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  1. The scheme is a different shade compared to regular AV-8Cs
  2. the scheme is real, here’s the same AV-8C during its service life, the scheme is far darker here however
  3. In 1972 the Sukhoi design bureau began work on another variant of the Su-17, it was known only by its in-house designation S-32MK "гибридный" or hybrid, this mated the wings of the Su-7BMK to the fuselage of the Su-17M. The aircraft first flew in February 1973 piloted by Vladimir Krechetov. The only known photo of the S-32MK to exist in the west, note the large bomb load able to be carried. Also note how the gun blast plates are still installed but the twin NR-30 cannons are not. The S-32MK's fuselage was taken from the new into production Su-17M, for the S-32MK the
  4. ‪I'm a bit of a korea nut, I've studied it in politics and read many books, and after doing some more Korea digging I found Kaechon airbase. With its Mig-19 squadron and What I think to be Cave hangars, what's your opinions on the base and It's hidden hangars??‬ personally I think the bases hangar would be useless in War, a simple bomb at the entrances and the migs are stuck inside. The bases flightline, showing migs being fulled and clear signs of the jets running recently(worn grass) The Flight line is at the top right, with a maintence yard in the b
  5. To be honest I'm not overly bothered on the accuracy, as long as it looks like a fury I'm happy!!!
  6. Sounds good! And yes your right about the card, if it goes wrong just start again.
  7. my mistake.. more rookie forum moments , I'm pretty sure I can manage to scratch build with card... how hard can it be!?
  8. Any ideas as to how he made his wing radiators? I can't quite make it out
  9. Okay guys, so I found this post http://www.modellbaufreunde.ch/index.php?topic=4466.0 it seems to have followed the same route as what I'm planning. If anyone has any other tips based on that forum posts?
  10. Thanks for that sound advice mate, ill bear it in mind when I get round to making my mods. Good luck with it in 48th!!
  11. After getting my Airfix Firefly V kit out and checking the sizes I agree the fly is to narrow. I might however combine a tempest V/VI nose and use the wing radiators from the firefly, and create the chin radiator from a mix of card and mustang parts. For example this LA610 used that exact Idea.
  12. Here's some of my refrence pictures taken from the net. .
  13. Thanks for the advice guys!! I've got some old spare matchbox sabre noses about so I'll see what I can come up with. I might combine parts from a heller tempest V to make areas such as the wings more realistic. And as for the silver and red, I think it suits VP207 but I think mike might end up in the camouflage of LA610 (yes it started out with a griffon and was converted to take the sabre VII)
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