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  1. Yeah, I recall reading a post from the owner of Kinetic on a page confirming that 'cleaned up'versions [canopy area?]of existing kits are being released in the Gold boxing line, as the F/A-18 line is now, so this looks to be just a re-box.
  2. I have bought quite a few items from over the last year or two and have always receieved the parts. It has taken quite a while, but they have got through. I know there have been a few health/family issues of late. But in my exprience Alec has delivered in the end. The quality is certainly there.
  3. did a search using Alleycat T7 before I posted too...what do you know..do you want the merge the threads then?
  4. Yep, you can never have too many Meteor kits...
  5. Alleycat Models https://www.alleycatmodels.co.uk/, have provided an update on their website, and a brief mention is made of a forthcoming 1/48 Meteor T7 conversion [amongst some other items]. This is the first I have seen mention of this very welcome conversion set. Anyone on here have any more information about this? I assume the Aifrix F8 kit is the donor kit? Great news regardless, and great to see Alec still developing his product line
  6. So most likely a decal upgrade for the cockpit and those very colourful markings of course? Doubt there would need to be any changes to the plastic.
  7. Spot on Duncan, the other piece of information that also concerns me about WNW's future is the fact that they have not applied for the government wage subsidies available to businesses for 12 weeks of wage relief. Weta Workshops have applied, but unless WNWings [and TAVL] are part of that group of workers, i.e. WETA is the overall employer/they are not separate companies, things do not augur well... I truly hope WNWings are part of the broader WETA company in this context.
  8. I really hope it is just a temporary halt to production, however long that may be, but suspect it may be a while. The temporary halt to trading is hurting many companies across the country, and I imagine the demand to get the economy going again will become an even more pressing [political] factor for our government to reopen 'non-essential' services as will happen when we move back to Level 3 alert.. Hopefully WNW is one of those companies....
  9. Yes, we have been in full lockdown for just over a fortnight now - no-one out and about bar food shopping/medical needs, and essential services. We have just had our second death / 4 million people. Early days really in the crisis, but it does seem to have flattened the curve.....fingers crossed. Lots of modelling time at the moment is a small benefit of the strict lockdown measures
  10. Yes, that would be great too. Good, regardless, to have some up-to-date conversions to supplement the Avionix conversion set.
  11. Those CPU-123 as very welcome, as they have been impossible to get beyond Flightpath up to now [as was the TIALD] I think?
  12. You would think that given the fact that they basically had them all pre-ordered/sold by release date [if that is the case], Eduard would consider another run? I expect GR4 plastic is about to be relatively plentiful soon with the imminent Revell GR4 re-release?
  13. A 1/48 A-4E/F Skyhawk re-release is always good news for us Kiwi-modellers
  14. Yes, me too re. the Hase F-4Es. I hope they start with the earlier/hard wing F-4Es too, save me having to buy another EJ boxing to get a Viet-era F-4E
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