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  1. Yes, the main decal sheet is made by Cartograf...super good print and high gloss as we like it. The sheet seems to be also availabe in the wet transfer version but only to members of a certain Eduard club...:-( cheers Uwe
  2. Hi I received mine this morning...bought at a bargin price off E-Bay. The kit is simply great, just reading the instructions and the detailed descriptions of the decal versions makes it almost worth the money. The decal sheet is breath taking. Lot's of spare parts for other projects come as a bonus...thinking of Tamiya and Trimaster mold kits...One thing you have not shown in your review though is the beautiful poster that is included! The artist, Piotr Forkasiewics, is a real pro and has his own web page. Here is the poster for the kit and the link on Piotr's page to it. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/gkr3x https://www.peterfor.com/ cheers Uwe
  3. Hi I have a few of those Trimaster, Dragon, Italeri, Revell 190s, all very nice kits from the same molds, and I remember very well how hysterical we got when the Trimasters first showed up in the late 80ties (yes, I am that old), but in comparison to the new Eduard 190 family they are from lightyears ago. Also the fit was never good and it did not get better with the molds wearing out. After Trimaster there was Tamiya, a nice kit with the well known LG issue, then the newer Hasegawa versions which I still like very much...if they were not soo bloddy expensive, but now with the new Eduard family, that are also rather cheap in comparison, I think we can stick to one brand which provides it all. I hope they will re-do their -Ds as well even though the Hobbyboss 190D-9 is a very nice kit IMHO...and also very cheap! cheers Uwe
  4. Being from Germany...I really do not care! I simply buy my kits abroad or (the bad boy I am) I order full swastika sheets aftermarket! cheers Uwe
  5. Hello all Just wanted to share quickly what I was onto today. I wanted a FW190A-4/trop but did not have the drive yet to buy the super nice but rather expensive Deluxe set of the early Würgers. So I got myself the A-4 in the WE edition (14EUR+shipping) and a Quickboost trop cowling. This cowling was made for the old Eduard kits, the ones with the full engines and the thick tail. The biggest issue is to get the engine parts of the new kit that are normally glued into the fuselage halfs to fit into the one piece and rather thick Quickboost cowling. I had to cut the engine down all the way to the cylinder heads to achive a fit. Glued in with lots of CA glue and adjusted with the fan wheel part it worked out ok. On the lower wing all the support structure for the lower cowling part have to be removed, it does not fit into the Quickboost cowling. The cowling itself required some minor sanding here and there. Worst part was that the Quickboost cowling is almost circular (are the old kits like that?) and hence was too wide but not high enough. I installed a spreader from sprue inside and under hot water the cowling allowed getting squeezed a bit unti it did fit. Here are some pics of the bird so far... With my usual luck Eduard will come up with a trop version as a stand alone kit very soon which will make this surgery obsolete but until then... I am now after some decals, the trop filter birds were rather rare it seems. cheers Uwe
  6. Hi The fuselage pics show an A-2/3...look at the top of the tail! Is that really what came in your box? cheers Uwe
  7. Hello Mike This is a great build report! I have a new Eduard A5 in the works right now...and some more 190s! I wonder if you managed to finish the "trop" bird by now? cheers Uwe
  8. anj4de

    1/48 Zoukei Mura Ta152H

    Hello... That is a very nice build I have to say...but it made me even more happy to not have ordered a ZM kit. In stead I got a Dragon one 2nd hand for cheap money to acompany the Italerie one I started 15 years ago and only recently started working on again. cheers Uwe ...who is also not too fond on ZM's F-4 ind 1/48...
  9. anj4de

    FW-190A Adolf Galland 1944

    The book is a great read, lot's of internals about the higher levels in the RLM, but also great 1st level flighing stories... cheers Uwe https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07K8VLPHZ/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1
  10. anj4de

    ICM Ju 88 A-5 issues at a glance

    Hello all ..."but reportedly the announced Revell Germany re-issue will have revised parts"... Here are some pics of the sprue in question (?)...this is Revell's A4 model that I bought a week ago. Since I am no JU88 expert it would be nice if those who are could comment and if needed point out issues and the solution thanks Uwe
  11. anj4de

    FW-190A Adolf Galland 1944

    Hello everybody I am after infos on the FW190s that General Galland was flying while on duty as General der Jagdflieger in the RLM. I have read his book "Die Ersten und die Letzten" and in it he mentions that during this time he had an "Alarm Rotte" at an Airfield (Tempelhof?) and when the sirens were going off, rather often he and his adjudant would jump in a car to the airport to go for a hunt! His kill credits also listen two "unconfirmed" B-17 kills in 1944. I have the pictures of his A-6 that he used durning 1943 for these inspection trip(s) (white 2 ) but I wonder if there are any sources that give us details about the 1944 bird(s)? I have a Hasegawa A-6 in 1/48 under construction and I am also looking for decals for " white 2"...mine is the Sturmstaffel version. thanks a lot Uwe
  12. anj4de

    Ju-88A-4 WWII Axis Bomber - 1:48 ICM

    Hi I have read that the new Revell a-4 which is also the ICM kit has reworked engine fronts and bulges? I wonder if really Revell re-did something or if this just relates to the new sprue with the broader A4 props...which has new engine frionts as it looks. Does anybody have comparison pics of the new Revell kit lay out? thanks Uwe
  13. I wonder is this kit could be kit bashed together with the 21st Century D9? I have the D9 JV44 and the details are a lot worse then what I see here. cheers Uwe
  14. Hello Old threat I know...sorry! I am after the camera parts of the recce G10. If you still have either the parts or the kit and would like to get rid of it, please contact me. thanks Uwe
  15. Sold out! Anybody here who has set for sale or knows a dealer who has some left? thanks Uwe