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  1. JimmyZ

    Triple Mustang build - 1/72

    I have mostly been filling fuselage seams yesterday, as well as wing panel lines. Unfortunately I didn't take photos. I do however have a success story. Since I was filling and smoothing fuselage seams, I thought I'd better fit the aerial pole to make sure it fits. Then I noticed this I honestly don't know how anyone is expected to clean that up. I did however attempt to locate my inner zen, and attempt to remove from the sprue. I managed to get it off the sprue without breaking by cutting the section out with a cutter I then very carefully cut the scrap off with a knife, and sander it smooth while I could still easily do it It still needed to be removed from the last piece of sprue, and this I did with a razor saw This last bit was the trickiest to clean up since it's difficult to hold, but I managed to do it to some extent. However, success ends there. I glued the wing halves together (all 3 kits), and I even remembered to drill the holes for the wing pylons. I did however forget to paint the wheel wells.....and as a brush painter, I see tricky painting times ahead Cheers Jimmy
  2. JimmyZ

    Triple Mustang build - 1/72

    Please do! Tamiya Surface Primer. Now, I can't remember why I chose it over Perfect Plastic Putty, since cleaning the latter up is easier I guess I'll use PPP on the other Mustang's, and make a ruling for once and for all on which works the best for filling panel lines! I have some time to model today, so I should post an update soon. Cheers Jimmy
  3. JimmyZ

    Triple Mustang build - 1/72

    Hi all. I've spent another few hours on my Mustangs. See some photos below. Three glued fuselages I applied some filler for the seems, and left to dry Some time later I glued the P-51B's tail to the forward fuselage I moved on to a piece of work I did not look forward to. Removing the flaps so I can have them in the down position And done Top wing halves glued to bottom Still not cleaned after the flapectomy And then I started filling the wing panel lines. This will again be the last post in a while. Cheers Jimmy
  4. JimmyZ

    Triple Mustang build - 1/72

    Hi everyone. I finally got to do some modelling again last night and today, and made a bit of progress. P-51C cockpit glued to fuselage And starboard Glued together, taped up and out away to dry. The separate tail section also glued together The P-51D's interior. These are the only PE pieces I've used. The PE set was meant for a kit with a less detailed interior. And sides painted up. Cockpit piece glued to the fuselage All glued and taped up, and left to dry. Here's the F-51D's interior painted. Glued and taped. That's all for now. Cheers Jimmy
  5. JimmyZ

    Triple Mustang build - 1/72

    And last update for the weekend and for a while. I've completed all three cockpits (sidewalls excluded). P-51C I've added foil seat-belts, electrical wire on the battery / radio in the back and off course the modified control stick P-51D I've used the Quickboost seat, PE IP, modified control stick and electrical wire for battery / radio in the back. The Quickboost seat is awesome, really looks the part. The PE IP looks OK, but was very finicky to put together. It really tested my "fine" working skills, which proved wanting on a few occasions. I'm not sure if the trouble is worth it. Maybe if the IP is sprayed instead of brush painted it would look really good and be worth the hours to put it together. However, the sdandard gunsight doesn't do it for me after seeing this one. I might actually be tempted to use just the PE gunsight on the standard Airfix IP in future. F-51D All standard except for added foil seatbelts and electrical wire for the battery / radio in the back. Cheers Jimmy
  6. JimmyZ

    Triple Mustang build - 1/72

    Good Sunday all. I've started some work on the seats. Here's the Quickboost seat compared to the Airfix seat. Also, this happened... and this is after carefully sawing the piece off the sprue successfully, then broke it while cleaning it up Luckily I've managed to glue it back together Then I went and worked on the 51C's cockpit. Hmmmm...the control column looks way too long After confirming on some reference photographs I decided to shorten it. After puking, I used some thin paperclip metal cut to size and bent to look the part. I drilled a hole into the base of the control, and squeezed the new stick in. I think it looks a bit better Moving on the the other 51D control stick, you can guess what happened It probably doesn't look like it, but I was very careful, but still managed to break it. This one I couldn't get glued back together, so used a needle cut to size, and glued it to the base and handle of the original piece. So all in all I broke all three control sticks, albeit the 51C was on purpose. Cheers Jimmy
  7. Has anyone ever re-visited a build from years ago, and decided to make some amendments? I built and shared here on Britmodeller a SAAF T-6 Harvard back in 2015. It had a tiny version related error on the rudder, which I back then decided to live with. However recently I've decided to correct the mistake, as well as make a new diorama for the Harvard. And with the Photobucket debacle (what I'm calling it) the original thread does not show the photos anymore, so I've decided to share some new photos of the amended build. And this is the real life subject photographed back then Cheers Jimmy
  8. JimmyZ

    Triple Mustang build - 1/72

    Hi all. Last update for a few days as I'm going away for the easter wekend. This is the gunsight for the F-51, the OOB part And this is the PE modified one for I'll be using for the P-51D. Looks a great deal more accurate than the OOB piece. here's the PE IP completed. And all 3 Mustang IP's side by side. The P-51C gunsight is molded to the fuselage piece Cheers Jimmy
  9. JimmyZ

    Triple Mustang build - 1/72

    I finally have real progress to show, albeit very little. I've been doing the P-51D kit instrument panel alongside the PE one. Goodness, the PE IP took forever, and it is such fine work, I am amazed I've completed it without smashing the thing by accident. This is still without the gunsight in place. I still have to decide which I want to use. Think I will use the PE IP in my P-51D, and the OOB IP on the F-51D? It's really hard to see the instrument dials on the PE IP. The one photo with a bit of glare shows it, but it's hard to see the actual dials without backlighting. I'm considering glueing a white piece of paper behind the film to hopefully bring the dials out a bit. My next step is to do the gunsight. I have to modify the kit piece with PE parts...not really looking forward to it. Cheers Jimmy
  10. JimmyZ

    Triple Mustang build - 1/72

    Hi all. Here's the sprue shots before I wash them. The many times seen Airfix P-51D sprues. All looking good. However the canopies have some marks on them. I'm a little disappointed. Here's a better photo to see the marks And, DA DA DHUM! Place your bets now. How many control sticks will I break as I remove it from the sprue? Option 1 - 0 Option 2 - 1 Option 3 - 2 Option 4 - all 3 of them! In my own experience I have a 50% change of breaking them. And the F-51 sprue. Same as the P-51, but with extra bits Again I have damage here. I've never seen this with a new Airfix kit before, certainly not with a Mustang This is harder to see on a photo, but the panel lines are messy Here's the Academy sprues. Very Tamiya-esque. No quality issues here Not a big fan of this though. But I do understand why they separated the tailpane. Because of the added fin fillet of this one. These side windows wont be much fun, I'm already dreading glueing these. Now on to wash the plastic, and start painting the IP's. Cheers Jimmy
  11. Hi all. My previous 9 builds has all been some sort of camo scheme, so it's time for a bare metal subject. And since I always have room for another Mustang, that's what I'll do. However I couldn't decide which Mustang to do for my next build, so I'll just do them all! I have to warn you, this isn't going to be a very fast build as I have few other non-modelling related things on my plate at the moment. Ok, so here's what I've got I also have some aftermarket and spare decals Microscale and spare decals from the Italeri F-51D kit and of course, the decals that comes with these kits Academy usually has superb quality decals - just kidding Luckily these looks printed okay. I have academy sheets where the red circle in the RAF roundel isn't anywhere near the centre And the Airfix decals. Looks perfect as usual So it seems I still have some choices to make. Here's some photographs of the possible subjects The Airfix F-51D. The OOB option looks really great. But I also have this F-51 option from the Microscale sheet Pretty sure I'll go for the OOB option As for the P-51D's, I haven't built the OOB option yet. I don't think it's the prettiest Mustang scheme ever, but a blue nosed Mustang would bring some diversity to my Mustang collection... But, I have this option from the Microscale sheet I think I'll go for "Jan". I also the the "wildcard" option of going for a RAF Mustang Some camo might help break all the silver from the bare metal Mustangs in my production line. Hmmm, choices.... Moving to the P-51C Mustang. The Academy kit gives 3 options. I won't go for the Chinese one, so that leaves two viable options Wow! Isn't she a beaut!? The 530th FS option (top of the 3) doesn't look bad, but the 5th FS (yellow tail) just looks so racy. There's no choice here. To make it a little more interesting, I also have these Unfortunately not enough for all 3 kits, so yet more decisions. Looks like deciding to build all 3 Mustangs didn't make for any easier choices.... Well that's it for now. Next I'll share the mandatory sprue shots. Cheers Jimmy
  12. Soooooo I couldn't resist, and I've fixed the front of the propellerblades. Cheers Jimmy
  13. Thanks everyone. Thanks Andwil. I used stretched sprue. If you're not familiar with it, it's a piece of clear sprue that was heated up over a flame until it almost melts, then somewhat quickly pulled apart. It will stretch to a very thin string of plastic. The first one or two times it's tricky, but becomes extremely easy to do after a few tries. Remember to take safety precautions (i.e. don't touch melting plastic with bare hands). Thanks Chris. I guess that makes sense. Now to fight the urge to go fix it...prop isn't glued on and can be pulled off. Ah I'll think about it. Cheers Jimmy
  14. Good day, I've finished this one at last. It gave me quite a few headaches, especially when I broke the cockpit canopy... I took several weeks to get a replacement, and at some point I thought I would have to buy a whole new kit for just the canopy, or spend twice the price of the kit to order a replacement canopy from the UK. Hannants' range of products is excellent, but 13.85 British Pound for overseas delivery is a bit steep So on to the kit. The kit isn't bad, but it's not good either. It's inaccurate in several aspects, sporting F4U-1D details which needs to be fixed (two underwing droptanks & pylons being the most obvious example). The fit isn't all that great, which was also the cause of me breaking the canopy. The fit is a bit tight, and to get it in place one has to press down quite hard, and I pressed too hard. Fit in several other places was very bad. However any seasoned modeler will be able to fix it with some strategic sanding and PPP. Another area of this kit that get's scrutinized often is the "tricky" landing gear. However I had no troubles there. All-in-all, like I said, not bad, though I won't build one of these again unless I'm being paid to do so. I'd rather try a Tamiya next. This brings me to Corsair difficulties not related to the kit... the paint scheme. I'm not an airbrush modeler (yet?), so you can guess how tricky it is to do a paint job which required very soft transition from one color to the next. I think I did OK, with somewhat soft demarcation lines, however it's not really all that convincing. I used Humbrol acrylics, and wet / dry brushed the color transitioned areas (same process as dry brush, then dip into some water before application). Other things I tried for the first time include the paint chipping (hairspray technique), and sun-bleaching the US star and bar on the wing top. This is what I was after Enough talk from me, here's the end result Cheers Jimmy
  15. JimmyZ

    F4U-1A Corsair info

    Hi Simon. No problem, I think it is on-topic enough. Great info posted above. Unfortunately as I don't have an airbrush, and Tamiya paints don't paint so well with a paintbrush, I had to go to with Humbrol. They don't have a color close to the dark blue paint used in the USN (or at least not in the only big Hobbyshop in my town). I thus made my own mix. It's accuracy is debatable, but I went for something that looked "right" to me. This is a very much in-progress photo of my build so far. You can see some of the techniques I'm trying out for the very first time, as well as the result of my own mixed color. This is my mix (excuse my weird representation of my mix): 7 parts Hu25 (53.8%) 2 parts Hu32 (15.4%) 1 part Hu85 (7.7%) 3 parts Hu34 (23.1%) total of 13 parts. This is probably not very accurate as I measured in in ml's with a dropper, but it should get you close. I think my blue is a tad dark, however as I am doing a relatively weathered corsair, I plan to blend it in with various lighter shades as a result of the pacific sun. This excellent photo of Ira Kepford's Vf-17 Corsair is what I'm trying to accomplish. Cheers Jimmy