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  1. Thank you very much Steve and John Within my collection of kits I have a sub-collection where I am trying to represent as many countries as possible through, mainly, military aircraft. It was within this framework that I built these two. Some of the kits and/or decals I buy are just for this purpose! It does offer variety in schemes and/or markings. Miguel
  2. Hello! This is another of a series of five Beaufighters in 1:144 which I built back in 2016. In this case, it's KW147 of 415th Night Fighter Squadron, 12th Air Force, USAAF, at La Vailon, France in September 1944, one of several British nightfighters transferred to US units while they waited for their P-61s. This is the F-Toys pre-painted semi-assembled kit which I disassembled, had the paint removed and built it almost OOB just adding underside aerials, the underwing pitot and radio wire, filling in the holes for the torpedo and rockets (which the kit would have you add despite being a nightfighter!) and removing an incorrect frame of the rear canopy. The kit was fully painted and varnished with brush and decals came from the kit itself. Thank you for looking and all comments are welcome Miguel
  3. Speaking of the devil... I was just mentioning this kit in a reply in my post! Very nicely finished indeed. I have it in my stash precisely to make this option and just hope it comes out as well as yours. Superb! Miguel
  4. Superb job! It's awkward to see a Huey in british markings but it looks great! Well done! Miguel
  5. Thank you very much Steve and Greg. I actually had the kit in my stash for nearly 10 years before building it so it goes back way before. And as I'm sure you both know before there were often fictitious markings on some Luftwaffe types. I rememeber building the old Revell Me 262 with JG54's green heart on it - a unit that never used the Me 262! Hasegawa are not known for that kind of foul-up but there have been some mistakes in their options in some early kits in general. Considering the relatively short service life of the Me 262 (just under a year), and adding to it the chaotic situation by 1945, there is a large variety of markings and schemes, with aircraft moving from one unit to another and units disbanding and being absorbed by others, and bomber units switching to the fighter role. I have many kits in my stash in both 1:72 and 1:144 as this is one of my favourite aircraft and I have the intention of covering all of the Luftwaffe units that flew this type and some cases are curious (an ISS1 machine that went to serve with JV44 or a KG(J)6 machine with incomplete ISS2 markings for example!). So far I only have 4 units covered (EJG2, JG7, KG51 and JV44). I bought the recently released Airfix kit just because it came with markings for KG54! Anyhow, it's a really tricky subject and, Greg, I'm would really like to know if you manage to confirm that Hasegawa got it right. Miguel
  6. Thanks a lot Matt! Many thanks Greg. Now you mention it, you may have a point. I did some quick checking but haven't come up with anything... yet. Hasegawa may have made some mix up since the decals were straight from the kit. Miguel
  7. Looks great! Miguel
  8. Hello! Here are a pair of Attack 1:144 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17Fs ("Fresco C") which I built back in 2014 using a Berna Decals sheet (MiG-17 African Air Forces Pt.1) to represent a couple of rarely seen African countries. I built both kits mostly OOB, without adding any cockpit. I only thinned the guns, added the wing probes from metal wire and added the sway braces for the underwing drop tanks. I also added the radio mast. Both were fully painted and varnished by brush. First up: "Red 43" of the Guinea-Bissau Air Force seen at Bissau IAP in 1991. The second one: BF8401, Burkina Faso Army Aviation, in 1991. As always, thanks for looking and all comments are welcome. Miguel
  9. Here is one of a pair of Me 262As I built back in 2001. It's Hasegawa's 1:72 Messerschmitt Me 262A-2a built as Red 5, of KG51 “Edelweiss”, Luftwaffe, Germany, in late 1944/early 1945. It was painted with airbrush. Thanks for looking and comments are welcome Miguel
  10. Outstanding! Fantastic job! It just looks real in the photos! Miguel
  11. Despite the negative aspects, you've done a great job. It looks smashing. Congratulations. I've seen one of these up close. The Portugusese Air Force used them too and they have one in the museum at Alverca, outside Lisbon. You can walk right up to it and peer inside the cockpit. I would really like to have one in 1:72. Cheers Miguel
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