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  1. Knight_Flyer

    CH-46 / KV-107 STGB 2nd March to 2nd June

    Yes all sorted, got 2 Fujimi and didn't realise I also have a Canadian Labrador... yes I am still talking about the helicopter It's Canada's version of the CH-46. Will only build the one though and decide nearer the time which one.
  2. Knight_Flyer


    Considering Graham's comment, does HM outsell Corgi by a factor of at least 10 in the UK? As a bit of general interest for readers, Corgi and Airfix both come under Hornby. Corgi make pre-assembled and painted metal diecast planes. Some of their new releases are based on Airfix kits (no surprises there ) and examples include P-51D, P-40B, Bf 109E It's suspected the new Corgi British F-4 Phantom is based on the Airfix, however Corgi is releasing it in 1/48 scale.
  3. Knight_Flyer

    Fw 190 JG 2 Erich Rudorffer, North Africa, 1943

    Thanks for your input chaps. I did indeed see the website and like Sturmovik have my doubts and hoped perhaps there were other sources giving supporting information. I think I'll go with painting the overall RLM 79 as it seems to be a safer option
  4. Anyone know if this scheme actually existed? Tried looking for period photos and couldn't find any. Also tried looking here on BM and didn't see any threads - apologies if there was one and I missed it.
  5. Knight_Flyer

    Airfix P-40B Propeller Blade painting guide - Confused

    Thanks guys, my search skills must be off as I missed finding that thread. I did find the kiwimodeller thread and Dana's explanation really put it all into context
  6. So Airfix issued the P-40B in 2 scales of a Pearl Harbor scheme. Trouble is, the instructions are conflicting on whether the prop blades should have yellow tips. Anyone know the definitive answer as to if the tips should be painted yellow or not? Also, were the back of the blades really painted black? If the blades were all unpainted metal to begin with, why paint the back of them? I did try to find period photos of the planes, unfortunately none of them showed the propeller blades very clearly. Here are the conflicting instructions, the top sheet is for the 1/48 kit and the bottom one 1/72:
  7. Knight_Flyer

    Pacific at War Gallery

    1/72 Special Hobby CAC CA-13 Boomerang, "Wanda Lust" No. 83 Squadron, RAAF, Gove, Northern Territory, Australia, 1944 Build thread: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235044603-172-special-hobby-cac-ca-13-boomerang/
  8. Knight_Flyer

    1/72 Special Hobby CAC CA-13 Boomerang

    Finally it is complete and my last model build of 2018 Needless to say, the remaining parts of landing lights, gear doors and prop did not fit at all well. The gear doors mainly because there wasn't anything to attach them to apart from the wheel. SH really did make a mess in this area, the top arc of the gear leg doesn't extend far enough to attach door and the torsion linkage has been missed out. I managed to improvise as time was running out. A lot of stencil data is included on the decal sheet however, after staring at countless period photos I really can't see any of the stencils showing on the plane. Perhaps on 1/48 it's more appropriate but for 1/72 I decided best to omit them altogether and just have the main markings. Weathering kept to a minimal as if the plane was just seeing combat.
  9. Knight_Flyer

    1/72 Special Hobby CAC CA-13 Boomerang

    Pressure is on now. With Christmas festivities going on, will be away for a while... last min shopping, visiting relatives etc In theory it is possible I can complete the build with what available time there is... but there will be none to spare for any delays. I've already put a memo by my workbench - "in future, do not do GB over the Christmas period" Here it is as the model currently stands. Wheels are on as well as more coats of paint. In reality, the colours are rather light and should darken more after varnish goes on it.
  10. Knight_Flyer

    1/72 Special Hobby CAC CA-13 Boomerang

    Thanks I'm making more progress now with the painting. First coat always looks horrible and a case of building up the layers until a relatively good result is reached... just need to be patient and basically that's the plan. The other bits such as the gear wheel and doors I'm leaving till last. Landing lights could prove to be trouble, not unexpected considering how much the kit has been I sometimes why I bother with these short run East Europeans - why not have an easier time with the shake and bake Japanese kits
  11. I've read the rules and just want to make sure I understood them correctly as I would like to clear down me stash. Maritime patrol seems quite a wide criteria and does that basically mean a lot of warships can be included such as a destroyer? The kit I have is armed with torpedoes and depth charges. With planes, does any armed with a torpedo qualify? I'm guessing Seafires and Fulmars etc are excluded as they were mainly fighter cover and not armed with anti-shipping ordnance.
  12. Knight_Flyer

    1/72 Special Hobby CAC CA-13 Boomerang

    Had a bit of a disaster. Canopy was all masked off and thought I'll paint that first. Never did like painting canopy frames and wanted it out of the way. Partway through I noticed paint seeping through and immediately stopped. Anxious about the damage, I removed the masking and set about cleaning up the over-spill. So, not the neatest of paint jobs and probably need to do some more cleaning up. As you can see, I managed to scratch build covers for the quarter light and model looks a lot better. Oh yes, the canopy was a right pig to fit and required a lot of careful sanding. Cannons and pitot also fitted and yup all of them required work to get them on. I noticed the gear legs were angled inwards and they should be straight... had to break and re-position. Handy tip here. Use the smallest amount of cement to position the leg and leave to set when at correct angle. Then carefully run a tiny amount of liquid superglue around the join. The gear legs now feel as strong as steel. Well perhaps not that strong, they are sturdy though Primer has revealed some gaps and those need to be filled in. Hopefully can get back to painting soon after
  13. Knight_Flyer

    1/72 Special Hobby CAC CA-13 Boomerang

    Not a lot of progress I'm afraid. What with Christmas and all, time isn't in abundance. I've gone as far as attaching the gear legs and the tail planes. That was a task in itself as none of the parts fitted properly. At least it's done and should be able to progress onto painting the airframe.
  14. Knight_Flyer

    1/72 Special Hobby CAC CA-13 Boomerang

    Thanks for that, I may have gotten away with the canopy fit as the fuselage halves didn't come together properly leaving a gap. Fortunately the upper fuselage is covered by the intake that is a separate part. Will need to have a think about the quarter window covers. It always baffles me how the manufacturers can make such a glaring omission.
  15. Quite disappointed. It was supposed to be 1TB of storage for free and 1000 photos only used up 0.3% of that for my uploads. Anyway test below for new hosting site... wonder how long before they start charging