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  1. Weathering based on photo of this aircraft plus 90% of the other silver Tempest photos. thanks anyway
  2. I have never said this model was 'in action' anywhere in my introduction but No 3 Sqn were up getting dirty over the firing ranges of what became West Germany on a regular bases as they were 'heavily involved' for 1 year perfecting the use of the Tempest as a platform for delivering RP. I tried to get the No.3 Sqn daily record of events log from the National achieves in the UK but it is only available up to the end of 1945 at the moment. High Speed Silver Tempests started to appear as early as the beginning of 1946 - not 1947 but yes No. 3 Sqn received them like this in 1947 but the majority
  3. The silver was pre-shaded in Mr Paint RLM 81 being the only medium brown from Mr Paint that I had! Artist oil paint Raw umber was seeped into the working panels/control surfaces followed by some black only in a few places so as not to over-power it in 1/48. Some Florys grime was added to places but most of it removed and some AK dark earth dust applied to the wheels. The exhausts are black primer then Alclad Jet Exhaust then AK exhaust stain
  4. Thanks everyone, Is that Alclad II? Nice finish! No it is Mr Paint Silver representing RAF High Speed Silver Thanks John
  5. Last years Christmas present finished! 1/48 Eduard Hawker Tempest of No. 3 Sqn RAF flown by Sqn Ldr Charles H. Macfie, late 1947, Germany. Thanks for looking
  6. And so my Hasegawa 1/32 Fw 190 D-9 is finished representing Red 1 of JV 44's protection flight and flown by the the Staffel Kapitan Lt. Heinz "Heino" Sachsenberg (104 victories). The models was finished in Mr Paint RLM colours which were a joy to use and the decals were by EagleCals. This model was supposed to be a straight from the box quick build a year ago - but instead became a money magnet! After market sets used were the following Quickboost props Quickboost Super-charger intake Quickboost exhausts Aires cockpit Aires main gear bay Barracuda wheels Eduard canopy mask
  7. Hi there - photos are always the key in modelling - you can find photos of many Sea Furies loaded up with rockets with wings folded if it is just before a mission on the flight deck. I agree with you and would personally never model a subject bombed up with lots of maintenance going on and panels off everywhere - it is a bug bear of mine but each to his/her own as they say. The Sea Fury could also have wings folded with 250 lb bombs on the racks but you never see this in practice
  8. Hi guys and thanks - I do not think I have ever had such a response to something I have posted! Anyway a few questions were asked and I will try to answer them! First - thanks for nice comments about the paint work - I assure you the camera is lying as there are problems everywhere - some caused by failing eyesight others caused but large areas of paint coming off when de-masking carefully. I just cannot get modern primers to etch slightly the plastic and my last three models have all suffered from paint coming off right down to the plastic - I now hate masking! As for the effect I am an
  9. Airfix 1/48 scale Sea Fury using most of the available after-market products available - in markings of the Royal Australian Navy during the Korean War, thanks.
  10. Hi everyone - very excited to have received today my 32PE012 Gloster Gladiator cockpit test shot (for ICM kit) A few things to change but hope you like. Hopefully have available by mid February - thanks for looking. Will post when available and then you can email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com Best wishes, John
  11. Hi everyone this is a future product for the ICM Gladiator. I will post when it is available, thanks for looking
  12. Hi everyone, sending this - my third 1/32 Gloster Gladiator decal sheet to the printers in next few days - enjoy.
  13. Hi everyone AIMS 32P019 Gloster Gladiator upper ailerons correction finished, making silicone moulds tomorrow. Note that ICM represent the centre hinge just as big as the lower wing aileron when in fact it is narrow like the inner and outer hinges. Easy to fix yourself or buy mine when it is available, thanks for looking. Also 32D018 now here! £10.50. email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested.A Happy Christmas to you all and a peaceful New year to all my customers and friends
  14. Hi everyone here is a preview of 32PE011 ICM Gloster Gladiator Landing flaps, thanks for looking - available mid January
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