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  1. Here is my first kit of the year, finally! It is Italeri's 1:72 Lockheed F-104A-20-LO Starfighter. It represents 4221 (s/n 56-0799 - ex-USAF), of the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing/8th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Republic of China AF, Ching Chuan Kang Air Base, Taiwan, 1961. This was the old Esci kit re-released by Italeri. It was a pretty basic kit which I decided to build very much OOB. All of the parts needed cleaning up due to some flash, ejection pins and sink marks. Fit wasn't bad but nearly all joins needed work and in some places there were steps to deal with. I on
  2. Despite everything, you've done a fabulous job indeed. It looks fantatsic. Well done!! I have one in 1:144 in my stash... I only hope it comes out as well as yours whenever I get round to it. Miguel
  3. Lovely job and much better than mine. I rarely do airliners and the last one I did was precisely the Trident in this scheme (same decals). Miguel
  4. Not my cup of tea but fantastic job as always Angus! Miguel
  5. Well done! Lovely finish! Miguel
  6. Lovely job on that old kit and great idea. The quest for perfection can bring great results but also frustrations... and this is supposed to be fun! Miguel
  7. I think it came out superbly!! Miguel
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