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  1. Hello. The F-15 in recent years has gotten integration with the sniper targeting pod and subsequently to use the pod, has gotten a new multifunction display that replaces the rwr and moves alot of the gauges on the right side of the cockpit. Has anyone come out with and conversion set for this in 1/72 or will i have to acratch build it all Thanks
  2. Hello, im Ben and im from Washington state in the U.S. Outside of modelling, I am a student pilot looking to join the airforce as a pilot or at least fly something. I have a few years left of schooling before I am going ROTC, but I am excited. For fun, I play games like Warthunder, DCS, and visit museums around here. For me im one of the few younger people in the modeling crowd (turning 18 is august) that doesn't build war hammer although I built some when I was like 12 but they were crappy and thought it wasn't worth it. As of now I mainly build modern and WW2 military aircraft, but I study Modern aircraft a lot more. It's gotten to the point that I could tell people what an aircraft is but looking a part of the instrument panel or glancing at the wing and be able to tell what aircraft it is. My favorite company has to be Airfix, hands down. I love their instructions, the price is good, and the kits themselves are amazing. Plus, humbrol has to be my favorite paint brand as well. Speaking of painting, I solely brush paint. all my models, barring the clear coats i use rattle cans for that. I thought about getting an airbrush at one point but I've gotten used to brush painting that it just wasn't worth it, and you can almost get to the same quality is you know what you are doing. If there is one thing i would say that the Modelling community needs to work on is to not use black basing for everything, especially U.S. modern jets. The reason why I've heard people use it is because of weathering but I find that aircraft don't useually weather like that. The only one I've seen that actually does is the F-14 but most of anything else it's rare to find it in a condition like that. I dont have anything else so see you around the fourms.
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