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  1. boeing did find the cause it was due to over heating of the batterys which cause flash firte from the heat so they had to install air duct to remove the heart from the batters http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/04/25/us-boeing-dreamliner-idUSBRE93O0NI20130425
  2. Yep that correct chris eastern express b757 is a copy of the minicraft kit but a few changes and not in a good way makes it worse
  3. many thanks all well looks like I will be cutting them off and adding the welsh models ones
  4. many thanks all good job I did not get rid of my spare set I have got will get them fitted right now
  5. after do lots of painting I am in the stage to paint the wings and when looking on line for pics I noticed racked wingtips on the b777-200 model now not sure if this is correct or not as I thought they were only on the b777-300ER one can anybody 100% give me the correct answer to me they same to have them fitted but not sure
  6. Hi yep there is more.of the wing only about the same as the kit flaptrack end that are on the kit wing in the pic.above.
  7. have the eastern express kit as many you know . I also brougjt the welsh models conv kit Can any body tell me what are the correct flapjack fairings that are show in the pic Pic shows easten express kit ones attached to the wing and also the welsh models ones
  8. just a quick update I have revived my welsh models conv set for the b777 which has got the correct engines for the b777-300 ER series the GE90-115b and they look good so now I can move on and fit the new parts and gear
  9. hi not sure what the decals are like I will not be using them I am going to do it in emerates so they are spare but they are abit creased cause it was poop packed
  10. ok as promised are review of what I did I first got my sanding board out (which is sandpaper fixed to a flat pace of wood) to sand down each part of the fuselage parts which in total there are 6, 3 each side. gluing tabs on one side to make for a better glue joint. glue the half's together (rear part with tail to the other part with rear tail) glues the rear part to the mid part making sure its level and straight note I have not stuck the nose part on yet as I need to add the gear bay and also nose weight which I am waiting for the new gear and other parts to arrive more coming soon
  11. Well i have started on the b777-300 kit from easten express so far i have glued the fuslarge together will post more pics and will add that i did tomorrow (sunday)
  12. here is the pics of the kit all is the same as the eeb777-200 apart from the mid fuselage part which is longer
  13. hi all I am doing the revel Boeing 747-8 in the Lufthansa colours my question is that revel say the top of the wings are white but pics I have seen on airliners.net and others show its grey does anyone have the correct answer to which colour it is.
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