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  1. Few coats of pink painted on to test, still think its not quite white enough but I will do. http://village.photos/images/user/37ab7092-47f1-49f8-9123-c22e84bc6962/resized_03aa3346-cd7b-44dc-a217-b29566400dd5.jpeg
  2. An audience, no choice but to proceed, plus I've already mixed some pink up, think I added a touch too much red but it will do, I shall check out those threads cheers
  3. New rucksack as the zip on mine broke via Amazon with some paints yesterday. Turned out I did a shoddy job of browsing as it wasn’t what I was after so will be returning it and has to walk to sports direct to just get the equivalent current model of the original one. Also annoying missed out on some decals on eBay that I thought were sold out at Hannants though turns out they are still in stock so not a problem.
  4. Made a start http://village.photos/images/user/37ab7092-47f1-49f8-9123-c22e84bc6962/resized_b1624181-ef5b-48d0-931c-872bbda5d560.jpeg http://village.photos/images/user/37ab7092-47f1-49f8-9123-c22e84bc6962/resized_0521a2b1-ee7f-4d7e-bdd3-e89d92db4ff0.jpeg http://village.photos/images/user/37ab7092-47f1-49f8-9123-c22e84bc6962/resized_77b02e9f-fb09-4726-8ece-49112421c856.jpeg
  5. Nice to see how you've tackled improving the pit. Hope the clear tips get to you fine.
  6. Upper sanded and grey going on, swapped schemes as I don’t have the right rocket rails, going with the red and white nosed one. Sorry pics so dark, main light in room has gone kaput.
  7. Place them one one side, let them dry, varnish the side in, then apply a tiny drop of superglue to the other side and fold round, varnish over to make sure.
  8. If only things had continued in the same vain, currently stripping the paint back to primer…..
  9. I nearly brought the revellgawa in my local the other day thinking it was the Matchbox, wondering how they compare, might be bold and pick both up.....anyway threads got another watcher
  10. As it’s turns out injury was the least of my problems. Still fine now, I’m thinking of making this my fourth unusual spitfire KUTA build and doing a pink pru spit……If I can source the decals edit: I’ve sourced them
  11. Did some more before Christmas before it went back in the draw till yesterday when I discovered I don’t have the decals for my spitfire in the spares and I cracked on and finished the underside.
  12. I have the bilek rebox in the stash so got another watcher
  13. Cheers, if Ratch wants to go that route I have a set spare
  14. Topside done, few touch ups to the silver to do.
  15. And it’s done, took a bit of time to get in the gallery as I knocked the nose probe off not once but three times, and had to sand an repaint each time.
  16. Heller Mirage IV that didn't make the Heller GB last winter. Painted with Vallejo grey and Xtracrylix Green, finished with Winsor and Newton Matt.
  17. Personal neurosis, a thread has to end in a finished model with or be deleted. Anyway cheers guys . Sucks what happened to the Tonka, though it was in the box of shame but it wasn’t, was wedged up on the back deep under the bench and when I put the academy f-18 for the STGB in the draw was just the right size to crush it without obvious resistance to realise something was wrong. Anyway onwards and upwards.
  18. Had a sad end, got damaged whilst in a draw and I didn’t have the mojo to repair it. But I shall use this thread for a build for the bomber GB. Revell Eurofighter, thinking 6sqn with Brimstones currently. Would like to one from Syria 2018 but doubt I’ll get info on specific aircraft and weapon loads and also think they had sqn markings removed anyway
  19. Some time later all together and the underside sanded and painted silver, much easier sanding process than I thought it would be
  20. Me again, just picked up some AK interactive 3rd gen acrylics and their Imperial Blue is very close to Halfords Fiat Capri Blue, and unlike with the previous RLM looks like it is mixed properly. Love to see if anyone else picks it up and tries it on a BA build.
  21. 2nd of miliput was required but it is now ready for final Matt coat
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