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  1. Hi all. I've managed to finish this one at last! Thanks for all the support. The RFI thread can be found here. Cheers Jimmy
  2. I started this one as part of the Maritime Patrol and Coastal Command Group Build earlier this year, but was unable to finish in time due to lack of enough free time. I did however push on to eventually finish it. The WIP thread is here. Cheers Jimmy
  3. I've not posted an update in more than a month. Apologies for that. Standard lame excuse; "I was busy". Anyway... The wheels as well as the wheel well doors are on And she's standing on her own legs! All that's left is the aerials and radio wires, which is usually no small job, but is the only thing standing between where I am now, and completion.
  4. A few more progress photos from the last few weeks. Decals on and varnished. I decided to cut off the OOB turret gun barrels and replace with, believe it or not, the nozzle from an old Humbrol poly cement bottle. Here I have it dry fitted on the turret Painted and glued I should be finished soon. I'm moving house next weekend, so doubt it will be before that. Cheers Jimmy
  5. Thanks Steve. Keen eye you have there! I did indeed mix it up The horizontal stab is what the elevator is attached to, and the vertical stab is what the rudder is attached to. Cheers Jimmy
  6. Hi all, an update at last. I've finally glued on the vertical stabilizer. And gave it a coat of paint And then glued on the painted horizontal stabilizers. I did make a bit of a mashup and broke off the vertical stab trying to get the fins in place. This photo shows after I've glued it back on. Here I've got the windshield on as well I'm now busy placing the decals. Feels like I am getting closer to finishing this one Cheers Jimmy
  7. Hi Steve. Humbrol 34 for the white underside, but the two shades of blue is my own mix of Humbrol paints. I usually use an empty Humbrol pot for the mixed color, and then paint a circle on the top of the cap with the mixed color for future reference, which is what I think you see in the background. It's no secret, I just cannot remember what I mixed for the upper dark blue. I usually document and keep my mix ratios for future reference, but for some reason I didn't this time. For the light blue I think started with the same color I used on my F4U Corsair, but I added something else, can't remember what. The ratio for the Corsair mid (light) blue was 1 part Humbrol 52 and 9 parts Humbrol 64. H52 is a WEIRD color to use I know - especially since it's metallic - but it worked well. My Corsair below. Come to think of it, the dark blue uppers was likely also a slight change to the dark blue used on the Corsair. My paint mixing is usually more spot on than the rest of my modelling, and I believe my blue-grey for the F4U was close to spot-on (considering the scale color effect), but I think I'm off the mark with the light blue on the Ventura. I couldn't quite figure out what I needed to add, and eventually gave up and stuck with it. Cheers Jimmy
  8. I've made a bit of progress. I've finished painting the fuselage as well as the wings. I don't usually paint the fuselage and wings before I glue them, but it felt easier with this one. And glued on Next is the tailplane. I hope for good progress over the long weekend. Cheers Jimmy
  9. Hi Corsair, I can't remember any major issues. I think the fit was alright. I do remember that the vertical fin had accuracy issues. Somewhere between a -1 and -2 (too big for -1 and too small for -2, or the other way around). Don't know if you want to attempt to correct that. Also the decals were crap because it was an old kit. Not sure if yours has new decals. Good luck! Feel free to post a link of your build here. Cheers Jimmy
  10. Hi all. Unfortunately I'm not going to make the deadline for this GB. I will however continue the build and post updates here. Thanks for everyone's support. Cheers Jimmy
  11. I've been spending some time on this build in between studying for an exam. Since I work in IT, I guess I will never really be done with studying My aim was to finish the gear bay this week, and I did. Here can be seen the OOB gear bay (I've also started applying coats of white to the wing underside). I've used these photos I took of a PV-1 at the Swartkop SAAF Museum for reference. There's a section effectively splitting the bay in two (I'm guessing it's the main wing spar), which I tried to replicate Then I started adding thin strips of plastic Then painted it I could have done a lot more in here, but I decided it's enough, I'd rather move on and see if I can finish build in time. The OOB exhaust pipes didn't look great at all... so I drilled it open. Before and after Lastly I've glued on the nose. I'm currently trying to fill up the seam a bit. Hope to have more to show soon. Cheers Jimmy
  12. It's been a month! I'm starting to worry about not finishing by the end date. Although I didn't post, I did work on this a bit. I built up the section behind where the windshield comes on. Not pretty but I can smooth it out a bit. Now the windshield fits a lot better After smoothing it out it looks ok. Then I went back to the engine intakes. This after cleaning it up a bit Glueing back the cut off front of the intake Then I added a piece of plastic that will help adding a lot of surface primer easier And after sanding it smooth, the result looks pretty ok to my eyes Cheers Jimmy
  13. I have a few more photos of progress made. I took a bit of a risk, and attempted to give the wheels that slightly low pressure look. Maybe I overdid it a bit, but it should look okay in the end. I basically used a lighter, held about 8cm below the wheel (which was held with pliers to reduce risk of burning myself), and held it there for about 10 or so seconds to start melting the plastic. Then press is down lightly on a flat surface to bulge the tire to look like there is weight on it. I've done it before with great results, but I tend not to do it, since if I screw it up, I'll need new wheels! I also have a photo of the results of the area I had to build up aft of the bomb bay doors. Looks alright now, only minor smoothing out left to be done. I knew the SAAF Ventura inlets were a bot different. I don't know if it was done as a field modification or what, but there's plenty evidence showing the different inlets (see below) so I just started with the modification. I had a good look at the kit inlet's and decided I needed to cut off the front section, make it a bit thinner, then build up the remainder of the inlet and shape it a bit rounder at the top. This is what it looks like OOB I then proceeded to remove the front part with a saw And done. Cleaned up a bit here Then added a strip of plastic on the top Applied some surface primer Then waited for it to dry. The next day I sanded it, and I like the result. Next I just need to smooth out the upper part of the cowling, and re-add the inlet front. I post some updates soon. Cheers Jimmy
  14. I've spent quite a bit of time on the Ventura this weekend. Firstly I needed to get the fuselage closed-up, since I was spending too much time on the cockpit and interior. Well arguably one cannot spend too much time on it since these scratchbuilding really improves on the OOB, but relative to the quality that is possibly achievable with this kit that has questionably accuracy to begin with, one is to reach diminishing returns on hours spent adding detail to the interior while the bigger outer bits (fuselage, wings etc.) which is actually visible remains of questionable accuracy (shape etc.), but I digress. Below are the final photos of the interior before I closed it up. As stated above, I decided not to add detail aft of the section behind the cockpit. And glued up. Do not worry, I've modified the turret to glue it on later. Can't be adding turrets at this stage as it's guaranteed to break off in handling. The fit of the halves aren't great, to put it mildly. One day later I've removed the tape that kept the halves in place while the glue was drying. This photo doesn't show it well, but there is a huge step at the rear of the bomb bay and the fuselage which is supposed be be flush. Another example of poor fit. I thought I'd check to see how the windshield fits....it doesn't. Just a preview of the work that awaits me. After sanding the bottom of the fuselage, which had green overspray from the interior on it, shows the uneven-ness. Not only at the seams, as the photo illustrates. To address the step behind the bomb bay, I've added thin plastic strip. Also visible in this photo is me marking in blue areas which needs filler. After the glue dried and after sanding the strip that I've added, it already looks better, but we're not there yet. I needed to add another thin plastic strip to get it closer to flush (will require thorough sanding) I also worked on closing the wing halves, which meant I needed to paint and insert the engines. I sprayed it with a few layers of black to start it off. Then I dry-brushed silver onto the cylinders, as well as painted the centre part (reduction gear?). And the result. The first wing half glued. I've already started applying filler here, but another example of poor fit at the area joining the wing root and engine nacelle. To fix it I've again added thin plastic strip. then applied more surface primer then sanded it smooth. Already looking better. A few rounds of applying surface primer, waiting for it to dry, sanding smooth and it should look great. Somewhere in-between all this I've also glued the nose halves together. This photo shows the window surrounding areas pre-painted before I glued the window. It was (mostly) in vain, since I needed to apply surface primer to smooth the seams, which means I'll need to sand and paint in close vicinity to the window in any way. That's all for now. Cheers Jimmy
  15. I'm making some progress, albeit slow. These photos were taken over the past couple of days. I'm currently getting ready to close up the fuselage, but before that, here's some pictures leading up to it. Spraying the inside of the fuselage. Dry-fit of the cockpit section Another dry-fit showing the rear section I've added behind the cockpit which I scratch-built And the completed cockpit floor and section behind I've also started doing other preparations for closing the fuselage. Painting the outside areas where the windows will go in. Since the windows need to go in before I close up the fuselage, I've painted those sections on the outside while the windows were not yet glued in, since painting those areas will be harder with the windows in-place. I've also filled the panel lines for the starboard door, as there was none on this aircraft. I should soon take the final photos of the interior and then close up. Cheers Jimmy
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