlantic models. TBF it might just be an opportunity for me to do some scratch building.
  5. As above really. I picked up the Trumpeter kit of Montrose to build into St Albans largely because the box art had it in fairly recent fit with a Mod 1 gun. However, on opening the box the gun house included is the earlier curvy job. Whilst I am buying aftermarket, I figure I might as well update the other bits too. I have found a nice looking Mod gun in 1/350 but not in 1/700. I can't find a Mk 997 radar at all. Is there anything else obvious I should replace?
  6. Hello, I can't speak for the shipyard works decks but I have an Artwox deck for the Flyhawk HMS Penelope, which is really nice. It compares well with Flyhawk and Wood Hunter decks. Mine includes anchor chain and unlike any other decks I have seen, includes cut out wooden inserts for ship's boats etc.
  7. I must admit, in my head it was going >20kts, I hadn't appreciated how much the stern squats down in the water when it is going at high speed (despite having spent more time than I would like to admit looking at copies of that first photo). The lower photo of it in gas turbine trim is great, I don't think I had seen that before at all, it really does show how the wake sticks to the hull at lower speed (which I now appreciate the hull attitude and the back bit of the wake tie in with). I couldn't quite work out what was bugging me about the look and I think it is that the bow wa
  8. Thank you Geoff, On reflection I would have sprayed the roundels first and then used tamiya tape for the lightning stripe. I ended up doing so much touching up because the montex mask had lifted that I might as well have gone that route to start with. (I am not knocking Montex, it is just that vinyl doesn't like sticking to the texture on the fuselage of this kit.) I have a complicated relationship with weathering. I am not especially good and I tend to overthink it because I start with a nice looking model and spend the whole time being certain that I am about to
  9. Clear coat and weathering time! 20200930_181902_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr
  10. I found that the Montex vinyl masks didn't like sticking to the textured surface on the fuselage so there needs to be some touching up. Other than that, it is starting to look like it is supposed to! 20200927_132633_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr
  11. Thank you, to be honest I don't like the bit behind the hull, I think it is too flat to look right. The front bit was easier than expected, I simply stippled on layers of acrylic putty mixed with clear gloss gel which gave a decent result pretty easily. The front spray at the bow could do with more work, I saw a pretty cool technique involving toilet paper (of all things) soaked in gloss gel which I might try.
  12. It is on the limit of what I can cope with! Luckily I also got a magnifier lamp, I do not know how I managed before!
  13. I was lucky enough to get this from my parents for my birthday. It is a stunning new kit from Atlantic Models (they are really on a roll at the minute), it is seriously tiny and my first ever waterline kit. This meant it was also my first ever attempt at a sea base. I wasn't especially ambitious with it but I am really happy with how it came out. 20200922_200034_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr 20200922_200137_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr 20200922_200201_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr 20200922_200355_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr 20200922_201119_F
  14. I am still making absurdly slow progress but I finally have got the airbrush out again. I initially tried with Alclad enamels but after three hours of constant clogging I gave up and used Colour Coats and Humbrol instead. 20200919_154751_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr IMG_20200921_212547 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr
  15. I finally got around to applying the armour belt: 20200909_192717_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr
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