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  1. Brilliant, that sounds like it's going to be awesome. The spitfire looks great Look forwards to seeing the rest!
  2. Wow these are fantastic. Love the variation in the bases aswell. Feel very inspired. If you don't mind we asking, what's next in the pipe line?
  3. Joss

    Paint comparability

    Hi guys, I was wondering how compatible ak real 'color' is with standard acrylics. I.e. can I spray it over say standard water based acrylic or will it crack? When I bought them, when they first came out, I was under the impression that they were normal acrylics but the smell and further research suggests otherwise! Many thanks in advance Joss
  4. Thanks Johnson, Im going to try get it done for next week so fingers crossed...
  5. Thanks guys, I have had a bit of a hiccup, when I was removing the majority of the washes I accidentally stripped of a large section of paint on the wing I think it's fixable but it's going to take me time to sand it down and get it nice and smooth to repaint again so unfortunately I'm not going to finish it in time. I will post my model up in the RFI when I'm done with it but for now I have to apologise and wish everyone else the best of luck! All the best Joss
  6. Hi Micheal, just had a look at your build and she's stunning. I think I'll run the paint brush to change that line. Some interesting differences. The Eduard kit doesn't contain all numbers for the serial on the tail and the extra kill markings as well. Thanks for sharing! Thanks Joss
  7. After some time away from this project I finally got back to it. The main decals are on. I'm not 100% whether to add the stencils, I'll probably go for the major ones Here's a few photos, it doesn't show the finish in these photos but I'll crack out the DSLR later and hope for the magic orb in the sky to finally appear. Just the inner landing gear doors to add and the main flaps. Then onto the fun part, Weathering! I adjusted the front landing gear so it sits more upright. I'll take a photo later but I compared them against two tamiya
  8. Brilliant! She looks amazing. I like how realistic she looks. I alway find tamiyas example models to look toy like but yours does the kit justice and looks like the real thing! Joss
  9. Rightio everyone making abit more progress. I need to tidy up the invasion stripes with a brush. I've started getting decals on and slowly getting towards wrapping up this model Thanks for looking. Any comments or suggestions welcome. All the best Joss
  10. I keep coming back and looking at this. She is such a lovely model. Well done All the best Joss
  11. Quite so Johnson, I found I was getting dispondent trying to get a perfect model so now I just try to do the best I can! Here's a picture of her with her theatre markings on. Just got to get the invasion stripes on and the nose and tail colours. Post picture, I've got the olive drab on but need to lighten it up so that should be tomorrow's job. Thanks for looking Joss
  12. Happy with how the silver came out so in going to try a nmf aircraft probably miss Steve. Not going to be 100% accurate but I'm enjoying myself Thanks for looking Joss
  13. Hi ratch, looking good, you seem to be ticking along nicely. Just wondering if you found the fit of the gun barrels a nuisance, as I couldn't get them to fit both the top and bottom flush and just thought it was me cocking up. All the best Joss
  14. Good evening Patrice! Thankyou very much. I've got the kit all ready to go with Eduard photoetch and the decals. I might get the wheels as well haha. I can promise a start but a finish I hope I should be able to achieve! Have a good evening All the best Joss
  15. I've notice it on a few Eduard German kits but I'd hate to be the person cutting them off haha. @Dansk I've just looked in the instruction book and the decals has two options listed for the broken and unbroken one.
  16. It's to do with selling the kit in certain countries I believe. I think in Germany they are not allowed to have whole swastikas in the kit due to legal reasons. I could be wrong but that's my understanding. Your planes are looking brilliant. Really looking forward to seeing them on their legs. Joss
  17. Depend how many unbuilt kits I'll have by the time this comes around I was wondering if this model would be eligible? Thanks Joss
  18. So she's all primed, managed to catch my finger on the model as I was taking a photo so will have to sand and respray once fully hardened. I think the rescribing is ok just have to wait and see when laying colour down. Might spray it duralumin then lay the colours on top. Thanks for letting for looking. Any comments, suggestion or constructive criticism welcome. All the best Joss
  19. So abit more progress. Been filling, panel lining and riveting. There's the centre line but I'll shoot some black paint on and see how it looks! I've also done some work on the landing gear. I've added some stretched sprue to simulate brake lines. Thanks for looking All the best Joss (Can't get rid of this picture \/ \/ )
  20. Looking great pappy! Love the colour variation, looking forward to seeing more! Joss
  21. No problem at all its your build!! Sorry to hear the painting didn't turn out right! The other OD turned out great!!
  22. Thanks John, just plodding along, got all the the sanding done. (I hope) just going to shoot some black on it to see how they look. Then on to re-riveting it... Thanks gingerbob, mainly the kits work tbh I just blasted it with Vallejo yellow chromate and then used AKs panel liner for desert aircraft. Rescribing is a real pain I just go with getting the general area looking 'right' life's to short haha Thanks Thom!
  23. Slowly plodding along, she's mainly together now, got the dreaded describe to do which is always a bug for me especially with Eduard kits. I've contemplated this for a while, which is while we might get the extra details like rivets which are nice and very satisfying once emphasised with a wash . The replacing of them after the necessary sanding can be a pain. Enough musings model time. Thanks for looking! Any comments suggestions welcome Joss
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