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  1. Thanks for that matey, I’ve decided not to have the engine out on display as there is no internal detail, so it would leave an empty hole in the rear fuselage, I may try and get a spare engine to have on display.
  2. Welcome aboard matey, you never know you may be tempted from all the extras thankyou mate, I will remember to look for some resin aftermarket which are more suited to RAF use.
  3. So for 2 hours I’ve been cracking on and getting the seats started, it worked out 12 pieces for each seat and 1 photo-etch part. There is still a lot to do on the seats including ejection handle, seat belts and all the added details. They are looking great so far and will look great when completed
  4. Thanks matey, yes the tornado has been a true workhorse, and it certainly looks the part in almost every place, I was very impressed with what was in the box.
  5. So the Christmas of 2020 was a little of a strange one, and the most of the year was no better. Constant home schooling and only essential shops being open. For most of us it was a good time to get plenty of bench time, and make out ways down the pile of kits in the stash. for me? It was a time to start fresh, go back to the basics of modelling, learn new techniques and above all come back to Britmodeller. For Christmas I asked the wife for just one thing, as the title suggests, yes a big tornado. For many years I have wanted to build a large scale tornado, and have all the
  6. Thankyou, bought a tear to his eye, wanted to pay me more than generously, which I declined and told him it was a pleasure to give a model to someone with such sentimental value.
  7. Thanks ant, fortunately he wants them straight out the so it means less work for me. They do look nice though, may look at one in the future and see what I can do with one. May have to ask the wife first though
  8. Ant your absolutely correct, yes it’s because I’m building the old Airfix fearless at the minute, for the same friend too. that was my confusion, my apologies thankyou homer, was a learning curve doing all the lines on the deck jeff, unfortunately not it was the three numbers on my reg plate on my first car, stuck with me ever since lol thankyou pat, much appreciated.
  9. Thankyou John the buccaneer was what got my mojo fired up
  10. Keep going Dave, she’s looking great, will look even better with that green on too
  11. This is a model out of my comfort zone, what was originally HMS invincible, this model was renamed and renumbered. it was a build for a friend who served on board lusty (crew name) for a number of years. Safe to say I enjoyed the build, and he was more than pleased, teared up when he received it. few in progress shots... thanks for looking, next one is HMS intrepid ( old HMS fearless kit)
  12. Thankyou, your not wrong there matey,
  13. Hi all, I came here many moons ago with the modelling hobby in full swing, 2017 to be precise. After only a short time on the site, things took a turn in modelling and personal life. I was ready to go in January 2019, the desk cleared, the kit in hand, and a new blade securely fitted into the hobby knife. After a couple of nights I woke up to find my grandad had fallen ill, he passed away a little over 24 hours later. My modelling mojo took a hit, like someone had just destroyed it with a pave way bomb. For more than a year I turned away at the sight of the modelling bench, not only had
  14. Update part 2 on the Valiant. Unfortunately i haven't had much time at the bench due so early starts at work and family time, but progress has been made in the cockpit. The first task was to apply the decals to the cockpit and seal them with micro-sol solution. The rear of the cockpit has also been worked on with the decal showing all the electrical equipment for the navigator and radar operative systems. The seats have also been done to a standard at which i am happy with, I did struggle to find anything I could do without making a mess and having to b
  15. evening all, right so today i started on the first of the three V-bombers, so without further delay i introduce you to the Vickers Valiant. A large box for a large bomber. a choie of four variants are available in the kit. iinside the kit are many sprues and some large parts.. the two main fuselage sections. however there are some inaccuracies, which will need addressing. but overall some nice detail. next is the main underside wing halves and the large main top section of fuselage and wings. the next sprue was more interesting as it containe
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