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  1. Hi Just received this set last week, excellent! Any chance you will expand it so that a G-10 (non Erla) can also be built? And btw...PLEASE re-release your G-10 Erla set...PLEASE!!! cheers Uwe
  2. https://www.ebay.de/itm/EDUARD-82147-Focke-Wulf-Fw190A-8-in-1-48-ProfiPACK/312538619480?epid=12030737911&hash=item48c4c0de58:g:m-AAAOSw3qVclJ45&frcectupt=true I buy a lot from that guy... cheers Uwe
  3. In my opinion the WE editions are not he best deal. If you do not like the decals you have to buy extra, masks are extra cost and PE is nice to have even though not required...apart from the seat belts. With the cost of 25EUR for the Profi Pack I think this is the better deal...
  4. Hello all The kit arrived today. Here are some pics of what I found to be the "new" bits of this release. The wings now have the standard 20mm outboard cannons and related details. Small PE parts are included for an option, I think it's the cover plate that on the R2 version has the shell exausts for the 30mm MK108. See pics... The decals look good as always. K├Âlle Alaf red 19 can be build in both options, with and without red fuselage band. The JG5 "Eismeer" crest is included in three differnt versions. I also like the JG4 version even though my sklills will most likely not allow to mask and paint the fuselage band, the very thin piping left and right would be very challanging. I guess that's it...really. Again you will get a huge amout of spare parts and with aftermarket decals this boxing allows everything from a A-5 heavy to an A-9 since I believe the bigger front armor ring of the A-9 would not be vissible in 1/48. cheers Uwe
  5. Thanks a lot...yes, they are there at the very end of the pdf. The JG300 Neubiberg version of the box art suits me just fine, I was growing up right next to that airfield. Meanwhile it's a housing area, at least some of it. I wonder if all those birds that were collected at Neubiberg at war's end were scrapped and taken away or rather burried. I have head nothing of any being found when the houses were built there... cheers Uwe
  6. Hello all The new Eduard 1/48 FW190A-8 is available over here now. I just placed my order, to be delivered on the 26th of March. Going throuh the sprues of all "new tool" Butcher Birds now I think we now have everything in one box or the other for all versions from the A-2 to A-9? I guess the new A-8 kit will have the wings with the standard 20mm outboard guns...which were missing on the A8/R2 that came with the Reichverteidigungs Pack. So now also the A-6 and A-7 are possible. Here is the new box art...very nice IMHO. Does anybody know anything about the 5 decal options already? Eduard's web page is not showing the kit yet...it seems though that some German dealers got the delivery earlier as expected... cheers Uwe
  7. NNT Modells does not have those tones anymore and is about to cancel the whole line due to shortage in demand...
  8. Hello all I have already read through some of the Zero stuff here and there but still would like to get some proffesional advise for my next zero project. I have bought the 1/32 A6M2 Zero from Tamiya...I already have built the A6M5 about 15 years ago...it came out ok but not to what I would like to see today... So what do I want...a Nakajima build A6M2 with the later ailerons without the external weights, painted with WE enemals, here AC J17 Ame-iro. I was able to get two tins here in Germany via a Dutch dealer... I would also like to portray an early, good condition, Nakajima before they got the white border around the fuselage sun and without the yellow leding edges on the wings. So what am I looking for? Pictures first of all... ...and then data from when on Nakajima produced Zeros. I understand that for the Hawaiian campaign only Mitsubishi planes were used...since Nakajima at that time had not build any? What about the Aleutians raids, where Nakajimas already used there...or at Midway a few weeks later? Any advise and documentation is highly appriciated. thanks a lot Uwe
  9. I was able to order the WEM paints...from a shop in Holland! Once they arrive I can carry on with my little 48scale A6M3...and hopefulls soon with the big Tamija A6M2. From the later I want an early Nakajima bird in that beautiful amber/curry color that the Rufe model futher up has. ACJ17 from WEM paints. Looking for a suitable bird, anybody got some pics? Preferably a carrier plane, maybe during the Santa Cruz battle? cheers Uwe
  10. ...seeing this I get very tempted to order me an MDC set, I already have the new Tempest series2 here but always liked the Tempest II better. I also have a Sea Fury in my stash... cheers Uwe
  11. I wonder if that conversion kit fits the new Eduard Tempest as well? MDC seems to still carry it... cheers Uwe
  12. ..."With unit markings they are unlikely to be new."... What do you mean...unit markings were only put on after a certain grade of weathering has been achieved? That's for sure not right. The yellow belly...maybe. Was that applied at unit level together with a top camo in green? Must be since if they were factory applied Nakajima paint jobs you would still see the demarkation going up to the horizontal stabalizor. The birds further back apear lighter again, right. Could be older ones like the one in the front. It would be interesting to find out the unit, maybe that leads to a more precise time window which again might rule out or confirm a newish Nakajima amber paint job... Looking at what is currently is "the word" on Zero colors, second picture down in the link provided, the difference between the Nakka Zero and sample 16 for a Mitsubishi bird, it is clear that a faded Mitsubishi next to a newish Nakajima would be quite a contrast. http://j-aircraft.com/research/gregspringer/wem-review/wem-review.htm cheers Uwe
  13. I desperately need some of your paint...but I live in Germany and the German distributor you mention seems to want to get out of the paint business since the demand seems to be in no relation to getting the paint over from the UK! What's the issue with just packing the stuff up and sending it over...I mean paints from Japan are also available here as is xtra color and Humbrol. Currently I need the two Japaneese Navy paints ACJ16 and ACJ17...wouldn't mind the bigger bottles... thanks Uwe
  14. I do not think so...since the white surrounded sun is a typical Nakajima sign...but Nakajima birds had the demarkation between the green and the gray going up to the rear stabalizer which would have been very visible even with this kind of picture quality. Also, at least to me, it would be new that A6M2s came off the assembly line in two colors already (?) . Look at the hood, they are difinitely A6M2s... I have run the picture through an "auto enhancer" and it got better to a point where it is clear that they have only one color all around. On the first darker bird you can also make out the differently colored aileron...which in green would be not nearly as clear. In my opinion those are new Nakajima birds in fresh Amber brown and an older, faded, Mitsubishi one... cheeers Uwe
  15. Hello all Getting ready for my 1/32 A6M2...and the color is of course a big issue... I have read a lot about the latest findings and now tend to using the WEM paints, I have been using them for ships already and like them. Yesterday I found a picture on the web which I think shows a bunch of new Nakajima A6M2 Zeros next to one (faded one?) from Mitsubishi. Even though only b/w the contrast between the two is very strong and I think clearly proves the Nakajima darker amber brownish color that AJC17 represents... I would love to hear what the experst say. cheers Uwe
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