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  1. Update part 2 on the Valiant. Unfortunately i haven't had much time at the bench due so early starts at work and family time, but progress has been made in the cockpit. The first task was to apply the decals to the cockpit and seal them with micro-sol solution. The rear of the cockpit has also been worked on with the decal showing all the electrical equipment for the navigator and radar operative systems. The seats have also been done to a standard at which i am happy with, I did struggle to find anything I could do without making a mess and having to buy aftermarket parts. until I can source some photos of the seats I'll leave them as is. I have also began working on the overhead panels starting with the emergency escape hatch, there are four grab handles which where moulded in but looked terrible so i decided i would work on them and replace them using some 0.5mm wire to make them look more realistic. Finally with all four they look much better and will be ready for a coat of primer and a layer of Vallejo flat black. You will also notice there are yet more pin marks which will need to be removed. I couldn't resist but have a go at replicating an image I found, here is the real photo following along with my representation of the photo using the current build state. Finally I have began working on the engine intakes removing all of the pin marks by filling them in with Vallejo plastic putty. this is the first time I have used this stuff and was pretty impressed. These have been left to dry and cure overnight, they will then be sanded and cleaned up ready for primer and paint. As for the start of the detailing process in the cockpit I used some silver acrylic and applied with a sponge to create a chipped and worn surface on the cockpit floor. Before I called it a night and shut down the man cave for the evening, I had a quick test with the bomb bay, I am going to leave the bay open with just some added detail and some weathering. Again the Valiant wasn't an aircraft which got dirty quickly, so only minor weathering and washes will be applied. Next update I will begin working on adding all the scratch building to the cockpit including all the wiring looms under the rear compartment desk and also along the walls of the aircraft and any extra electrical boxes which have not been included in the kit. Any comments or help would be really appreciated, hope to hear from you all soon.
  2. evening all, right so today i started on the first of the three V-bombers, so without further delay i introduce you to the Vickers Valiant. A large box for a large bomber. a choie of four variants are available in the kit. iinside the kit are many sprues and some large parts.. the two main fuselage sections. however there are some inaccuracies, which will need addressing. but overall some nice detail. next is the main underside wing halves and the large main top section of fuselage and wings. the next sprue was more interesting as it contained the rear tail wings and bomb bay roof and doors.also the undercarriage is visable and also the refueling pipe which runs alongside the cockpit windows. also again the underwing tanks are on this one and look nice as well.the engine exhausts and cockpit, seats and navigators staion are all on this sprue. finally on this one we have the very large nuclear bomb for operation Grapple and several 1000lb bombs. the final sprue is the clear parts still sealed till they are needed, you will notice two cockpit bubbles and 2 bomb aiming windows, this is down to the prototype valiant being able to be made from this kit. also the photo recon windows for the cameras which were fitted in the bomb bay (not included but available separately. so on with the show... to begin with it was a case of building up the cockpit which had the controls and crew access ladder included. after a coat of Vallejo model air flat black it already had character which gave that cold war feel to the cockpit. also note these ridiculous moulding marks on the inside of the cockpit. not sure what is going off but they need to go. a coat of mid green was used for the cockpit internal walls which i confirmed with some references from the thunder and lightnings page. although it looks rough some internal scratch-building and some minor weathering should tone it all down and make it look something like this... so as the night has drawn to close i decided to do a quick test fit of the fuselage and despite a small gap in the rear of the cockpit it looking good. and BIG! as usual i couldn't help myself but just have a little play with the main top section of the wings and fuselage and i must say that already i cant wait to see this progress. so that is all i have managed tonight hopefully i can make a start on filling the cockpit up with the various electrical equipment and wiring looms. not sure how much will be visible but at least we know its there. thanks for looking in guys hope to get some feedback from what i have done already.
  3. Cheers @GrahamS feel free to tag along any help will be appreciated. Going to be making a start tonight and will hopefully have something to show in my first update.
  4. Cheers matey will be getting proper pictures and posts going soon. To begin with I'm looking at all the pictures I can find of the cockpit to add what may be missing and from what I can see it's alot haha.
  5. @Lord Riot I'm going to be using both the airbrush and paintbrushes. Hopefully I'm planning on using the brushes for small parts and the rest will be airbrushed so I can preshade. Only been airbrushing for a year so everything is a learning curve at this stage. The vulcan will be my first attempt at receiving and the victor will be an all out build showing flaps down and brakes open.
  6. Right folks here goes, This will be my first upload this year, been a messy and wild start to the year. This year I decided that I wanted to build something that could be linked on to the the next build. And with aquiring the airfix handly page victor a few week back, followed by my dad swapping some railway stuff for an airfix valiant. So two v bombers out of three, already I have acquired the valiant and victor and just awaiting on a vulcan. Sorry for the poor photo. Already I have decided that the three will be painted in their famous anti flash white schemes which will all match. Although the vulcan looks a stunner in camouflage the valiant is a matter of opinion. I am going to start of with building the valiant, and after reading the amount of errors I may have a job on my hands. Any help with these three big beautiful bombers will be appreciated. Hopefully get things started later once the kids are in bed. Thanks for looking in.
  7. I think flikr may of had an issue. Try looking now. They are all working for me.
  8. Well it took longer than expected but enjoyable every minute. 16 years ago i built the airfix blenheim of the time. I was 10 years old, sat alongside my dad, using brushes and enamel paint. But today its all airbrushes and new tooled kits. This Airfix Bristol Blenheim MkIVf is the lastest tooling from airfix. It was a great kit with only a minor fit issue on the main fuselage join. Despite that every part was a great fit and had the resemblance of a Blenheim. The whole model was painted with vallejo model air which was a nerve racking task for me as this was my first camoflage aircraft painted using my airbrush. Ìt is a little rough round some of the edges but im more than happy with it. I learnt alot of new techniques along the way as well as some of the old tried and tested techniques. I used an enamal thinned paint for a panel line wash, and learning to preshade and create tonal variations in the paint. Finally the exhaust staining was done using chalk pastel shavings and also used some dry brushing to create chipping on the propelllors. Everything was then given a coat of matt varnish and finished off with removal of the masking tape. Overall i am happy with the Blenheim and cant wait for the 1/48 Mk1 from airfix. Thanks for looking in. On e again thanks for looking in.
  9. Here we go guys she has finally made it. @dogsbody chris i am still looki g at how i can replicate the the heat staining but in due course i will sort it out. However tknight was the last couple of hours getting her finished off and sorted out ready for the RFI. First was the turret, which had to be cleaned from the paint bleed. And also that poor fitting ariel on the front. There was also a couple of little touch ups which were done. At this point i decided to call her done before i do something and make a mess. So i finished off with a few more shots. So now its off to the ready for inspection for some showcasing. I will have a think about the engine casings before my next build. If i do manage to sort it ill post here but for now its off to tge ready for inspection. Thanks for following this guys been a pleasure to build and show.
  10. Right chaps moving ever closer to the finish. Last couple of nights had me on a go slow with the Blenheim as it was an evening of final touch ups and getting the matt coat on. I used vallejo matt varnish which was thinned down so it would flow smoother and passed over in several light layers to create an even finish. Here is how she was looking. And a view from the side. And one on the top. Until the matt varnish had set for long enough i left it for the night came back to it again last night. It was time to get the masking off, the part i had been waiting for. I used my knife to go around to break any paint joining the masking to the model and set about clearing the windows. First one off and looked good. After about half an hour they were all off . And yes i was pleased. I cleaned all the dges with a cocktail stick and and a damp cotton bud to clean the windows from the masking glue. At this point i left it as it was and finished off a few small bits. All that is left now is the top turret and the ariel on the bottom. More soon and close to the finish. Thanks for looking in
  11. Cheers Ced. Hopefully be finished soon. Just a few last bits and the clearvoat in matt then remove mask and few final touch ups. Cant wait to finish it before the mojo dies haha
  12. Evening all. This week has been a non stop week and very little was done on the blenheim. However sunday i spent my day at the Southwell model show, hunting down the bargains and boy did i find a bargain. Yes thats right its a 1/48 airfix sea vixen, which for a strange reason have been selling on ebay for anywhere from £60 - £80. I got mine for a steal of a price at just £22 still bagged and ready for action. This will be my big project with more aftermarket than injection moulded plastic . Starting next year to keep your eyes out. Right back to the blenheim. I managed to get an hour last night and decided to really hit it hard. To begin with the engines where fitted and the exhaust fitted and painted.all the small bits where fitted and touched up as well as some small details tidied up too. The engines fitted great and the propeller just pop on with a gentle push. Atill need to fit the bosses on and add some small amounts of chipping to the propellers. You can also see that the flaps are now on and all of the decals have been applied. The microsol and microset didnt really help the decals despite making them delicate. But they have gone on nicely. Overall i am pleased with the camoflage and the overall finish so i applied some thinned enamel black and made a very light wash to bring out the panel line detail. And also decided to start on the weathering on the underside as well. For the exhaust stains i used some grey and black charcoal sticks which are used for art and applied a powder to the areas around the aircraft exhausts. Again this is another first attempt at a new technique, still need more practice. One of the final techniques i wanted to have a go at was creating a chipped effect to show paint wear. Not too bad, but again maybe some more practice. By this point i left everything to dry and fettled around with the rear turret and housing. Not really anything to show so will get a picture up once i have made something of it. Fianlly one of the last jobs will be the matt coat to seal everything in and remove the masking . I now cannot wait to see this finished. Hopefully get it to the end tommorow night. Take care guys. Be seeing you
  13. Cheers for the heads up chris ill make sure i ammend that before i finish. Still alot to be getting on with. Cheers stew hooefully i can get this thing finished by christmas haba
  14. I know what you mean @Blitz23 not cheap and a vacform as well. Would be lovely but maybe not yet haha. Good news, tonight i managed an hour or two and set about doing a few final touch ups and maybe start thinking about laying down the decals. Started of by finishing the engines just leaving the intake trumpets to be painted. Look so much better with the ends drilled out. I also made a start on the decals. I started off by applying micro set to the surface of the aircraft and laying down the decal. Then removing any air with a cotton bud and then giving it a heavy coat of micro set solution. I then left the micro solution to do their job and got the flaps fitted and undercarriage legs painted and wheels on ready for weathering. Not sure if i have done it right but hopefully they will settle down. My next task is going to be getting the rest of the decals on and getting the exhaust in place and applying some of the weathering techniques i havr been wanting to try out. Hopefully should get some more done by the weekend. Thanks for looking in guys.
  15. I think that could be a way to sort the fitment issues but still have to be careful about the window joins. They can be fiddley but they go together quite well. Be nice to see more blenheims on here as well. Especially the nightfighter. Like option B here. May have to buy another just to have a black one
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