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  1. Obviously knew that you'd be looking at her many years later. They may be closer to take-off than you think I'm going to find out where the station's assembly areas were as this looks like a formation exercise to bring new pilots up to speed. It's only a few minutes flying time from t/off after all. Note the white bars on each wingtip too.
  2. Remember THIS photo from the last GB? Well it's been located!! Not by SleeperDad but by A.N. Other Between Sawston and Stapleford Cambridgeshire. That colour scheme looks fantastic. From the link the first 8AF plane to complete 100 missions w/out an abort while with 533BS 381BG on 11 Jan 1944. The house with the circular drive is Stapleford Grange off the A1301 Cambridge Road, the road beneath the left wingtip leads to Dernfold Farm. Stapleford village is in the background.
  3. That sounds fine to me. Anything you need to know I'll have it to hand. This is so good looking I think I may be swayed regardless I'm thinking 381BG RAF Ridgewell Essex 1944 OD over NG Grew up about three miles away from there and that big white triangle looks good with the red bits.
  4. Looks like our minds have melded as I was planning the same. Resin2Detail had better get that XB-38 released PDQ as my second choice which won't be NMF! I admire your excellent choice sir. I assume you have the recent MMP book.
  5. I'll be having one of these in 1/48th when released. Great choice of subject. Will the Watchkeeper and support vehicle also be in multiple scales?
  6. Hi All I have just about finished assembling the items for a Coastal Command B-17 in 1/48 so will sign up for this one. Resin2Detail has/had an interesting range of B-17 parts and more planned. Perhaps writing to him to promote the GB and express interest may be good. There was an XB-36 planned in 48th (undoubtedly the most beautiful version) which I'd love to see built. Almost forgot: For those with older decal sheets Kitsworld do some very nice national markings & Stencil sheets to make any B-17 pop.
  7. Nit-picking mode but rotating the image to level the horizon gives a very different perspective. The wings make this plane IMHO as they are so unusual in plan too. I'm really looking forward to getting one in 48th. A lot of USAAF modellers will be interested too.
  8. Sadly they are not alone in leaving OOD webpages and sites up. I've lost count of those I've tried to contact to no avail. At least the frustration is easier to bear in the electronic age.
  9. Maybe to you but to a mere mortal such as I you are doing magic. My mind just can't work in the way CAD needs, but watching what can be achieved is fascinating. That nose gear bay may be worth reproducing in 1/48 as there must be hundreds of the Italeri kits in stashes and maybe the Revell kit will need it too. It's going to be very interesting when the Revell and then Hypersonic/Gaspatch kits appear.
  10. If in the UK there's stuff easily available from Model Art including some nice decal sheets.
  11. You're starting to freak me out. We messaged when I asked if you were related to my boss Sam Poultney also from Hinckley. Mate you look exactly like him too. Weird old world. In Suffolk there was a clone of me two villages over. We never got to meet but seeing photos of him was like looking in a small blurry mirror. I like the Newark Museum too but inside that Vulcan was not a comfortable time for me.
  12. That's pretty reasonable for a large aircraft, well detailed and etch included. I'd shudder to think what the only 1/48 alternative would cost brought to the same level. No I'll not think about it at all actually. With the Hurricane finally being addressed properly (it seems) in 1/48 by Arma it's looking like a good year so far. I can't wait to see what you announce next and Thank You for this in the meantime.
  13. According to their FB page this is what's coming. There MAY be alternatives planned but this is all I know about at present.
  14. Told You. It is pretty awesome I think. Elsewhere the author explained that it was a technical book and he'd leave other areas for other authors to cover. I understand your comment but honestly think the book is better without the finger pointing. The Rolls-Royce books can be ordered from the site @JasonC linked to. If you can't get them shipped to the Netherlands direct PM me and I'll send them on for you. That said RRHT are pretty good in my experience (as they should be) and some of the members have unholy knowledge of company history, politics and people. If one of the books doesn't cover fuel injection already I'd bet they have an answer.
  15. Thanks for that I keep forgetting who specialises in what subject. With my Congo J29B looking hopefully at me I think Norwegian for the first Vampire. Yes, yes, and yes! A very good idea indeed. With the Pilot Replica's 2 seater in the pipeline it could be a very well-timed re-release.
  16. Decals are hardly an issue IMHO the important bit is the styrene and brass which looks extremely impressive in those renders. It'll cost what it costs, adding 'enhancements' to a standard kit from the Big Boys can easily see a final cost of £100+ from even a modest kit - it's all relative. The USAAF in the UK used them too so another boxing or chance for a decal producer there.
  17. Topic drift offering sage advice that many should heed and education too. Plus an overload of irony. Finally big red letters - my cup runneth over. I still say that whatever they produce good fortune to them, likely not my cup of tea but variety is good.
  18. Not my scale but I'm very happy for fans of the scale and era that a resurgence may happen. Being a little selfish it may generate interest in the subject such that others follow in other scales, there is plenty of potential an R.E.8 in 1/48 would be good as it was the reason the RAF was needed. Obviously there are plenty of 1/32 gaps yet to be filled so a good market you'd hope.
  19. I hope that one of the Scandinavian decal companies can put that right for us.
  20. Finally the Mi-24 version I've been waiting for. Nice review too. IIRC somebody did a decal sheet for the rivets but I can't find any trace of it now. Can anybody advise? The opening of 9th Company features a pair in close formation if you need inspiration.
  21. If a 100kg weight penalty made the plane faster then the surface finish must have been appalling. How would they have been able to mass-produce this if it was accepted for production. Would they have bothered at all or just done certain areas. Thank You for posting this as I have the 1/48 Ark kit which lacks much surface detail bar some very wide panel lines.
  22. Any comment on print photo reproduction and paper quality Julian? I've brought several Helion titles and the production values seem very low.
  23. WOW! I didn't realise my cunning plan would work so quickly That's great to hear. Thank You.
  24. I've just ordered one direct, hopefully the extra they'll make on it will get the Sk105 finished .
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