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All-American GB 2018/19?

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I've never proposed a group build before, so I hope I'm going about this correctly... The success of last year's French Fancy GB and the level of interest in the upcoming From Russia with Love and Made in Britain II GBs got me thinking, who else would be interested in a similar American-themed GB? I did find a few stalled threads for US-focued GBs but decided to start fresh since they have all been inactive for over two years and are all narrower in focus than what I was thinking of:


-Anything (aircraft, ship, AFV, car, etc.) built in the United States, regardless of operator (e.g. a CF-18, an IRIAF F-14, a JAL DC-6, HMCS Grilse or HMS Bligh would count).


-Anything in US civil or military service, regardless of place of manufacture (e.g. a USAAS Spad XIII, a USAAF Beaufighter, a US Airways A320 or a Mazda Miata with California plates).


-Anything designed in the US but built elsewhere, so long as it is close enough to the original to count as a variant of the same basic type (e.g. an Li-2, an M38-CDN or a Sherman Firefly), but not extensively enough reworked to be considered a new design (so a Boomerang or a Tu-85 would be out, for instance).


-Military aircraft or vehicles operated by American-manned units of other countries' armed forces (e.g. an Eagle Squadron Spitfire or an Escadrille Lafayette Nieuport) or with a documented link to an American crew (e.g. a Spanish Republican I-16 or a Chinese Gladiator known to have been flown by an American volunteer).


Obviously plenty of potential for builds that meet more than one of those criteria, but I'd like to keep it as inclusive as possible.




1. Sabre_days

2. old thumper

3. Trojan Thunder

4. SleeperService

5. CliffB
6. Graham316
8. Caerbannog

9. Lex77

10. Joss

11. snapper_city

12. JimmyZ

13. vppelt68

14. Knight_Flyer

15. PhantomBigStu

16. PlaStix
17. Avereda

Edited by Sabre_days

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I might be interested in this but it depends on how many dedicated WW2 group builds are on offer, I only build WW2 subjects you see.

Put my name down if you are doing a list.

Edited by old thumper

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Please sign me up too S_d (probably with a Boeing or MD airliner).



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Good morning

 Please count me in ..



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:hmmm:by next year, I should be recovered from trying to build a sextet of European F-16:s - so this GB could be a perfect opportunity to build some USAFE versions from Aviano! Please, count me in too 😀. V-P

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Thanks for joining in, welcome!


One can never have too many Vipers...the F-16 and MiG-29 STGBs are sorely testing my resolve to focus on World War I and World War II subjects (knowing me, mostly WWII) through the 100th and 75th anniversaries of the world wars. I am allowing myself exceptions for civilian and training aircraft because I don't like it when my modelling efforts start to feel like "all war, all the time," but I will probably cave in and join the F-16 STGB late (not that I have a good track record with that) with a Trumpeter 1:144 F-16C that I bought last spring as, for lack of a better word, an accessory for the Minicraft KC-135R I keep meaning to get someday...

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Count me in.  First time I seen Mazda Miata mentioned in a GB.  Might be tempted to seek out the car kits in the stash, there's a few in there somewhere ^_^

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I've got a few bits and pieces I could build. Please sign me up! :thumbsup:

Kind regards,


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