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  1. Two schucco 1/200 civys, usaf 757 which I’m a bit disappointed in having not seen it’s missing the winglets before bidding and a lufthansa a320
  2. My own body, current injury woes is a long story but I’m waiting for my body to realise both the original knee and the resulting upset calf muscles are now on the mend and start to adjust so I can walk closer to normal.
  3. 79 and 102 were the greens
  4. Sad to see the old girls go, lovely looking bunch and the wedge tail is one ugly beast
  5. Not available on catchup at least currently, hopefully that will be rectified as missed the first episode edit: uktv has confirmed they are having some issues with getting it up
  6. Looking unlikely this will make it, out of action due to injury and probably won’t get back in the game in time to finish this….
  7. Looks like I’m going to have pull out, was struggling with an injury, seemed to be on the mend but had a major set back last week and not been able to model for days and probably won’t any time soon. Really frustrating but my mobility is a bit more important than chunks of plastic and paint……
  8. Was sent an offer on eBay so expanded my fledging collection of 1/200 snap fit models with a Hogan delta 777-200
  9. Considering entering the f-35 myself with the RNoAF markings in the academy 7 nations kit but didn’t and ultimately got myself the Hasegawa B to do an RAF one, Hasegawa is slightly superior as the academy lacks the fully flush ram panels of the Hasegawa and the real thing though they are miles better than the ones on the Italeri kits.
  10. Humbrol don’t actually do a neutral grey, they recommended the much too light 128 though I think Humbrol 156 raf dark camouflage grey is the right ballpark
  11. Got me there, this morning I declared I’m finishing a kit that cost a lot more than this and is way more dimensionally wrong…..plus probably could do something radical and lengthen the nose rather than a be a killjoy.
  12. That sucks, regulated to paint mule it is for those of us who purchased
  13. 3 lots each in tow with a kc-135 per chance this morning?…explains why they were so loud…didn’t see them mind in the sun glare but saw the tankers coming on the radar
  14. Some paint, and a hasegawa f-35b for a rather bargainous price, didnt want to buy any kits as I'm considering expanding my fledgling 1/200 resin airliner collection but i have sold a few things and I'm unable to visit my local probably have the funds for both, now to not drop this one on its canopy and actually finish it..... edit: never actually confirmed that paint order, decided I didn't actually need some of them which allowed me to order from the other supplier for a particular brand and ended up having a kit browse and adding a hobbyboss fw190 to my cart as like the camo options, but them required me to add some RLM colours so actually ended up with an even bigger order....
  15. Hoped they might have bundled in the GR part sprue in to follow the trend they had with other reboxes so could steal the aerials to replace the terrible mess I've made with etch ones on my sunderland...still looks another fantastic rebox and I bet 100 times easier to build than the mpm one
  16. Thanks for all, looks like I have an inaccurate model anyway as I’ve not modified the nose tail and got the kit exhausts and as I’ve not been able to find any pics of from the period apart from the pic I mentioned earlier which I’ve now found was on the cover of an Air Force mag in 89 the year before mine I’ve concluded I won’t be adding any sensor fit to the underside and will finish it as it is now aside from adding the nose pitots, AoA sensors etc.
  17. eBay shops that don’t state they offer combined postage and don’t check their messages, just lost some custom and coin over 5 minutes work…..
  18. Possibly the last update for some time (or just a few days whilst it’s Matt coated), trying to figure out what sensor fit I need to scratch is proving difficult, have found pics of a 3 tone aircraft without any underneath but no date and serial number attached, maybe should just accept it give the kit has well known issues I’ve not addressed.
  19. Well I can't find any pics of the underside of the one I'm doing, and the only pic of one in the camo I have found doesn't seem to have any of the pods from the baracuda sets. Maybe I can get away with leaving it as it is/
  20. Forgot my previous recommendation of XA RLM24, pot shifted to a blue too light for BA blue after a few usages
  21. Funds are limited and indeed the kit is at the post decals stage, looks like I’ve got quite a bit of scratch building to do
  22. ah had purchased that set for the canopy masks and lost the DAS masks
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