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  1. With the Osprey almost ready it is time to start this one this weekend. First the extra's; Hope to post the first WIP pictures after the weekend.
  2. Kinetic's weak spot (among some other things) are there manuals and the color call outs in them. Nowhere in the manual they mention what vent on what version.
  3. They do mention both vents in the Blue Angels version of the kit
  4. No it was at Gilze Rijen (NL). Got the decals aswell from Leading Edge in 1/48. Went to Fairford for the first time in 1993.
  5. Nice one! Seen this one on my first airshow at my nearby airbase and was a possible build for this GB.
  6. Nice one. Looking forward how the Meng F/A-18 fits.
  7. Off topic but where did you get the right dark grey tube? Mine is broken and can't seem to find a replacement one!
  8. It has the underwing tanks but is missing all other ordnance,
  9. Nice collection of Aftermarket Dave! Looking forward to this build.
  10. Not on this one. Time permitting I will be building a second one with some weathering.
  11. Thanks Craig! Will be starting this one when my bench is empty.
  12. Same mistake is made in this boxing. Kinetic releases some nice subjects but they should be giving some more attention to the instructions and what colors to use! Will be using the Quinta studio decals but am not sure they include the seatbelts.
  13. Really nice colorscheme! Looking forward to this one.
  14. Interesting choice of markings! Looking forward to it.
  15. Nice choice Craig! Looking forward to this one. Will be building the Kinetic kit aswell so will be following this one closely!
  16. Hi all, Will be joining this GB with the Kinetic 1/48 F/A-18A/B/C/D Blue Angels kit. It will be build as a F/A-18C from the 2017 tour and probably with some aftermarket.
  17. Nice one and some nice aftermarket. Really like the Quinta decals!
  18. As far as I know they are getting Typhoons in a couple of years.
  19. Am I correct in thinking the Chinese version of the MiG-21 F-13 is the Chengdu F-7? Saw some Albanian ones and would love to build one of those!
  20. A good excuse to build another F-104 and test the Galaxy models masks
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