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  1. Good ol Xtracrylix Forest Green, Vietnam Green and Gunship Grey
  2. Made a start. Fits a lot better than previous ones probably because I know what I'm doing with it now.
  3. What with the heat I’ve been stuck on the dining room table for the last few weeks mostly, today was the first proper day back, didn’t fancy sanding, so instead I painted on a crude attempt at the camo just to see how it looked.
  4. Or a lot further to the north for me to wave at them....still just had a strikemaster go over so thats something
  5. On there way back to LN, after lapping the kent downs https://globe.adsbexchange.com/?icao=ae178d
  6. Underside it is as I've not used the lightest blue yet and wanted to see what it looks like on a model, looks pretty close the the FS colour patch online.
  7. Whilst I wait for postie to bring the hurricane, who hopefully should be on route, will dicuss schemes, Hurri will be Baders final one, as I've got the decals, and the spitfire was orgianlly going to be the standard DW-K from the new airfix kit, given I've got a gazillion of those spare, however this morning I found this interpretation of the same aircraft earlier in the battle, and as it stated to be at my home airfield and with the pre-sky undersides I have to do it now. And talking of the spit, here it is, my first build of the old classic
  8. Bit more sanding in some areas, including the nose after it got knocked off, repainted the camo and added the non camo areas, dunno whether to do the pilot and canopy next or the underside.
  9. Cameras added and I’ve got the kit for the mkix, wings will come from a sword xiv and spares canopy if needed
  10. Well I’ve asked about a 1000 questions over entry, think I’ve finally confirmed my second and what should be final entry. Dreading the Orange pearl finish, but hey, if it goes wrong can always repaint it into a bog standard scheme. How odd that both my entries will be orange
  11. Revell f-16 Orange Lion. Always wanted that one. Downside is I might now have to build it in the upcoming special Gb and that Orange pearl finish is probably beyond me. Also popping to my local in the morning to pick up an az spitfire vii
  12. Lovely work, I'm about to embark on a silver AZ spitfire so this gives me some confidence
  13. Actually having compared the parts to the sword bits, the isn't a difference with the elevators, so I think I will be picking the AZ VII up tommorow after all. Thanks for again the help Giorgio edit: I have another question after going through my spares, sword kits and abandoned XII conversion, I've noticed that the deeper canopy from the AZ mkVII fits the sword XIV almost perfectly where as the eduard IX canopy is too shallow at the rear so did the high back XIV have a deeper canopy, and did the XII ? @Giorgio N Also, managed to russle up parts to build an XIX from the spares box so thats another fun little future build once I've got a vac canopy, good timing as had decals for another BBMF one deilvered this morning
  14. Did the varnishing whilst on the sand so actually got it done today. One more to go. Edit: whooops missed the camera's
  15. Looking even nicer, I’ve won the kit so will be joining you, btw what prop and spinner does it come with?
  16. Old revell hurricane last night and a set of 5 Bbmf aircraft decals tonight
  17. Cheers, and apologies for the mad posting, things were a bit uncertain. Anyway decals on including the tiny 4 inch serials. Should be finished by Monday, now to order the mkix, turns out I can’t use the eduard kit as the Bbmfs has an e wing and the eduard e is now sold out everywhere so it will the AZ kit, for a silver aircraft. That will be fun….
  18. Another done, hasegawa kit and stencils, hobbyboss decals, Vallejo and Xtracrylix paint, Winsor and Newton Matt.
  19. Inspired by @Giorgio Ns excellent build of this old kit and because I’d just picked up airfixs vintage spitfire mki and I fancied doing a hurri I alongside it I put in a bid for this, despite the artwork it is the 1962 mkI, just been told I’ve won it so here we go. Hope the mods don’t mind the airfix spit appearing alongside it
  20. Ah so I wouldn't just be able to swap the wings with the Sword kit, that settles it as the AZ kit has a boxing with the decals I need inside so I will just order that and leave the VII...cheers for the help Giorgio.
  21. Think I recall reading somewhere in the past that MK356 was actually fitted with an E wing at some point in its history and looking at photos it has the ejector ports of an E, guess I shall look out for an eduard IXe kit (edit looks like its sold out everywhere). And indeed that is the AZ boxing my local has. Edit2: dug my sword 3:1 spitfire xiv kit out and the e wing can fit on to the AZ IX fuselage, so perhaps the VII will be fine as the wing/fuse arrangement looks identical
  22. Thats a thought, think the bbmf's one is a MK serial IXc that pretends to be an e sometimes, the latest eduard is clearly an early IX, so Ill have to shop around see if anywhere has the original weekend edition left, also re the VII if the canopy is an issue Ive spare from the IX kit so maybe that will be the one
  23. In two minds, planning a NMF IX as per the bbmfs one from a few years back and in two minds, either buying the new eduard 1/72 weekend from Hannants or the AZ Vii from my local. Which should I go for, I know the eduard will be easier to build given my experiences with their IX but it’s a different tooling so maybe it will be different?
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