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  1. Mike

    1/48 Me 262 - White 22

    Nice work Julien - still reckon you should have snapped off the gear leg though
  2. Mike

    What have you purchased / been gifted

    Closing this down due to it exceeding the "40 pages for a chat thread" rule
  3. Mike

    Me.262A-2/U2 Almost OOB 1:48

    I gave up last night and uploaded it this morning instead
  4. Mike

    Me.262A-2/U2 Almost OOB 1:48

    Sorry 'bout that - I put 23gb of files in the download queue before I realised I needed to upload the pic
  5. Mike


    aboard Jason - Gorby's right about what he says about selling your model. eBay can be a useful tool to let the kit find its natural value (sometimes this doesn't work due to lack of bidders), and the guys here tend to pay sensible money for kits, without going "red mist" like eBay encourages. Or... you could just build it?
  6. Mike

    Me.262A-2/U2 Almost OOB 1:48

    The seatbelts from HGW arrived today! Got them made up in about an hour, and they were less fiddly than I remember, but I'd definitely recommend two pairs of tweezers to accomplish the task with the least stress I glued them in place, and they are IMHO simply the best seatbelts you can buy in the modelling world today, well worth both the effort and the expense, the latter being about the same as a pair of PE belts, so it's really just more effort in the end. Here's a quick pic of the results: I've got the cockpit glued into one half of the fuselage, with the other half taped in place to make sure it stays aligned. I've also put the gunsight on the IP and touched up that missing bit of paint. The engine nacelles are underway, with some primer on the internal parts, ready for some burned up metal at the rear and RLM02 and shinies at the front Progress should be quite rapid once the fuselage is sealed up, which may happen today.
  7. Mike

    Thefts from Shows

    Ok, before everyone starts lighting their torches and heading off to the shed for their pitchforks, can we just tone it down a bit please? It's a Public Service Announcement, not a call to arms to the villagers
  8. Mike

    laptop cleaning

    IPA is isopropyl Alcohol, but you can tell that by hovering your mouse over any dotted underlined words on the forum. It'll help you understand some of the more obscure acronyms
  9. Mike

    Taigen Panther G 1:16

    Yep - pretty impressive overall, and thanks for sharing it. Maybe it'll encourage me to get my Jagdpanther out soon
  10. Mike

    Hello from Brisbane

    To the fold from the other side of the planet
  11. Mike

    Antares 1/48th Me-262 V1 (Stage I) - new update

    Coming along nicely - I've just noticed that the inner wing panels aren't swept, which makes the prospect of a conversion just that bit trickier Nice scratching of the under-nose bit though
  12. Mike

    Me.262A-2/U2 Almost OOB 1:48

    I did a bit of detail painting today, after adding all the wiring I'd oiriginally intended to do, but subsequently forgot. It all turned out ok in the end, and now I just need to pick out some of the pilot's controls in the appropriate colours before I can finish it off. I've also got to fit the gunsight, even if it may not have been installed in an unarmed airframe :shrug: Here are the fuselage sides: A quick squint at the cockpit (I need to touch-in the top of the IP) and bomb-aimer's station: ...and finally the superb Eduard resin wheels. Why not?
  13. Mike

    “500 Server Extistensial Crisis”

    Is "silent mode" when they jettison the blades & rely on momentum to bring them to the target? Not silent for long
  14. Mike

    laptop cleaning

    Still can if you get a clicky mechanical keyboard. I love mine, and even if you splash paint on the keys you can just buy new key caps. If you really make a mess (or have a faulty switch like I had), you can dismantle it and install a replacement key switch if you're not scared of soldering Wouldn't go back to membrane keyboards now :snob:
  15. You never take the easy way out, do ya Rich? keep up the good work