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  1. Hello, it's a very slow model time for me... Hopefully it will pick up soon. I've done a little work on my HB Su-34, and my A-Model 1/72 Mi-10.
  2. I bought the SAC replacements for my GWH F-15C and they were weaker than the already weak kit ones. I couldn't use them. I ended up drilling out the strut and inserting a pin. I would also go G-factor. I won't et SAC gear again basses on this.
  3. Yes. I think I believe that it's only a matter of time before we get even more Flanker variants.
  4. OK, so after a long break, I am going to make an update. I'm almost finishing another model for a full build review and hopefully I should get back to the old Su-33 again. since last post I have made some progress... there was quite the gap in the canopy rails where the sidewalls meet. next it the intakes went on... the fuselage required LOT of clamping and tape and still needs a bit of work. Hopefully I will get some more work done soon as I would like to have this one contest ready by March of 2018. hopefully it DOES
  5. There is a flanker GB? Oh in must join! And yes a flanker Addiction indeed. These are good times for us with so many new kits coming out.
  6. I actually have both, and the HB Su-27"B" (yes I know the suffer thing ) I also have the Academy single seat one that I want to make a What-if USAF one. I have the Kinetic Su-33 and that's the only canard Sukhoi (aside from the Su-34) I have so far. I plan on skipping the Kitty Hawk Su-35 and waiting for the GWH one.
  7. You know I was thinking that I might be able to make a canard Su-30. I have the Academy Su-30MKK kit, most of the rest is already included in the new academy plastic. The SOL conversation is a bit rough in a lot of the parts, I never really looked at it too close and it's kind of rough, lots of warping, mold defects and pinholes
  8. So I have the SOL 1/48 Su-35/37 conversation kit for Academy. I also have an Academy flanker I can use... so with all the new flanker kits and various types out now including my much stalled Su-33 kit(I know I need to finish it) is this conversation even worth it? It seems to be the only other way to get a canard equipped Flanker other than the Su-33. The new Su-35 kits are of the newer version without canards. So even with the shortcomings of the Academy kit, is it even worth it anymore or should I sell it off? Opinions? Comments? Thanks!
  9. ambitious project!!! Almost makes me want to break out My Aeroclub Monster I have in cold storage.... maybe this it the year???
  10. that's amazing, do you plan on using the Revell AN-124 for the rest?
  11. I got my Eduard PE set in to replace my mangled intake FOD screens, the kit parts are really thin and as you can see in my previous posts I messed them up. Eduard's set are fine mesh as well and see through. replacment installed. Much better, the small dents in the front and sides are ever so slight, the light makes them stand out more then they really do.
  12. Very nice work. I just got this kit and all the accessories... I hope I do as good a job.
  13. are you planning to put someone on top? that would be awesome!!!!!
  14. actually the best ones I found were on the US NAVY website, I saved them when I tried to do a 1/48 SH-60B, when I started working down at the plant, but that was a while ago and I don't know where I put them, I'm sure they are still out there, they showed a bunch of sailors working on the aircraft. I wish I was allowed to take pictures at the plant but I can't share anything from there, its strictly prohibited.
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