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  1. Hi Bjorn, I love what you have done with this build. I did a two seater using the Heller kit with plenty of scratch-building as well. I struggled with the faded camouflage scheme and will use your method for my next build. I have included some photos. All the white pieces are the added scratch-built items. Maestro external fuel tanks were used as well. Cheers, Harold
  2. &^$&^#&*@)$@ that sucks. I was watching and admiring your build.
  3. Hi Andre, Thanks. I used Model Master 34079 Dark Green lightened with a bit of yellow. The panel line outlines were straight 34079 Dark Green. Harold
  4. Here is my recent early Danish TF-35 Draken using the Heller kit and plenty of scratch building. Here is the link to some of the photos. https://www.flickr.com/photos/190745661@N03/with/50518821537/ Cheers, Harold
  5. Hi Alan,


    What might the total be with shipping to Canada for the Foxhound package?


    Thanks, Harold

  6. AWESOME!! Please produce the later versions as well as they are really needed in 1/72 scale. Harold
  7. Hi, Nice work on the Mig. What colour did you use for the grey and is this the "Tipnis grey" version? Thanks, Harold
  8. In short, brilliant photos.
  9. haroldk

    Indian Jaguars.

    Hi, Anyone know a close colour match for the Tipnis grey colour for majority of Indian Air Force Fighters? Thanks, Harold
  10. Hello, I am building an Indian Air Force Jaguar IM kit in 1/72. What I am after is the colour called Tipnis grey. I had a gent on another forum respond and says its close to Humbrol Hu127 and FS36275. Problem is I cannot find an FS 36275. I have a FS 36375, but am not 100% sure if it was a typo. I have access to Model Master, Vallejo, Tamiya, Mr. Color paints as well as a few more. Thanks in advance for any tips. Harold Vancouver, Canada
  11. Hi All, A friend of mine sent me a link to the Trumpeter Tu-128UT sprue shots. Unfortunately they only included the raked tail instead of the straight one for the later production version Tu-128UT and denies us (As Flankerman was hoping) of being able to cross kit the two for a later model Tu-128M. Hopefully an aftermarket company will take up the challenge of developing/supplying a straight tail. Scroll down the link for sprue shots. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2019/05/colours-box-art-and-finally-sprues-for.html Cheers, Harold
  12. Hi Ken, Would you happen to know the bort numbers (and colours) of the early Tu-128M with the raked tail? I could not find any in my references. Cheers, Harold
  13. Hi Ken, Scroll down on this link and you can see the sprue shots. Unfortunately they only have the raked tail. Either graft the Amodel tail or some scratch building or better yet an aftermarket tail made by Quickboost, Aires, Armoury, etc., to make a Tu-128M or production version of the Tu-128UT. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2019/05/colours-box-art-and-finally-sprues-for.html Cheers, Harold
  14. I too was wondering about the need for the aftermarket Tempmodels nose as described a couple posts above. Can anyone verify that this is required for accuracy? Cheers, Harold
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