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  1. It looks like the real thing in those photos !!! Well done! Miguel
  2. Simply fantastic! I too have given some thought to getting one and your beautiful build is nudging me there ! Miguel
  3. Very nicely done and thanks for the info! I have a couple of boxings of this kit in my stash. Miguel
  4. L O V E L Y !!! I have the last Matchbox issue (already under Revell's ownership) and would like to make it in the markings of the machine on display at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa which I visited this past summer, but no luck in finding decals covering it... Miguel
  5. Beautifully finished. I have this one in the stash (bought 22 years ago) and would be happy if it came out anywhere near as good as yours. Miguel
  6. Wow! Very nicely done indeed. The extra work and detail paid off hansomely. Miguel
  7. Lovely work on both P-51s and the Ju-52 too ! Miguel
  8. Outstanding work all around. The scheme looks great! Miguel
  9. Superbly finished! Lovely work on that scheme. Miguel
  10. Despite the decal let-down, it looks great. I wasn't aware of this variant. It looks quite cool! Well done! Miguel
  11. Nicely done! A pity the photos are a bit too dark. Miguel
  12. Very nice work on that old kit. I started the year building a bunch of the type and I just love the Dutch scheme! My only comment on your kit is that it's a bit too shiny. Miguel
  13. Absolutely beautiful! And that goes for both of them. Miguel
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