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  1. Thanks David. Certainly. It is one of the "bonus" kits with the Convair XB-46 kit. It has the option to be built as either a B-45A or an RB-45C. Miguel
  2. Thank you very much @jean, @Walter, @stevehnz, @Max Headroom, @F-32 and @John D.C. Masters. I don't know if I had it then but for quite a while now I have been using a headband with magnifying glasses. I don't know how I made it without one! Thanks Steve. Basically, I do it using the dry-brushing technique with a little more paint. Miguel
  3. Hello everyone! Here is my Sweet 1:144 Messerschmitt Bf 109F-1 which I built in 2008. It represents the machine flown by Geschwaderkommodore Major Werner Mölders, Stab./JG51, Luftwaffe, from Mardyck, France, in April 1941. The Sweet kit is essentailly an F-4 so I had to make some modifications to make an F-1 (the F-2 is identical - the differences being internal). The changes involved adding a small intake on the starboard side of the engine cover, slightly reducing the diameter of the supercharger intake, filling in a panel line on top of each wing and squaring the oter ends of the main undercarriage bays. A final difference was leaving the bottom forward starboard corner of the (unarmoured) canopy unpainted. The kit was fully painted and varnished with brush. Thanks for looking Miguel
  4. Thank you very much @Jeddahbill and @desert falcon. This is my favourite of the four design of the Bomber-B programme. Miguel
  5. Simply superb!! Well done and nicely finished! Miguel
  6. Here are is Anigrand Craftwork's 1:144 Focke-Wulf Fw 191 V1 which I built back in 2013. This came in a set of four resin kits covering the four proposals for the ill-fated Bomber-B programme and represents the first prototype in early 1942. Apart from adding some details in the cockpit I thinned the gun barrels and added missing ones for the nose from stretched sprue as well as the wing pitot tube and the radio mast, also from stretched sprue. The rear end of the underside gondola was moulded solid and is clear so I cut away the section and added a part made from a clear piece in my spares box (Airfix Do 17 I believe!). The u/c doors were thinned as usual. Internet references were needed to place them properly. The kit was fully painted with brush except for the final coats of satin varnish which were airbrushed. I ignored the colour call outs of the (minimal) instructions and painted the kit RLM02 overall with the propellers in RLM70 Schwarzgrün and placed the wing crosses in a more correct position. Due to the little use of the prototype I didn't apply any weathering and only highlighted the panel lines of moving surfaces. Thank you for looking and, as usual, all comments are welcome. Miguel
  7. Great job on that conversion. Well finished! Miguel
  8. Great idea and execution!! Very nicely done regardless the age of the kit and, as with almost all aircraft, the He 177 looks great in desert camo! Miguel
  9. Thank you very much @72modeler, @billn53, @RMCS, @James G and @russ c. Miguel
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