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  1. So abit more progress. Been filling, panel lining and riveting. There's the centre line but I'll shoot some black paint on and see how it looks! I've also done some work on the landing gear. I've added some stretched sprue to simulate brake lines. Thanks for looking All the best Joss (Can't get rid of this picture \/ \/ )
  2. Looking great pappy! Love the colour variation, looking forward to seeing more! Joss
  3. No problem at all its your build!! Sorry to hear the painting didn't turn out right! The other OD turned out great!!
  4. Thanks John, just plodding along, got all the the sanding done. (I hope) just going to shoot some black on it to see how they look. Then on to re-riveting it... Thanks gingerbob, mainly the kits work tbh I just blasted it with Vallejo yellow chromate and then used AKs panel liner for desert aircraft. Rescribing is a real pain I just go with getting the general area looking 'right' life's to short haha Thanks Thom!
  5. Slowly plodding along, she's mainly together now, got the dreaded describe to do which is always a bug for me especially with Eduard kits. I've contemplated this for a while, which is while we might get the extra details like rivets which are nice and very satisfying once emphasised with a wash . The replacing of them after the necessary sanding can be a pain. Enough musings model time. Thanks for looking! Any comments suggestions welcome Joss
  6. Looking very nice! You're doing a cracking job! Look forward to seeing more! Joss
  7. Haha, I'll have to change my scheme now!
  8. @JackG That would certainly make life alot easier!
  9. Thanks Glynn! Would recommend it's a lovely kit! Looking forward to when they release a filleted D version as a profipack.
  10. Hi jack, thanks for the info. I have to admit I just looked at the box and thought mki spit that'll do. Interesting read on the topic. I have an Eduard spitfire mkix which come with the photoetch armour and the plastic part so I hope that'll fix the problem. All the best Joss
  11. Got the new tamiya spitfire for Christmas so excited for this group build! Would anyone recommend any upgrades for it or is it good to roll out of the box? All the best Joss
  12. Thanks Simon, not sure whether to weather her up much inside or not. I'd recommend very enjoyable build so far,!
  13. Hi guys, Time for an update. I've decided to go for the marking master mike, as I like the colours and I'm not that keen on do nmf at the moment. On with construction, the cockpit is well on its way with some detailed painting required and photoetch to be added. I have also constructed the wing assembly so once she's buttoned up so should fly together. Any comments or suggestion welcone! Thanks for looking Joss
  14. She's looking very nice Hewy! Looking forward to seeing more of her. All the best Joss
  15. Hi Julien apologises, I only have access via a smart phone and it does not allow me to delete photos from a post! All the best Joss
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