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  1. Thank you very much! The base was pretty straight forward and I think its worth a try.
  2. Hello everyone, this is going to be the final update before the RFI post! Very excited to have finished this one so let's get started. Well, first thing is the decals, I used the fightertown decal set and while very soft they were also brittle, I had a few of the large decals and slime lights crack. They did go into the panel lines very well though so no real issues there. The greatest issue was that these decals were designed for the Revell kit and they were simply to big, mainly the large tail decal and the AJ on the tail. after lots of fighting, blowdrying, decal solution, and p
  3. Hi again everyone. This update will be about painting the prowler. Just like my F-14D I primed it in Mr surfacer Black 1500 and then molted using mr color 1 white. I like this approach on montane aircraft because I think it helps break up the surface well. Next for the main coat I used Mr color 308 for the undersides and stores, 307 for the top and sides, and finally 337 for the wing edges and canopy area. For some reason I really like painting USN TPS schemes, they are very subtle but a great foundation for weathering and will make the white and red on the
  4. I agree, I usually avoid airbrushing Tamiya acrylic clear paint just becauseI never get a nice finish and I prefer lacquers like Mr. color gx 100. I'm sure a felt pen could work well if its sealed after the fact, I also believe Alcalad has a line of clear paints for canopies but I have not used them before and did not want to buy them just for this...
  5. Hi all, Just a quick update for today, this last week I couldn't get much work done due to school projects and some other stuff. I did make some progress mainly with the canopy tinting which I'll cover here. The prowler has some pretty noticeable gold-tinted canopies, this serves as protection for the crew from all the radiation from the ALQ-99 pods. In some pictures the gold tint looks almost opaque and in others its hard to see it at all, so I decided to settle in-between those two. The look I'm trying to achieve Not knowing how t
  6. Thank you and I agree. It will be interesting to see how much 3D printing will change the hobby in the coming years. Hopefully I'll get better at modeling so I can make better use of the 3D printer in the future .
  7. Hello everyone, Picking up where we left off I have gone further along with construction. I cut the wings in half in order to display the kit with wings folded. Apparently the original boxing of this kit came with the wings moulded in halves so no cutting was needed to have them folded, but in later boxings they remolded the wing parts extended with little guidelines to cut. I thought the boxing I had would be an early one with the cut wings but it turned out to be updated. I think its ultimately worth it because I read that the molding on those old parts were pretty bad.
  8. Hi everyone. I've been making some progress, a little slow because of school but nontheless progress. Picking up where I left off, here is a picture of the supports I made to hold the resin tub. The tabs seem to work and I secured it with 5 minute epoxy which should hopefully keep this thing together. Heres the front IP when I was working on it. You can see the radar display is masked so can paint the metal border. I cut small circle of clear green plastic for the screen and it looks pretty good, it can be seen better in the next picture. Once
  9. Funny how that works huh? With everything you get in this kit the price is a steal compared to older kits. Kit goes together like a breeze, I'm sure it would look great. Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, this is my first WIP thread here and its looking like it'll be a big one. Going to be building this with the following Aires ICAP II cockpit Eduard AGM-88B HARM Eduard canopy masks Fightertown decals - VAQ-141 With aid from The Modern Prowler Guide by Jake Melampy I am going to try and challenge myself with this kit, it being my first to use a resin cockpit and I have a few techniques I want to try when it comes to painting and weathering. Every thing together before I dig in.
  11. Hello everyone, I got this kit from a friend for the holidays and it was a joy to build. Here it is built as Israeli Kfir C7 in service around 1990, this kit has many great schemes OOB so one day I might make another one. I would definitely recommend this for a really nice kit. I really enjoyed painting the camouflage, it was a nice break from painting low vis US aircraft. I tried to make a dot filter with brown and white oil paint and I'm not sure how noticeable it is on camera. Any co
  12. Like the others said amazing collection for the year, I especially love the mig-23 and the Yf-23, great job.
  13. They definitely have, really excited to try something challenging this year. Thanks! Yes, Thank you!
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