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  1. Thank you very much. The main colours are from Pollyscale and Vallejo. Thank you and I agree. I do have an airbrush and some earlier kits were mostly airbrushed but on a kit this size the speed of airbrushing is contrasted with the time it takes to do all the masking. I moved to a small flat a year ago and for several reasons airbrushing is no longer an option. Anyhow, I do mostly 1:144 scale kits nowadays! Thanks a lot Greg. actually I used to be mostly a 1:72 modeller but have switched to mostly 1:144 in the past decade and a half! Thank you very much Mike. Yes it is fully brushed since, although I do have an airbrush, I can't use it for various reasons. No, I'm not related to him ! Very nicely done Blenheim he has! Miguel
  2. Aaargh! I did it again. Yes it is the wrong way round. A build of an Academy kit many years ago though posted not long ago here had the same flaw pointed out: I've been checking the instructions and they depict them the right way round but only if you pay attention will you notice it. I believe the part is NOT keyed in any way to go the right way round. Thanks for the comment and for pointing it out. Thanks a lot! Miguel
  3. Hello everyone! Here is my latest kit, an Airfix 1:72 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4 built mostly OOB. It represents Black "<", W.Nr 1480, flown by Oberleutnant Franz von Werra, Gruppen-Adjutant of II./JG 3, at Samer, France, in August 1940. After a series of tricky builds in 1:144, this was a pleasant change. There was flash and moulding lines to deal with and several parts needed some sanding/trimming to fit. The worst area, by now well-known, is the wing roots. I only used filler to deal with an ejection pin mark in the cockpit, on the sill behind the seat, and a seam on the top fuselage just in front of the cockpit. The radio mast shattered when I tried to remove it from the sprues so I used one from an old Matchbox Bf 110 cut to shape. One of the underwing mass balances pinged into oblivion so I made a new one from stretched sprue and CA glue. Radio wires were made from stretched sprue. The kit was fully painted and varnished with brush. There are many interpretations of this scheme and I used one of Eduard's 1:32 kit instructions (downloadable Pdf file) and a build of another kit on internet as a guide, apart from the kit's box colour guide. What I found odd was that Airfix supplies all the stencils and they are numbered but there is no guide as to their placing. I used Eduard's Pdf instructions for that. Despite everything, this, my first of the "new" Airfix kits, was an enjoyable build. Thank you for looking and all comments are welcome as always Miguel
  4. Regardless of everything, it looks spectacular indeed! Well done . I agree absolutely. Miguel
  5. Fantastic job! Over-weathered or not, it looks great. Miguel
  6. I DID build this kit when I was young and you've done an amazing job with it! Bravo ! Miguel
  7. Smashing job on that old kit! I wouldn't have guessed it was the Airfix kit. Miguel
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