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  1. Outstanding work and finish !! Miguel
  2. Actually, I'm Portuguese but I've lived most of my life here in Spain. I am familiar with the type and your build has made me consider getting my hands on one too ! Miguel
  3. Despite your troubles, it looks great. Your perserverence has paid off nicely! Miguel
  4. Lovely collection. Nicely done, all of them! Miguel
  5. Lovely job and finish with the only proviso of the cowling rings and exhausts that others have commented on. Well done! In the case of Beaufighters, the rings and exhuasts were actually painted a blackish colour that rapidly weathered so I painted those I have built satin black and then dry-brushed silver and bronze. In this case, and in those of the types depicted in the photos, I would have skipped the black and painted them aluminum and dry-brushed bronze and some burnt metal colour to get the effect. Just a suggestion ! Miguel
  6. I think it's come out very nicely indeed, so much so, I'm almost tempted to get one myself ! Well done, it looks great! Miguel
  7. I'm not really knowledgable on Merlins but that's a lovely piece of modelling you've done, despite your problems. Miguel
  8. That's an outstanding and amazing work. I would be hard pressed to say it's the Matchbox kit. Well worth the effort you put into it! Miguel
  9. Thanks a lot to everyone! I still have a few golden oldies to make anew in my stash such as the Blenheim and the Whirlwind (fighter) which I built back when I was younger. In fact, the oldest kit in my stash is an Airfix Hampden which I am embarrased to say I have since the early 1980s and I never got round to building ! I do intend to get round to them... one day! Miguel
  10. In this case not so much Andy, as they were well defined. Obviously, I use magnifying glasses and any mistakes I deal with by gently scraping off with a toothpick. Me too!! Thank you very much to all! Miguel
  11. Here is the other of my first kits of the year, finished during this week simultaneously with the Airfix Buffalo. I had hoped to finish both before year's end but I didn't make it. It's F-toys 1:144 Brewster B-339C Buffalo finished as B-3110 flown by Kapt van Helsdingen of 2 Vliegtuig Groep V, Netherlands East Indies Army Air Corps (ML-KNIL), Singapore, in January 1942. It is basically a repaint and rebuild of a pre-painted Gashapon snap-fit kit with a few improvements. The partially-assembled parts were taken apart and all of the main parts were left in alcohol for a while after which removing the paint was quite easy. I made some modifications in the cockpit. Dutch B-339s didn't have a headrest so I cut it off. There was a gap between the seat and the rear cockpit decking (for the canopy tabs). I filled the space with scrap resin leaving space for the canopy tabs on the sides. I scratchbuilt a roll bar from stretched sprue. The propeller was completely replaced from spare parts from Mark I Models kits and is a great improvement over the F-toys part which has seriously undersized blades. Another missing detail I added was the small mast on the tail fin. The Dutch aircraft had a different radio wire arrangement with the middle wire in front of the cockpit rather than behind. The colours of the F-toys kit were awful and way off. From various sources, it seems these machines were painted with US colours so I painted the kit with US Medium Green 42 and US Olive Drab 41 (Aircraft Colors range). I really like this scheme! The kit was fully brush painted and varnished. I'll be repeating this scheme on a captured IJAAF B-339D from one of the Mark I Models boxing I'll be starting this weekend. Thanks for looking and all comments are welcome. Miguel
  12. Thank you very much to all! Yes, I agree. Old kits deserve a shot and, as can be seen in this forum, some lovely results can be achieved with a bit of extra work. Besides, as I said, it can be fun! Miguel
  13. Apart from echoing Wlad's comments above, I think you've done a fantastic job with the scheme. A real stunner! Miguel
  14. Lovely!! Beautifully finished! Miguel
  15. Lovely! Nicely finished and nice to see a TAP livery on a kit. Civil aircraft are not really my thing but I wouldn't mind doing one of these. All of my flights in the last 5 years before the pandemic were with TAP, flying from Barcelona to Lisbon and back. Cheers Miguel
  16. Hello everyone! Here is one of my first kits of the year, finished during this week. It's Airfix's 1:72 Brewster B-339E Buffalo Mk.I finished as AN185/TD-V of No 453 (RAAF) Sqn based at Sembawang, Singapore in December 1941. Back in around 1979, after I had built my first three kits which had been gifts, the next kit I bought, and which definitely set me down the path of this hobby, was the Airfix Buffalo, one from the first boxed issue. Fast forward to 2008, and I saw the kit reissued with the old boxart recovered and bought it to have another go eventually and recover it in my collection (the old one having long since been scrapped). When I was coming up to my 400th kit, I decided to finally build it. The parts were exactly the same albeit moulded in light blue rather than metallic grey and as before there were two options, a US F2A-2 and a British Buffalo Mk.I although this time in markings of an RAAF unit. My intention was to make a nostalgic OOB build with some minor improvements and finish it before the end of 2021 but it was not to be in any way! For starters, the box states it as an F2A-1 but it's not. The parts are clearly for an F2A-2... and only an F2A-2. Although some alternative parts are supplied, you can't really make a B-339E Buffalo Mk.I OOB. The two major missing items are a new tailcone and an uncuffed Hamilton Standard propeller. I really wanted the B-339E so that meant extra work was going to be needed. Added to that, the kit is overall dimensionally correct BUT short in the nose. I had read comments about the cowling being short but when comparing with SAMI plans from an issue of 2005, I found that the fuselage was also short in front of the wings by 2mm, just like the cowling. I decided to fix that too. This really deserved a WIP but with my self-imposed deadline, it wasn't possible. - I used Evergreen 2 x 1.5mm strip to extend the fuselage. The exhausts were carefully removed and relocated afterwards. - Adding 4mm to the nose meant that the engine had to move forwards too so I used parts from old cassette tape wheels (exactly 4mm thick) to act as new supports for the engine. - In the cockpit I added a roll bar and armoured headrest (not sure if all had this) as well as an instrument panel with the gunsight from scrap resin and plastic and stretched sprue. A lens was added from clear flash plastic. - A new tailcone was made from scrap resin. - I added the pilot as it was still a nostalgia build! I shortened his boots and thinned the legs as he was flying in shorts (no photos, sorry)! - To extend the cowling, I actually used parts from the cowling of my first Buffalo cut down to 2mm as they had the right shape. - I added the forward ring to the engine from stretched sprue. - I sanded away the cuffs from the propeller blades and reshaped them. - I filled the rear ends of the holes for the blades in the spinner with plastic strip. - I added the short radio mast on the tailfin. - I opened up holes and made the landing lights on the wing undersides (the B-339E had two). - I also opened up the holes for the wing guns and their shell ejection chutes. - A wing pitot was added from stretched sprue. Apart from adding the radio wires from thin fishing line, there were one or two more things I did but not really noticeable. Fit of parts wasn't bad overall except for the canopy which was terrible. I did my best but at some point decided not to push my luck. Because I had to clean up all of the seams, I ended up removing all the rivets, which weren't accurate anyway. I didn't rescribe any panel lines as you really can't seem them on the real thing. I dry-brushed a dark grey to simulate several of them later. The kit was fully painted and varnished by brush. The squadron code decals were far too dark so I replaced them with slightly larger ones from a Modeldecal sheet. I should have replaced the insignia too as the decals were awful, being somewhat translucent and not settling properly, not even with decal solutions. I ended up having to paint over the white, yellow and red and the surrounding areas where there was some silvering. The difference between the Sky of the band and spinner and the underside was deliberate since they were clearly lighter. There are a couple of things I missed but I am very pleased with the end result and the solutions I came up with to improve or correct the kit. It was fun! Thanks for looking and all comments are welcome. Miguel
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