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  1. Which is exactly what all this is a dress rehearsal for.
  2. Addressing your first point, of course it’s a two way street, I’m happy with that, and of course it allows my supplier to monitor my peak rate usage, but it doesn’t allow my supplier to bill me at a variable rate because my contract doesn’t allow that. As for supplies being interrupted remotely, that’s the first time I’ve heard of that, ever. Of course the end user pays for everything, it’s no different with a tin of beans from Tesco, that’s how capitalism works. As long as I get a product I want at a price I’m prepared to pay, I’m happy. As smart meter helps me do this because I can accurately monitor what I am using easily, and I know by sending fortnightly reading I’m being billed accurately too. As for an electric vehicle, until battery performance mirrors the mileages I get with diesel, not going to happen. Addressing your last point, government initiatives only suit the government, always have, always will and nothing you or I do at the ballot box will ever change that.
  3. Thanks for the reply, the ocd part I hadn’t considered. I’m not sure how by having a smart meter I’m contributing to the companies profit seeing as it was installed free, and I’m actually using less of their product.
  4. Intrigued to understand the smart meter hate, when I had mine fitted they helped to substantially reduce my bill by having a visual on exactly when and where I’m using fuel. I’ve also set them to send a meter reading every two weeks so I get accurate bills, I can’t understand a downside?
  5. Another for Octopus, switched to them recently, Bill dropped £20 a month and their customer service is excellent.
  6. I would be very careful about overlaying drawings on restored aircraft, every one of them is hand build with bespoke parts and will differ from an accurate drawing.
  7. Just announced that Chrisropher Plummer (Sqd. Ldr. Harvey) has died aged 91
  8. I lost my micro chisel a couple of months back, despite hours of hunting it was truly gone. I moved my Eagle I built recent to a different shelf and it developed a rattle, somehow, lo and behold, I managed to close the fuselage with it inside!
  9. Airgunner

    Christmas Star

    They’ll appear as one entity from tonight, but if you use binoculars or a telescope they’ll still have a tiny separation. Look South West horizon between 16.30 and 18.00 UK time for the next 6 days.
  10. Airgunner

    Alloy wheel fix.

    Most mobile repairers will do a warranted repair for about £40. Once you’ve factored in the cost of the kit and your time, I’d leave it to the pros.
  11. It’s an easy build, detail is very soft though hence why I described and riveted it. I’m told by people far more knowledgeable the ECM pods shouldn’t be there, in fact the outer pylons shouldn’t be there at all it seems. It was a fun build though.
  12. Interesting, given the date of release. Maybe they should only be on a prototype.? In the very near future I intend to do a Lakenheath Strike Eagle, hopefully the GWH kit, so I will make sure that’s accurate. This was just a fun build as I’m most certainly not a jet man.
  13. That’s beautifully done, love those inter-war biplanes. Couldn’t do one myself, far too fiddly.
  14. Hi, thanks for the info, stored for the future. I didn’t think they should be there as I’ve not seen them on a single photo, but as I have nothing in the spares box that could go there so they went just to fill the gaps. Tamiya don’t supply much in the box, I did think if leaving the pylons off all together but it does look better with something there even if it’s inaccurate.
  15. Some excellent work going on there... love those seats..
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