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  1. Yes, the wheel wells are dissipointment. There are detail sets you can buy, either from eduard PE or aires? resin.
  2. Good to know. I maybe it was painted over?
  3. Thanks! Haven't been on britmodeler for a while.
  4. German Armour

    He 219 Uhu

    Hey all! Received the Tamiya 1/48 He 219 for Christmas! Wondering if anyone would have any info and ideas for references and aftermarket. I'm possibly looking at doing a bit of scratch building on the kit. Maybe the rear radar area. Would probably have to cut out the panel and put a clear glass, I don't have any books showing the compartment. Any ideas would be appreciated!!
  5. My avatar is of my favorite tank of WWII, Panther V, the name, what I prefer to build. And if you want to find me on other forums My name on tapatalk forums Panther Ausf.G now Mark.O
  6. I have the miniart beute Su-85. So you could put me down as tentative.
  7. Very cool and looking forward to seeing how it turns out! The ships name is of my province capital.
  8. And, something cool, guess what superglue debonder is made out of??
  9. Also, from looking around the internet, how would acetone be? It says to test it on the plastic to see if it doesn't damage the surface 1st.
  10. No, but it's in a bad spot, in the corner on the front, between the metal hull and the little curved piece.
  11. Here's a question for you all, what do you use for removing extra superglue? I was a little to generous with the stuff and now need to remove the squish-out.
  12. Yes, started it 2 days ago, right now am finishing glueing up the hull. next is adding the stowage to it.
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