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  1. A 1/48 A-4E/F Skyhawk re-release is always good news for us Kiwi-modellers
  2. Yes, me too re. the Hase F-4Es. I hope they start with the earlier/hard wing F-4Es too, save me having to buy another EJ boxing to get a Viet-era F-4E
  3. My kit and weapons kit arrived yesterday safe and sound from Hobbyeasy to New Zealand. Found them [Daniel] excellent to deal, and I know that they were as frustrated as we all were with the delays. Must say, looking beyond any accuracy issues, this kit is a far more detailed and generally 'finer' than the Tamiya kit I also have. A bit like the difference between the ZM and Academy 1/48 F-4 kits in terms of overall 'feel' of the kit. Pleased I put up with the wait.
  4. Yes, going by the tone of Martin's initial post on Facebook, it was very much along the lines that someone else [on an online discussion group] had announced this a bit before AMK wished...or at least that was inference I took from his words.
  5. Martin from AMK has confirmed the 'rumours' on the Facebook AMK Fanclub page. It's happening.
  6. Thanks, yes both the Eduard sets are still available 648195 / 648249, but I was more interested in being able to buy a Marineflieger specific Kinetic boxing with all the bits needed/multiple marking options in a box without having to go AM for bits. This first boxing is a good start. From the sources I usually buy from, Marineflieger boxings of the Hasegawa F-104g have been few and far between Hopefully then, this is an improvement on the Hase kit; and Kinetic issue many more boxings.....?
  7. Yes, I already have the Eduard Kormorans, and the Daco set does have Kormoran in it too. Just be good to see the Kinetic boxing with all the bits in it. Not long to wait to see I guess. Kinetic kits have tended to be pretty generous in terms of ordnance provided in many of their kits.
  8. Yeah just saw the pics on the LM page, hopefully some Kormorans in this boxing then.
  9. Pretty much illustrates why certain aircraft are kitted and others aren't doesn't it? [if I am reading Raymond's words correctly]. Welcome news from my point of view, despite have a fair few Hasegawa F-104s and the Daco set, this is a great announcement. Hopefully one of the future Kinetic boxings is a Marineflieger issue, with appropriate weapons etc...one can only wish.
  10. Good news isn't it, as the E boxing has been has been quite hard to track down [at a semi-decent price of late], from the places I usually buy from, in contrast to the F. I would suspect, given Eduard's recent re-boxings, that it will be standard Hasegawa plastic with some brassin wheels, exhausts and a fret or two of p/e, and masks, to go along with the multi-option decals?
  11. My NF 11/13 set arrived late last week, looks to be as advertised, and very usable. The odd little bubble in some of the resin, but nothing fatal. As he freely says on his Ebay page, his product is cottage industry resin, not Aires, Eduard etc. I will pick up his NF.14 set when he gets it out.
  12. Yes, you're right, I too have the earlier Revell FGR2 [04588] rebox, which only has the multi-piece canopy, as does the most recent Hase FGR1 Treble One boxing [07441]. The more recent 07206/8/9 boxings of the J/E/G F-4s, respectively, all have the single canopy option included. Be great if Revell included it though
  13. What are your general thoughts of the kit? The more I look over it, and test fit the main parts together, I think it will be a relatively straight forward build and with some AM wheels, seats etc be a decent model. I am still finding it quite hard to find some useful detail pics of surface details beyond the Monino example. There look to be some inaccurate detailing on some panels, but I guess that is par for the course with Trumpy/Hobbyboss kits isn't it? Overall pretty happy with the kit, and would be interested in your thoughts, Antoine? Aaron
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