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  1. Mike

    Revell Victor... Just how bad is it?

  2. Mike

    Revell Victor... Just how bad is it?

    Used to ride too til my health got the better of me
  3. Mike

    Revell Victor... Just how bad is it?

    it's Mike What was found was 1 x Franken-Victor kit, one Flightpath set with intakes and PE. Dunno where the rest of the two kits went, but I have one that's all manner of colours, made up of Matchbox wings & ancillaries, and Revell fuselage halves. Like I said in PMs, I'll weigh 'em up and get it booked shortlyish.
  4. Mike

    Revell Victor... Just how bad is it?

    I'm also now seriously upset, as I've got to move a ton of stuff from in front of the cupboard I keep the kit in!
  5. Mike

    Revell Victor... Just how bad is it?

  6. Why thank ya kind sir! <twirls parasol>
  7. Mike

    Revell Victor... Just how bad is it?

    Get it by her thusly. Tell her that a nice gentleman in Britmodeller is giving you a free Revel Victor with Flightpath set, and all you have to do is pay the postage. Drop me a PM and we'll sort it out
  8. Mike

    Revell Victor... Just how bad is it?

    Can we all just calm down a bit? It's just an old model, and people can have different opinions from each other - that's inevitable, and also just fine. How they express them here however is important. Polite and respectful is key, or things get a little difficult for those with poor manners.
  9. I'd have a look at the instructions of your first one and get what you definitely need, and then add white and black to that if they're not included. Build your selection as you move onto the next model using that method, and you should end up with a decent range by the time you're half a dozen models in. The only difference would be if you're buying them online, in which case you should factor in postage, and then maybe buy a couple of model's worth of colours.
  10. Mike

    Hello from South Carolina

    Hi Jon, and aboard - sorry to hear about your health concerns, but it sounds like you're developing the right attitude
  11. Get two and solve yourself the dilemma!
  12. Mike

    Validating Queue Delays

    Blinked again! Another page (and a bit) of new members that should be able to post now
  13. Not sure. I'll play it by ear, as it's a different size than the other one, and it's a lot less wet with uncured resin than the Cant. I'll probably get busy with reviews and finishing off my Me. 262 as well, so the days will fly by
  14. This little beauty from http://www.printedplanes.co.uk in 300mm variant. Oh my, I'm so excited! There's another pic and a bit of jibber-jabber from me in the Cant thread.