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  1. Worth the decal sheet...I still have three Monogram Tomact kits in the basement... cheers Uwe
  2. ...Childhood memories...the original came in white plastic and a VF-1 box art.
  3. Hi Mike A question about the decals, please. Are those also wet transfers as the ones shown in the videos about the "the view" boxing. I have the kit but can't tell. The carrier film of the stencil page definitely seems thinner then on the main sheet. thanks Uwe
  4. Hello all I am on the finishing run of my Airfix 1/48 Mk. IIa, which is P8522 RF W from 303 Sqn. I have used decals from Xtra Decals. Now the decal sheet shows 8522 as having the blunt spinner, wider blades and already fishtail exausts. can someone confirm this? Any pictures of th ereal bird around? Couldn't find any... thanks Uwe
  5. 33EUR...I can get a Italerie -5 for that and still have parts left...
  6. I am actually after the same thing and I wonder if the Italerie SBD-5 could be back dated to a SBD-3 easily. I am far from a Dauntless expert, the last one I built was the 32scale Maybox one...when it was originally released. thanks Uwe PS: AM SBD-3s are hard to find...I only got a SBD-1 recently...
  7. Hello Jack Thanks a lot, I will correct that and rememebr it going fwd with the other builds... cheers Uwe
  8. Some pics of the progress...it always shocks me to see faults in high res pictures that the naked eye can't see and even with glasses, that I need anyway, they are almost not detectable... cheers Uwe
  9. Thanks again for the info...and yes, I have other Spitfires in the making. The right one is the new Tamiya Mk.1 and it is causing me trouble right now. Put the gloss on Friday, still not fully dry. I used enamel gloss, shouldn't have done that I guess. Next time Tamiya X22 again...
  10. Thanks a lot for the explanation and especially for the pics! Since I have multible Spitfires in various stages on the assenbly line this info comes in very handy! So my Eduard Mk.VIII will be all green inside. The picture of the Mk IIa in flight is the absolute burner... thanks Uwe
  11. Hello all I have a question around the demarcation between the green and the silver in the back of the cockpit. Some sources say the silver started right behind the seat bulk head, others state that it only started after the rear cockpit window. Hence kit producers also give different paint instructions. is there a general rule which version has waht, where they all the same, and giudelines? thanks Uwe
  12. Hello all No need to tear the kit apart, this was never my intension. It is very much buildable and has very ok detail! I now have the basic construction together and it will be one great looking Spitfire, I am sure. I just wanted to point out some of the issues that could have easily prevented by using a bit more brain and QC. The Xtra decals came in Friday...mine will be an FR Mk. XVIII of 208 squadron in Egypt 1949... cheers Uwe
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