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  1. Fantastic rich! I've got 1:48 hasegawa with extras and Aussie markings but can't bring my self to make it. Hopefully hasegawa re release or Eduard give the late model p40s, the mustang/spitfire/bf109, treatment. She will fabulous with all your other Australian aircraft, top stuff! All the best Joss
  2. Thanks I see what you mean, the wheel detail is nice and I was reluctant to cover it but for the sack of realism I shall! That makes sense I've had a look at some pictures and as you say more mud on the inner wheel. When you say inside do you mean more or less there I tried to do it thicker to show it oozing out?
  3. Right I've made more progress I hope! I've added to the top run of the tracks and mixed in extra oil colours to give some variation then I added static grass. Not 100% on it, might work some more mud blend the grass more. Any comments and suggestions very welcome Joss
  4. Thanks rangerboy that video has been a great help it has given me some ideas! I have the mig wet track effect set and abltuing mud oils and pigments so will try and get a variation on colours. Thanks again Joss Hi jack thanks I happy with what I've got but I think it just needs a little more of something but can't quite put my finger on it but I've got an idea. Watch this space Thanks Joss
  5. Hi guys been working on this panther and was looking for a little help. If I got the wrong area I'll delete and move. Basically it's a panther on the eastern front, I've started weathering the wheels and tracks with heavy mud but need some pointers. Here's what I've got. I need to do the top run and maybe abit of wear down to metal around the inner wheel rims and the drive sprocket tips. Just wanted some thoughts on how to weather the top. Any help would be great and appreciate! Joss
  6. Thanks for a great group build everyone! There are a lot of very impressive models! Sorry I didn't finish mine as real life got in the way Just checking with @trickyrich the poll seems to have closed is that right? Happy new year Joss
  7. Very nice! The paint job looks very good like the detail of the over painted Luftwaffe marking. Joss
  8. As others have said the Australians have alot of them. I'm building one at the moment from the Aussie eight boxset from Eduard I think there are about 6 shark mouth options. You get two kits aswell!
  9. There hasnt been that many so I wouldnt worry to much They are lovely kits these Eduard one just a little filling here and there! I would really like to paint tje insignias but my circle cutter doesn't quite go small enough, so for the minute its just to cut for where the raf roundels where over painted. I may try to free hand a circle haha
  10. Thanks fellas, eight abit more progress I hope to get this done but not really sure! Not enough time in the day! The camo is done now it's just a case of adding markings here's a few pictures. Gloss then add the remaining decals hope to get this done! Cheers Joss
  11. Thanks Dave much appreciated!! I wish my reason was exciting but it's just work work work!! I think everyone has a break from modeling, I find it helps as it lets one come back with fresh eyes for the project in hand!! (Hopefully) Thanks Joss
  12. More progress today got the ocean grey on the top side! Feel happy with how this one is coming out. Just started masking so more to follow! Joss
  13. Almost a month has past and what do I have to show nothing really well... She's been primed in white to show any flaws. There's a few seems namely the fuselage top and the nose as you can see from the filler. I thought I would be cleaver and order a new cowling but when I got it wasn't to happy so just used the kit one. I've also painted the undersides medium sea grey. Minimal tonal variation enough so it doesn't look dead. Going to build up with earthy tones around wheel for a weather finished. That's all for now folks Joss
  14. I'll join in if I may please? Thanks Joss
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