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  1. WOW. Prehistory is another interest of mine. This is really beautiful and dynamic /Realistic.
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys. Appreciate it. I agree with you guys on the interior green color. I went by the reference photos I saw below. But realized that the green was way off only when I took pictures. Too late for that. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/paris-france-february-2009-interior-panhard-767434369
  3. Kit is Hobbyboss. Relatively easy build with lots of good interior details. But took me a while to build this. Also the chassis halfs had interference issues with the dash board so had to fill and sand a big ugly gap. Let me know how everybody likes it.
  4. Rog. Yes. bottom fuselage (hull?) was a pain and the fitment was bad. I didn't use the beaching gear as I wanted to mount this as a inflight display in my room.
  5. Thank you. The decals were totally fine. No issues.
  6. Adey. I got inspired by your excellent build. Thanks for that.
  7. 1/72 Hasegawa Shinmeiwa PS-1 . It was a very challenging kit to build . The fit was not great and to add to that the raised panel lines were a struggle to keep when you fill and sand. A very big kit. I still cannot get over the size of those four engines and prop size for this giant. They look small and under powered. But again it has its dedicated engine for boundary layer control system a very unique set up. Also the MAD (Magnetic Anaomoly detector) is unique as well.Very interesting aircraft. Hope you guys like it.
  8. Hello All, Recently completed the Amodel 1/72 AN-24 in old Soviet Aeroflot scheme. Decal is from Revaro. Finished model is not that big as compared to other Amodel giants. An-24 must be a small aircraft. Model had some fit issues like most of the Amodel. But nothing major. But Revaro decal was a challenge around the windows and cheat lines. They got the window counts wrong and they don't line up against the clear windows. So had to cut and move to some degree to make it presentable. Now the pictures. 44371650_10217553649456218_4927983623606370304_o by Vivek K, on Flickr 44384996_10217553651696274_6924827109084889088_o by Vivek K, on Flickr 44387817_10217553649776226_7213257080956780544_o by Vivek K, on Flickr 44402481_10217553652496294_7053405476305764352_o by Vivek K, on Flickr 44453016_10217553649576221_2708687216179150848_o by Vivek K, on Flickr 44491729_10217553650736250_6005853229005406208_o by Vivek K, on Flickr 44522645_10217553648656198_2402541152751321088_o by Vivek K, on Flickr 44554486_10217553653496319_8377400798237163520_o by Vivek K, on Flickr 44327516_10217553653776326_7575769680996990976_o by Vivek K, on Flickr Hope you like it.
  9. Great model and base. Love the winter effect on the ground. I built mine some years ago.
  10. Truck kit is Zvezda and the field kitchen is Red Army collection kit. Field kitchen , posters and sunflowers given to me by a good friend. Base is made of foam board and the fences and the sign boards are made of balsa wood weathered with oils. The static grass and other foliage details were added. Paints were cheap poster paints and tamiya acrylics. It took me almost several months to finish this diorama. Hope you guys like it. 37136988_10216797581955003_8052628174611152896_n by Vivek K, on Flickr 37078637_10216797581634995_748663716530094080_o by Vivek K, on Flickr 37182160_10216797575874851_8178171421587931136_o by Vivek K, on Flickr 37249581_10216797632236260_2810770222208778240_o by Vivek K, on Flickr 37259779_10216797576114857_6968168878199275520_o by Vivek K, on Flickr 37262199_10216797631476241_2126291725310754816_o by Vivek K, on Flickr 37131777_10216797632476266_8989804766041210880_n by Vivek K, on Flickr 37078637_10216797581634995_748663716530094080_o by Vivek K, on Flickr Regards Vivek
  11. Thanks . I used the Scen-O-Rama snow you get during Christmas time at art stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels here at US.
  12. Thanks Ken. Also I was aware of the fact that it is a Mi-8MT. But I thought the intake housing and the tail rotor side correction makes it a true 8T? Is that is not correct?
  13. To be honest , it was not meant to be sinister . My intention was to portray just a regular cold day in a remote region where people are boarding the only means of transportation, an Aeroflot Helo. The clothing of the people might be inappropriate for the cold weather , but that was the closest civilian figures I could get. Please see my response to Softscience above. Hope that helps.
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