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  1. Wow!! That's amazing work. You turned that horror into something great. Well done! It's also nice to see a Meteor in a completely different scheme ! Miguel
  2. I'm sorry. I can't really help but taking a quick look at various aircraft used by Uruguay there does seem to be various shades of blue used unless that is the result of fading. In photos of the T-34 it does look like Midnight Blue but the flag-shaped insignia on the tail (not the flag) of a Pucará looks much lighter. Miguel
  3. (speechless)!!! Outstanding work and in 1:72, wow!! Miguel
  4. Regardless of everything, it looks great!! Nicely done! Miguel
  5. Now this is one you rarely see! Wonderful job and beautifully finished! Lovely detail work too. Thanks for showing. I'd be very happy if the kit I have in the stash came out anywhere near as well as yours... when I get round to it. Miguel
  6. Superb work!! Outstanding! Welcome to 1:144 ! Miguel
  7. Absolutely!! As I said, it's my favourite too. Thank you very much. Thank you very much! Miguel
  8. Wow! That's a beauty!! Very well finished indeed. I have one of these in my stash and it's one of those kits that screams "build me" as it really looks great in the box. I haven't done so as other things get in the way ! Miguel
  9. Here is the third kit of my Twin Spitfire 3-kit project: Supermarine Twin Spitfire FB.III "M" of RAF No 135 Sqn based in India in November 1945. Once the Twin Spitfire had entered service in the fighter and reconnaissance roles, its use for attack was tested and the results were promising. With the need to replace the P-47s in SEAC with something with more speed and punch, the FB.III was quickly developed. Since the emphasis was in low-level performance, the wings were clipped and the central tailplane replaced by standard Spitfire tailplanes on the inside. By now the twin cockpit layout had become definite. Most of the sub-type's production was sent to India and they started entering service in early October 1945. Even with a full load of two drop tanks and four bombs, the FB.III was much faster and more agile than the P-47 it replaced and delivered a considerable punch in fast attack missions, acquitting itself quite well against the latest Japanese fighters in the theatre. In fact, the impact of the type was such that the Japanese sent some of their very latest fighter designs to the theatre and although a couple were indeed superior, there were too few of them and losses inflicted on the Twin Spitfire were fortunately much less than they could have been. For more general information of this project please see the first post (if you haven't already): It's a conversion using two Mark I Models 1:144 Spitfire XIV/XVIIIs and adding the central main wing only in this case and, unlike the other two, leaving the standard tailplanes. Otherwise the build was mostly OOB. This time I also decided to make it with clipped wings. The only Allied WW2 bombs I had available in this scale were in Platz P-47 kits so I pinched them from there as well as the outer pylons. The other pylons were scratchbuilt. I made the torpedo-type drop tanks similar to those actually use by Spitfires from the kits' sprues. As with the other two, the whip antennae and the underwing pitot were added from stretched sprue. The kit was fully painted and varnished with brush. I used the decals from the Mark I kits. Thanks for looking and, as usual, all comments are welcome Miguel
  10. Indeed!! Maybe that's why it's my favourite of the three. Thank you very much and glad you like it. Miguel
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