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  1. I wonder is this kit could be kit bashed together with the 21st Century D9? I have the D9 JV44 and the details are a lot worse then what I see here. cheers Uwe
  2. Hello Old threat I know...sorry! I am after the camera parts of the recce G10. If you still have either the parts or the kit and would like to get rid of it, please contact me. thanks Uwe
  3. Sold out! Anybody here who has set for sale or knows a dealer who has some left? thanks Uwe
  4. Hello all Not sure if a general BF109 discussion thread already exists, if it does please delete this one. I just came over from reading in the Eduard model thread on the rumor board... Ok, I will start. I currently have three 109s on the bench, all 1/48. Eduard F-4, Zvezda F-4 and the 1999 Hasegawa G-10. I also bought another Revell G-10 just for the decals...and maybe I will use all those left over parts of the other kits to beef it up a bit. Eduard and Hasegawa are in a stage where painting is about to start. So a couple of questions right away. The Eduard kit should become W.Nr.8673, Marseille's last F before getting a G2. (Lifelike Decals) Being an early but remanufactured bird I am not sure if the Edaurd kit is even correct here. G-Type prop, no problem. But what about the seat and the wing tip lights? 8673 on pictures shows the outside re-enforcments on the tail that the F-2 also got. Does this indicate a re-worked F-2 frame that was brought to F-4 standard? Do I need the early seat and wing tip lights here? If yes I will have to use the Zvezda kit for those decals since it provides those "old" features. On to Hasegawa's G-10. A nice model with the already known slight issues...It is from what I can tell a late Regensburg G-10(?). My original plan to use the very nice Revell decals for it but it turns out that W.Nr. 151035 is an early Erla (?) If this is correct the Hasegawa kit has the wrong cowling and also (?) the wrong, late, wing bulges and too big tyres. Is that assumption correct? I got this info from the very nice book from Krzysztof W. Wolowski on the late 109 camos and markings... So by the looks of it Revell has not done good research since their G-10 is also a late non-Erla one... I hope to receive a lot of postive feedback here... thanks Uwe PS: Feel free to also discuss the 1/32 109s...I have 5 of them in my stash. Revell G4 (Hase), G6, G10 and K4 (Hase) and also the first edition Hasegawa G14 Hartmann winter....
  5. Good news! I am all up for another Tomcat! The only thing that worries me is the distribution of the kit. In Germany it took 5 months to get the "new" Kfir in 1/48 and there is only one dealer who has them! Martin, has AMK thought about direct marketing ala Wing Nut Wings? thanks Uwe
  6. Hello I was pointed at this thread by a gentleman of the Airlinercafe forum. I have only recently started my first Airliner kit in 40+ years. I normally do 1/48 scale birds and sometimes ships in 1/350 or so... My 747-100 is progressing slowly...and I also developed a strong itch for a 737. I picked exactly the same LH delivery scheme. I have an Airfix kit arriving and the decals ordered this morning. A question though...how big are those plugs that need to be removed from the fuselage? I expect the kit to arrive soon and a, looking fwd to some nice poly carving and cutting. I am tempted to also get the Daco bird but the shipping from Belgium is a bit steep...maybe next month! ;-) cheers Uwe
  7. anj4de

    Revell KLM 747-400 1:144

    Helllo all Thanks for the last picture. I am very tempted in getting the "Ed Force One" and those building tip come in very handy. thanks Uwe
  8. anj4de

    Space Shuttle Payload 1/72

    Hubble in 1/144 https://www.shapeways.com/product/Q73GTHGJV/012b-hubble-space-telescope-1-144?optionId=56539004 https://www.shapeways.com/product/4BDM8PYNV/012a-hubble-stowed-1-144?optionId=60964877 cheers Uwe
  9. anj4de

    Space Shuttle Payload 1/72

    Hi Alan That Harmony module looks really nice. Do you have the chance to make a resin copy of it? Getting a small series produced would help compensate the high "prototype" costs. I have a 1/72 Monogram orbitor that also needs payload. The Shapeways NI rendvous adapter looks also nice and is price wise still within the limits. STS-120 is a very cool mission...it was so far the first and only time that both space crafts, the shuttle and ISS, were commanded by women at the same time! I like that...it shows that there is no difference in the flying business between the two genders. Carry on ladies...:-) I also have a 1/100 Tamiya in the works...as STS-114! For that one I am still looking for the ESP-2 module, the rest of the payload is already in the box. cheers Uwe
  10. Thanks... I do have the Eduard wheels and exhaust nozzles...the wheels are excellent and an improvement over the kit wheels, the nozzles not so much though. They have a rather small opening compared to the kit ones and compared to the super nice Aires ones for the Hasegawa kit they look toyish. The Aires nozzles are too small for the ZM kit though. The ZM Cockpit PE set is actually being made by Eduard...but unfortunately not offered by them so far. Maybe in the future?
  11. Thx...I tried ordering them there but cannot register as a customer since they do not have Germany/Europe as an option in their address fields! The American " The Earth ends at the Atlantic/Pacific Coast" symdrom? ;-) cheers Uwe
  12. Hi there Does anybody know of a source for the ZM PE cockpit set for the -J/S ? I have not found a shop yet who sells it! Would have been nice, had it been part of the kit though... thanks Uwe
  13. On a kit in that price range I would expect the engineer to think about an easy way to attach the elevators in various positions! And having the opening for the "steps" open and provide a piece to close them would have also not cost a fortune. It's the little things that differentiate top notch from just good! The kit is good...I agree to that...but it's not up to the hipe that was made about it when it was first released! Those are my observations, my opinions...and thats all. Fell free to have a different opinion of course. Uwe
  14. My -S has arrived late last week. First observations are good but not perfect. Apart from the already discussed fuselage issue...the detailes are great. Fit is very good in most places. Engineering well...not so good! They provide the extended nose gear but to get the elevatores in take off position you have to seriously butcher the fuselage! Same if you want to install the boarding ladder. The plastic is very soft and the sprue attechment points are a pain in the a..! The slats inboard are only to be mounted extended, no mentining in the instructions how to close them (easy if you know Phantoms) which would be the rule for 99% of the planes when on the ground. Instructions in general are rather chaotic IMHO. As a summary...best Phantom in 48 so far but there is room for improvement. (Tamiya, do you read?) cheers Uwe
  15. Wow...great job! I did not even know that kit existed untiol I saw on on E-Bay 10min ago...then googled it and found yours! Again...great job. cheers Uwe