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  1. Good news isn't it, as the E boxing has been has been quite hard to track down [at a semi-decent price of late], from the places I usually buy from, in contrast to the F. I would suspect, given Eduard's recent re-boxings, that it will be standard Hasegawa plastic with some brassin wheels, exhausts and a fret or two of p/e, and masks, to go along with the multi-option decals?
  2. My NF 11/13 set arrived late last week, looks to be as advertised, and very usable. The odd little bubble in some of the resin, but nothing fatal. As he freely says on his Ebay page, his product is cottage industry resin, not Aires, Eduard etc. I will pick up his NF.14 set when he gets it out.
  3. Yes, you're right, I too have the earlier Revell FGR2 [04588] rebox, which only has the multi-piece canopy, as does the most recent Hase FGR1 Treble One boxing [07441]. The more recent 07206/8/9 boxings of the J/E/G F-4s, respectively, all have the single canopy option included. Be great if Revell included it though
  4. What are your general thoughts of the kit? The more I look over it, and test fit the main parts together, I think it will be a relatively straight forward build and with some AM wheels, seats etc be a decent model. I am still finding it quite hard to find some useful detail pics of surface details beyond the Monino example. There look to be some inaccurate detailing on some panels, but I guess that is par for the course with Trumpy/Hobbyboss kits isn't it? Overall pretty happy with the kit, and would be interested in your thoughts, Antoine? Aaron
  5. Yes, the Armory wheels look very nice and a big step up from the kit ones. The other thing I failed to mention was the intakes, which Trumpeter have moulded with about 3cm depth to them, very much like Hasegawa 1/48th Phantom intakes, a pity they aren't a little deeper. From the pics available on the net of Tu-128s, I can see a few unusual access panel lines on the kit, but that may well be due to version differences, prototypes/early models versus later production versions? Exhausts look good to my uneducated eye
  6. Just got my kit today. My initial thoughts: Nice one piece missiles, carefully packaged to preserve the fins. Decals look a little large - at least compared the the Amodel Tu-128 decal set, as do the ejection seats, which look considerably larger/more lounge-like than the 1/72 Neomega KT1 seats [not 100% sure that they should be the same though?] No missile rails provided, and looking again at the Amodel missile rails, and their rather industrial moulding quality, perhaps these will need to be scratch built. Wheels are clearly [unsurprisingly] missing a fair amount of detail also. Otherwise the mouldings all look nice and clean etc...and as someone above has said, it sure looks like a Fiddler Happy with the kit, just wish it was a bit less pricey esp when compared the considerably more complex Trumpy TU-22M2/3 kits, which here in NZ, are not that much more expensive than the Fiddler, at least via one of our main online outlets. Aaron
  7. pretty sure the sdbs are GWH, I am referring to the Aim-120s. Surprised GWH didn't mould its own.
  8. Yes, it's the generic Kinetic GBU/AIM-120/AIM-9 sprue. At least it is the darker grey plastic, the earlier dark yellow plastic Kinetic used in the SUFA boxings was truly awful with horrendous sprue gates. Not sure those AIM-120s and GBUs are quite up to the quality of the actual GWH weapons though. Strange choice from a company [GWH] that usually supplies high quality one-piece weapons?
  9. I watched the Flory review and another on Youtube which compared the sprues individually. Lots of differences in molding approach, and details. The thing that struck me immediately was the difference in the size of some of the decals, with the Trumpy markings being clearly a great deal larger than the comparable Airfix markings. I am sure others will find a great deal more differences, both positive and negative. With three Airfix Sea Vixens in the stash, I think I will wait for the initial price to drop...
  10. Quite good to see this about to be released, as once postage kicks in for the quite weighty [1.8kg] Hobbyboss Su-34 kit, the difference in price to me is 108NZ for the KH vs 183NZ for the HB kit, enough for me to wait and hope???? that the KH is accurate enough for me. Don't really need all the weapons that come with the HB Su-34. Will see.
  11. In the original comment thread, within the Facebook post, Cybermodeller reported that a ZM F-4E/F/G is next 'according to ZM'. I cannot find that comment thread, within the post as it is posted now, but it certainly was there when I shared the FB post to another modelling group two days ago.
  12. Yes, I haven't come across much yet in terms of other's analysis, the only other material online, with some links to started builds is here on LSP http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=66853&page=18
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