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  1. Whats the app called and is it available for Apple, I can’t seem to find it. Thanks.
  2. I rub a tiny little bit charcoal powder on mine with a fingertip, a little goes a long way and just fill the cut lines.
  3. Oh my word, when I searched I could only see ones that weren’t glow in the dark. I’ll have to source one in the UK.
  4. I’ve seen that one, but the one I had had green glow in the dark hands and head, I vividly remember holding my torch against it to get maximal power into before Mum switched the light off!
  5. A million years ago, when I was a nipper, someone made a kit of King Kong with glow in the dark parts. That’s one kit that’s stuck with me and I’ve never seen another, or found out who made it, so that’s my Holy Grail.
  6. Just read Robin Olds’ Fighter Pilot. Had to import it from the States as couldn’t find a copy here, we’ll worth it, what a life he led.
  7. This is annoying, always pop in there if I’m seconded to Pompey nick for a shift.
  8. Both of those photos would suggest otherwise…the top photo shows the nose guns to have covers on. Given the top turret is covered I’d suggest they ‘may’ be removed, but not certainly.
  9. Which is exactly what all this is a dress rehearsal for.
  10. Addressing your first point, of course it’s a two way street, I’m happy with that, and of course it allows my supplier to monitor my peak rate usage, but it doesn’t allow my supplier to bill me at a variable rate because my contract doesn’t allow that. As for supplies being interrupted remotely, that’s the first time I’ve heard of that, ever. Of course the end user pays for everything, it’s no different with a tin of beans from Tesco, that’s how capitalism works. As long as I get a product I want at a price I’m prepared to pay, I’m happy. As smart meter helps me do this because I can accurately monitor what I am using easily, and I know by sending fortnightly reading I’m being billed accurately too. As for an electric vehicle, until battery performance mirrors the mileages I get with diesel, not going to happen. Addressing your last point, government initiatives only suit the government, always have, always will and nothing you or I do at the ballot box will ever change that.
  11. Thanks for the reply, the ocd part I hadn’t considered. I’m not sure how by having a smart meter I’m contributing to the companies profit seeing as it was installed free, and I’m actually using less of their product.
  12. Intrigued to understand the smart meter hate, when I had mine fitted they helped to substantially reduce my bill by having a visual on exactly when and where I’m using fuel. I’ve also set them to send a meter reading every two weeks so I get accurate bills, I can’t understand a downside?
  13. Another for Octopus, switched to them recently, Bill dropped £20 a month and their customer service is excellent.
  14. I would be very careful about overlaying drawings on restored aircraft, every one of them is hand build with bespoke parts and will differ from an accurate drawing.
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