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  1. Cool thanks Stix dont tempt me if I find one for a defend price I'll go for it cheers joss
  2. Hello @PlaStix, I've out my name down for this build but have a question I've acquired this kit https://www.scalemates.com/kits/622519-dragon-6736-pz-kpfw-iv-ausf-d-w-5cm-kwk-l-60 . With out realising it's a one off panzer for testing a different gun. Basically the question is it eligible for this GB? Or will I have to choose something else? ( Do fancy doing a dak panzer) All the best Joss
  3. Joss

    Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Thanks! Glad to get her done and I did enjoy it! Looking forward to the other tank GBs now! All the best Joss Thanks sarge! It looks ok in the photos but I know not to use that acrylic gel! Just learnt the hard way, haha! There is something about the hvss thats pleasing to look at as you just just meaty and just looks like a bit of a brute! Thanks for hosting this GB and all the best Joss
  4. Joss

    Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Cheers Stix, much appreciated I enjoyed building here but still think I have a long way to go! I'm currently building an m5a1 to test and expand on new techniques! (I've got the bug now haven't i?!) All the best Joss
  5. Joss

    M3/ M4 medium tank gallery

    Dragons m4a3 105 hvvs Enjoyed making her alot more learnt and alot more to learn thanks for a great GB everyone! Joss
  6. Joss

    Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Thanks for the encouragement fellas, im calling her done now here's a few photos; She's not great but it's done and I can learn from it so thanks for a great GB and all the encouragement. I shall be making more tanks on the future I think! Regards Joss
  7. Joss

    Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Thanks sarge! That's reassuring to know! Thanks Ozzy it looks ok in the old pictures but the new stuff Joss
  8. Joss

    Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Thanks stix, thats a good idea. I'll post some photos later to give some idea. It looked good when it was wet but has dried and looks really out of scale... Joss
  9. Joss

    Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Just before finishing I had a daft idea to use arcylic texture gel to try make thick mud put it on and it doesn't look very good at all. I've washed most of it off but some has set hard not , so I'm not sure what to do. Any suggestions would be welcome! Tempted to just leave it at that and add her to the shelf now as she is more or less done. Not happy but might chalk it up to experience... Regards Joss
  10. The figures look super stix. Looking forward to seeing it all together! Joss
  11. Joss

    Dragon M4a3 105mm

    It's been a while but heres some more. I've got the tracks on and I'm about to weather them. I made a box from a scale door onfound. But I'm might leave it off the back. Just got the little fiddly things to do them I'll paint the crew. Joss
  12. Joss

    Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Thanks Stix! Cheers badder, I'll have a look at work tomorrow see what small twigs I can reuse! I have to admit with the red one I got a box set of four and the label said cargo dust and it looked a brown in the pot so I just bungged it on but I don't think it looks 110, just did get round to removing it! Cheers Joss
  13. Joss

    Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Cheers, glad you like it! Thanks Steve, getting there! I'm procrastinating as I've to stick 158 little teeth onto the tracks!! I'll have here done at some point though!
  14. Hello, I've been looking at all the panther kits due out soon and I'm very tempted so I'll put my name forward! Joss
  15. Joss


    Looking good badder, the tip for the lugs is good to know! I used you track tip for straightening them and it worked a treat. Regards Joss