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  1. You can give people heart attacks and/or severe depression with posts like that. @Tbolt Not quite as bad here but still brought 21. However my wish list is shrinking rapidly which is good. I hope yours has too.
  2. After your comment on my thread I'll just say that my KV-85 fight to the death is coming to a successful close so I'll be starting mine in a few days too. @Marklo is just showing off now he's already applying paint
  3. I can't believe how many there are. I didn't think I'd be joining but every cloud has a silver lining. Getting nostalgia overload....
  4. I've twigged my error when looking through the parts and instructions. I meant those lights cunningly disguised as vents weren't there @Bertie Psmith The joy of finding you are an eletricky engineer rather than a charred and smoking bod better suited to plumbing the comment about the ID lights I shall remember for future reference and may admit that I didn't know that until just now.
  5. Obviously not aiming at three personally but with @Marklo and @Desk Flyer there may be a triptych of these often forgotten planes built. So here is my kit recently snagged on eBay from a nice guy selling his brother's collection. I'll be using the Aires cockpit set if I can. It's not intended for this kit (Or the HB either) but it may save me hassle in a part of the build I don't always enjoy. My subject was chosen a very long time ago when researching early US rocket development. There's enough firepower there to ruin anybody's day. Taken at China Lake when the plane was allocated to the Naval Ordnance Test Squadron but, I don't believe allocated to VX-5, it certainly hasn't got their markings. I believed these were flipped views of the same photo for a while but obviously not. I think there is enough fin showing to reveal VX-5's marking if it was there. The one thing that bothered me was the colour of thew rocket pod fairings until I found this As this is from a NAA publication I'm going with red for the LAU-3/A pods which will be Aerobonus 480063, 3 sets of, EEK! The extravagance, but what about the children?? Then there's @Tailspin Turtle sites and Naval Fighters book (sadly OOP and the print on demand version has been made with half a potato printing technology) HERE, HERE TOO, HERE AGAIN, THERE and THEREABOUTS I have to say this about Tommy; he's a very helpful and knowledgeable guy with great connections who shares an immense amount of stuff on his blogs freely. I think he should know that his work is appreciated by me at least. There is a new volume from Detail and Scale just published. My mate has it ordered and I'll be borrowing it for this too. Finally those with this in the stash may be interested in a forthcoming Caracal Decal sheet in 48th. CD 48208: FJ-4 Fury Markings for US Navy FJ-4 Fury fighters So here's my starting bet I'm up to my eyes with 1/48 KV-85 parts at the moment, as soon as I clear some room this'll be up and @JOCKNEY Frog Hurricane may sneak into a couple of photos along the way. The last Frog STGB finisher??
  6. I'm really glad I posted that photo. Thank You all for filling in one of many gaps in my knowledge. I though they were some sort of formation light as the Monogram kit in 1/48 has nothing there....
  7. Good start on the model. The woodwork is stirring memories of early balsa conversions in Airfix magazine and similar.
  8. Hi All In an earlier post I stated that the markings on the wingtips were white. I've just found this photo which shows that they were aluminium. I don't recognise the book so have asked the poster for details.
  9. If it's £72 and of the same standard as the recent 1/48 Vampire I'll be quite happy. The cost needs to be seen in context currently rather than historically as we are not living in a functioning economy and haven't been since at least 2008. I recently spent just over a hundred quid to get from Nottingham to Suffolk by train when a family emergency occurred. The last trip to see a decent band play at a regional venue was £150+ for two of us before we stepped inside. Model making is a cheap hobby. Try fishing, jet skiing, or car restoration if you want to experience the warmth of money being burned before your disbelieving eyes. That drum shaped bit in the kit nose. Could it be the rear end of the radar equipment? Seems sensible to have it as a removable item bearing in mind reliability issues when the aircraft was designed.
  10. This has turned out rather well in the end. A very interesting thread as well which is all to the better. With the brakes and the drive at the rear the half-track both sides would work and steer IRL. You'd have to take it slow as the track tension may be off but a lot better than walking or being captured by the dastardly hun. Tank gearboxes are also a very smart differential. The handles and other tiny bits are the other issue to trouble AFV modellers, my method is to remove from the sprues one at a time and clean the part up before dropping it into a milk carton top off to one side. If you establish this habit it makes life a lot simpler and I like simpler. You may too If the flying bogie really irks you then it should be easy to remove the wheels and axles and reattach a little off-centre to level everything out. The large one, being more visible, may need the arm moving which is easy enough to do with a saw cut from the bottom until you can bend it down then make good. Alfie may be able to help as kids are smaller and better for tight spaces...
  11. Has anybody any thoughts on this release? Presumably the Accurate Miniature kit and originally announced for 2020. Just a shame the the S.Signal canopies aren't around anymore.
  12. I hope so I've been badgering any Airfix people I encounter about this for ages. Fantastic little beasts even when one of mine became a convertible on the M5 some years ago.
  13. Come on you love their product as you can whittle the lumps to the correct shape of, well anything, actually
  14. Pretty much my take too. I prefer to find out about a subject as thoroughly as I can then decide what's worth attention and what isn't. I've got this very kit but no canopy and one sprue missing. The mighty bay refunded me when the seller ignored my issues and I may get another and join in too. @JOCKNEY is a bit of a rivet counter though so I'll need to be careful....
  15. Bit later than planned as I made a rather major unavoidable error which has required a rethink. After a bit more work I put the model in the cupboard where the hot water tanks lives to fully harden without stinking up the flat (it vents outside). Forgot about it for a few days until I found it just before Crimble, the front fuselage had twisted very badly and the intake not so much. I was rather irked by this and naughty words may have been muttered. So a complete change of plan: Start saving for a replacement kit which I shall treat rather better Having the Blue Envoy Press P.1216 book there are drawings of a two-seater which I thought would be good. Out on Crimble Eve the Hospice shop had a book about the Pegasus engine, upon entering to purchase said volume I spotted an Airfix 1/48 Tornado for £10. The 'scrounger' at my local club had got some part-build aircraft going for nowt so I picked up a handful of parts for the same kit. A few hours got me here Based on the Revell cockpit I scratched a new interior after narrowing and lowering the Tornado fuselage. The Airfix kit has a reputation for 'needing care in assembly' however removing the locating pins and the supporting plastic for them made a huge difference and using strips at the back of the joints it was relatively easy to get a good fit. So it'll be going What-If? and I need to work out a story, I have the bare bones of a cunning plan. Public Service Announcement: If you have an Airfix 1/48 Tornado then the Revell canopy is a drop fit onto it. Much thinner and clearer and will correct the stretched rear cockpit error in the F3 kit.
  16. Somebody used to draw British artillery plans (Ken Musgrave?) if you can find one for this then I'd get some scratch and use it to build your own. Then you can assemble this POS and compare the two at any shows that may occur. That would get you an OBE for Public Service I'd think. I've fought some junk but that is far worse than anything I've tackled. Ever. There's some stuff HERE that may help.
  17. That is the best suggestion I have come across. In that era knowledge of Latin and other languages was quite common among people with the 'right' education. Matilda has bugged me for years. This is a great build thread and I'll bet that I'm not the only one learning stuff despite feeling confident they 'know' the subject. Dick Taylor has done two Valentine books in the APH series which are very good too and don't overlap a huge amount with the ones you have mentioned. PART1 and PART 2
  18. I think we need a Group Build for those of us who make problems for ourselves. 12 months should be enough. Your brush painting looks a look better than the decal and a bit more practice will see you improving further. In my experience track/mudguard clearance is often an issue due to the kit parts being many times thicker than the real thing scaled down. I use either thick foil or drink can aluminium to make replacements making a rubbing of surface detail with normal foil which I stick down with 2-part epoxy. For this model scraping the undersides back may work better. I also fit the tracks and wheels last thing before I deal with side skirts or similar. That rear piece is strange almost as if the idler mount section is upside down....
  19. Very good models and great skills in presenting them too.
  20. PE polyethylene plastic isn't a thermoset so the individual atoms in it move albeit very slowly. As they move away from the surface the paint is no longer anchored. After enough of this happens the paint can be peeled off in a sheet. Fear not there are two ways round this. 1. Rough the surface up to increase surface area then use a plastic primer (Halfords is pretty good) in two or three thin coats. As it dries it shrinks and it remarkably resilient. 2. Get some PVA as used by builders thin it to taste and paint it on the PE making sure it also anchors to adjacent materials if not completely covering the PE. Then your cheapie primer will stick well. The latter was applied to the domes on my nephew's full size Dalek domes and 20 years on they're still good except where they've been scratched. You must be using a very tough clear coat to get the same effect. That's come out very well indeed and looks fantastic, I'm glad you have been able to rescue it.
  21. That may be better than "IGNORE THIS STENCIL" Pretty much my take too at the moment. In one of my group therapy sessions obsession got mentioned. I mentioned my 80-odd part-built models and learned that I was just playing at it. Another had nearly 5000 unread books but still brought them several times quicker than she read them and they weren't all paperbacks either.... my favourite was the guy who had seven Jaguar XJS cars, the 1980s version, all non-runners. If you have the room and money then there are a lot worse ways to spend your money. My school-mate Paul is on his 9th marriage, he must like wedding cake
  22. There is also the advantage that they are larger which is helpful as increasing decrepitude causes issues. I swopped some years back and don't regret it for a second.
  23. Oh WOW! She looks very different (and much better) than I remembered. Going over the Tonka I've already found the Revell canopy fits the Airfix fuselage perfectly which is good as the one in the bag is scratched and very thick. I'll try and polish but a Plan B is always good.
  24. Thank You for the comments. It has got even better as there is most of an Airfix F.3 in there too but no fuselage halves But that means I have the two sizes of tank I need and the decal sheets are pretty OK too. The links and Pat Benatar picture are both welcome too. Seems like a good opportunity to work on my rusty detailing skills.
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