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  1. Great job on both! They really look the part. The last photos just go to show you really can't have enough Spitfires (or Bf 109s or P-51s etc) ! Lovely collection by the way. Miguel
  2. Lovely pair! Very nicely done on both. Miguel
  3. Great idea and fantastic execution!! I second all the previous comments too. Miguel
  4. Thank you very much! Miguel
  5. Lovely job and beautifully finished. Miguel
  6. Lovely job. Looks great! Miguel
  7. Thanks a lot Pete! Ha ha! Indeed! All of the other actors put on some accent to imply they were speaking russian but when in theory Clint is speaking in russian too he doesn't change accent ! Another curious detail I noticed when reviewing scenes as research, on both occasions he gets in the cockpit, he plugs the air hose, flicks loads of switches and takes off... without strapping on any belts or harnesses ! Yes! I like taking some ground-level three-quarters shots like that one as it gives a nice perspective. Thank you very much ev
  8. Here is my latest kit: the MiG-31 Firefox of the 1982 Clint Eastwood film. It's the Anigrand 1:144 resin kit. Keeping in mind the discrepancies between the full-scale film prop and the "flying models", the kit has some inaccuracies, namely around the undercarriage. The nosewheel should have twin wheels and the bays and doors are wrong but I left well alone and only cut the nose bay door in a way that made it closer to what we see in the film. My only other modifications were replacing the WW2-type seat with one from a Revell/Mark I F-104 kit (chopped down
  9. That's amazing work indeed. Bravo! I wouldn't be able to tell it was an old Matchbox kit. I fully agree! I have several old kits in my stash and, despite everything (flaws, newer moulds, etc) I intend to build them. Miguel
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