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  1. It’s an easy build, detail is very soft though hence why I described and riveted it. I’m told by people far more knowledgeable the ECM pods shouldn’t be there, in fact the outer pylons shouldn’t be there at all it seems. It was a fun build though.
  2. Interesting, given the date of release. Maybe they should only be on a prototype.? In the very near future I intend to do a Lakenheath Strike Eagle, hopefully the GWH kit, so I will make sure that’s accurate. This was just a fun build as I’m most certainly not a jet man.
  3. That’s beautifully done, love those inter-war biplanes. Couldn’t do one myself, far too fiddly.
  4. Hi, thanks for the info, stored for the future. I didn’t think they should be there as I’ve not seen them on a single photo, but as I have nothing in the spares box that could go there so they went just to fill the gaps. Tamiya don’t supply much in the box, I did think if leaving the pylons off all together but it does look better with something there even if it’s inaccurate.
  5. Some excellent work going on there... love those seats..
  6. Clear coat on, a little teaser... RFI here.... Thanks to everyone who followed along, on to the Su-24.... Steve
  7. So, it’s finally done. Tamiya F-15C, in Lakenheath markings. Bar a couple of blade antenna which need to go on once I can access my spares box, I’m calling it done Thanks for looking... Steve
  8. Final few bits before clear coat... ECM pods painted and a few random decals from the spares box to busy them up a bit... Added to the underside.. Ready for clear coat now.. Thanks for looking, Steve
  9. Hi all, apologies for radio silence, needed to get some golf in before the weather goes belly up. Sidders, yes tried Flory, got on great with it but it seemed to go off in the bottle so the second kit I tried it on was wrecked so I never went back. May have been a duff bottle I suppose. ok, update time. Beacons on tailfins added, and sensors painted.. Wingtip nav lights also done, made from clear sprue shaped in a Dremel. Landing gear attached....and armament starting to go on... Nearly there
  10. Moment of truth..... remove the wash... some interesting effects in the last two photos, it looks like the oil wash has reacted with the future, which I’ve never had before. I did leave the wash on overnight, which is longer than normal, but I’ve done that before with no adverse effects. It is less harsh in real life than the photos, and also gives quite a good representation of faded and chipped paint, very similar the the hairspray technique, so I think I’ll leave it rather than fix it. Whilst that was done, I made
  11. Thanks for the kind comments guys, they keep me going... Washes. Don’t like them because I’m no good at them. There, I’ll be honest. But, the panel lines and riveting are very fine on this kit and after several coats of paint and future, they need some help. Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound..... Thin oil wash of Payne’s Grey, the underside looks very similar except the wheel bays which are Burnt Sienna. Now to let it dry and see if I can get it cleaned up in an orderly manner. Thanks for looking, Steve
  12. Now that my Eagle is nearing the end, it’s time to start something new. I have chosen the Trumpeter Su-24 because looking at some of the photos posted a while back in the Russian aircraft in Syria thread, it looks a purposeful beast. I’ll admit now, I know nothing of the type, I know nothing of the accuracy of the kit. Unfortunately I have no real time to get involved in complex shape changes, if there are any needed, and am going To work from photos along the way to try and get it basically right and fix any glaring omissions. Russian jets are a curiosity to me, not a passion and this is a r
  13. After five hours, and now nearly boss-eyed, decalling is complete. And now, after posting that last photo, I’ve just noticed the green stars are wonky. Balls. To late now though, the whole thing is now sitting under a coat of future ready for the bit I hate the most, a wash and weathering. Not sure how to go with weathering, some Lakenheath birds are absolutely filthy, some pristine. I suspect I’ll aim for slightly grubby as I’m no good at the really heavily weathered look.. Thanks for checking in, Steve
  14. Thanks for the kind comments guys. Was kind of hoping for a larger update tonight, but after two hours of decalling, I’ve only just got the topside done before my eyes went squiffy. The USAF like a stencil, don’t they?
  15. Holy thread resurrection Batman! I had to put this on hold for a while, but now I’m back to it. All the main airframe parts are assembled and painted, I didn’t like the contrast between the Light Compass Ghost Gray, and the dark, so I added some sea blue until it looked more like the reference photos I’ve used. Looks much better I think. Vertical stabilisers also done and decalled. Pylons and tanks painted.... Metal bits painted... used a base of Alclad2 Duralumin, highlighted with Polished
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