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  1. Spectacular finish of a rarely seen variant! Lovely job! Miguel
  2. The kit looks great indeed. Love the weathering on the wings behind the guns. Well done! I'm sorry but I think the red background is too much ! Miguel
  3. Wow! Than you very much for your kind comments! Miguel
  4. Looks fantastic! Your persistance has paid off handsomely. Miguel
  5. Looks really great indeed despite your troubles. Miguel
  6. Here is my Anigrand Craftswork 1:144 resin Kawasaki Ki-108 "Randy" I built back in 2011. It represents one of the prototypes at the Rikugun Koku Shinsa Bu (Army Air Testing Centre), Gifu Factory area, 1944. It's one of the bonus kits of the Kawasaki Ki-91 bomber set. Only four prototypes of this aircraft were built and flown, the second pair being of the improved Kai variant with greater span and length. According to what little references I could find, this kit seems to be a little in between both variants but closer to the first pair. This was a particularly trou
  7. Lovely job on that decent old kit! I've built the B and have another in my stash to make a C! Miguel
  8. Beautifully finished! Great job all around! Miguel
  9. Wow!! That looks really good. Nicely done! I have it in my stash and indeed it looks like one of Airfix's better kits from back then. Hope mine comes out as well as yours (when I get to it)! Miguel
  10. Wow!! Superbly finished indeed! It looks fantastic. Miguel
  11. Regardless of everything, it's looks really good. It's nice to see old kits well finished. Miguel
  12. you embarrass me Mike! Thanks a lot for your praise. Miguel
  13. Spectacular!! The weathering is fabulous! Miguel
  14. Outstanding!! Very nicely done indeed! Miguel
  15. Lovely job on both! They look great! I have both in my stash and have built the other Revell kit of the P1099, without the big guns (posted here some time ago). Miguel
  16. Thanks a lot for your kind comments. @Tempestwulf I agree. That's what I thought. Miguel
  17. Here is my third "what-if" fun build with an Fw 190D kit, in this case an F-toys 1:144 kit, back in 2013. It represents a hypothetical Fw 190D-9/R11 nightfighter Red 3 of NJG11, Luftwaffe, in Germany, late 1945, where a pod with a more modern dish array radar was added to one wing similar to those carried by Hellcats and Corsairs. Since the previous radar-equipped Fw 190 had the R11 Rüstsatz, I named it thus. I later found that there was an R11 all-weather modification for the Fw 190D-9 but not like this! This was a pre-painted, semi-assembled kit so I removed the paint and made so
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