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  1. After what seems an age, I am now cracking on again with this having put it on the back-burner after doing a couple of builds for friends... then I have managed to get it built but didn't take any photos as I didn't have a camera and my iPhone camera really doesn't like the lighting in my shed. I am now ready for paint, so first up was the underside. Painted with Tamiya neutral grey, then given a heavily thinned coat with a little white added over salt. Salt was the washed off, I will tone the patchiness down with a wash. The underside was then masked with Tamiya tape and blu-tac worms Preshaded upperside First coat, Tamiya Olive Drab mixed 50-50 with Tamiya Buff Second coat, 2parts O D, one part Buff, heavily thinned again.. Whilst it dried, it went really patchy, it was quite cold and damp in my shed when I was painting, but I've never seen it like this before.. However, Thunderbird was a well used airframe, and I like it, so its staying. That said, unwrapped... Its now in the airing cupboard to cure, then a coat of gloss and on with the weathering....
  2. Nice looking start of this one, I’ve done a couple of the single seaters and they are nice little kits. As with all ‘new’ Airfix release, tolerances are quite tight so make sure painted surfaces and ejector pins marks are cleaned up, that will eliminate most fit issues. It will need a little nose weight too. I really enjoyed mine and have couple more in the pipeline.
  3. Hi Rob, what colour green are you using for the interior, it’s just what I need for my B-17.
  4. My son very kindly brought me the Revell B-17 for my birthday recently, I have built one of these before so I know it to be a reasonably easy and pleasant build. The last one I did was a NMF aircraft , in the one in the boxart... This time around I want to do a green/grey machine, luckily I have in my decal stash set for 'Thunderbird', so that's what I'm going with... I also shall be using the Eduard masking set, their interior set and Master gun barrels.. So, whenever I start a build, I usually try to get one complete assembly done before anything else as a mojo builder to inspire me to get on with it. One a single engine fighter it's usually the prop, but in this beast I decided on the top turret. First up the Master barrels were added to the kits guns, painted and given a quick dry brush.. Next up the turret transparency was masked, the interior colour painted and then the top colour added.. Turret body and interior doings assembled and painted, not going over board with details as not much can be seen when installed... And all assembled and unmasked.. It's not much, but its a start.... Build will probably glacially slow as I can only build in my shed and its a bit nippy this time of year!
  5. For rescribing I use a flexible steel blade from a dismantled feeler gauge set. Takes a bit of practice, but I’ve not found a surface I can’t use it on yet.
  6. Guessing you maybe Basingstoke ish? Did you catch the two F15s heading NE about 1500 on Tuesday, pretty low and getting a shift on?
  7. Hi Phil, Great photos, thank you, will bear these in mind for the next, F-15 I build, and there will be another, maybe not the Tamiya, but I will do another. Wings built, rescribed and rivitted... I also added the lights near the wingroot, Tamiya just have them as panel lines, but I chopped some clear sprue in there and will polish them up once the glue has set for a couple of days. I am only building the plane clean with only fuel tanks, so needed to make the launch rails for the tank pylons.... a bit of square section Evergreen.. and a couple of bits of etch frame. Should look ok under paint and with the tanks added.. Just waiting now for some bits and pieces to dry then I'll be back at it.... Steve
  8. Another slow news day in Eagleland, but managed to sort the seams on the front of the fuselage once the gloop had hardened.. After a busy few days at work, I’m going onto nights so should get a good few hours at the Chicago tomorrow so I’ll try and push this on a bit... Steve
  9. Hold with tweezers, and I use a lighter to warm the etch just enough to melt the plastic then cool on contact. Takes some practice but works well for me...
  10. Could you warm the grille slightly and then drop it in the depression, I've done this before and as it cools it leaves and nice sharp edge and is reasonably easy to pop back out?
  11. Hi Phil, that's good info, I double checked the packaging and if definitely says ACES II on the box. As I don't build jets very often, one seat looks like another to me, but I'll bank the knowledge. I'll not lose much sleep as this is going to be a relaxation build for my daughter more than anything. Hi Doc, I love the stuff, and the jars are very useful to keep white spirit in as I find them hard to knock over..... Not much done today as the gloop on the fuselage is still a bit soft, but I did get the undercart built and painted, and also made a start on the fuel tanks.. More soon...
  12. Following a trip to Kings Lynn for my nieces wedding where we saw plenty of F-15s from Lakenheath, my daughter brought me the venerable Tamiya kit for a Fathers Day present. Now, I really don't build jets, especially grey, boring American ones, but she asked the other day if I'd made a start. I said it was next on the pile so thought I better get on with it. I'd already checked the box, and the cockpit details were sparse and the seat rubbish so I invested in the Eduard interior set to liven the cockpit up, an Aires ACES II ejection seat (both really cheap), and some Aires exhaust nozzles as the kit ones are particularly poor. The actual kit itself is typical early nineties Tamiya, great fit in some places, hopeless in other. It also features both raise and engraved panel lines, so all the raised ones will be rescribed. At this point I must say a massive THANK YOU to member Nocoolname who very kindly gave me the long out of print Caracal Decals from the Lakenheath Eagles set. Without further ado, onto the build, starting with the cockpit and seat.. Nozzles, before and after painting and weathering. They are very fiddly with 16 tiny actuators on each... Everything installed and fuselage joined. The exhausts were a perfect fit, even though they are designed for the GWH kits but the IP needed a little trimming but it doesn't notice once its installed. Nose seam is very poor, so filled with sprue gloop.... Whilst waiting for that, I rescribed and add rivet detail to the tail.... More soon...
  13. That looks really nice, just in the last throes of building one myself, and found it to be a lovely kit to put together as long as you give it the due care and attention these new Airfix kits ask for.
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