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  1. That is likely the reason, I either missed or forgot about this topic.
  2. This is because nobody proposed or offered to host an RAF centenary build, but if they had of done my guess is it would have done well in the poll. Grumman, lots of people like building Hellcats on here, and especially Eduard Hellcats it seems.
  3. We have now 40 nominations! The group build poll closes very soon, get your votes in now. Thanks all. 1) Old Thumper 2) Ventora3300 3) Rob G 4) Arniec 5) Theplasicsurgeon 6) Malpaso 7) Stevehnz 8) Caerbannog 9) CliffB 10) Zebra 11) Big X 12) Lawzer 13) Greg Destec 14) Adrianmf 15) Antb 16) Paul J 17) Avreda 18) Nigel Heath 19) Rafalbert 20) Jb65rams 21) 825 22) Rick Brown 23) Grandboof 24) Plasto 25) Ray S 26) PLC1966 27) Tonytiger66 28) Rabbit Leader 29) Romeo Alpha Yankee 30) Mad_djg 31) Moggy 32) Tony W 33) PhantomBigStu 34) 1903Flight 35) Threadbear 36) Ozzy 37) Martian Hale 38) Colonel Wreck 39) Bonhoff 40) Croissiant Oliver 41) Stevej60
  4. I find these old Airfix kits are more rewarding and enjoyable to build than a lot of the more modern ones that cost several times as much money. I have had Azur kits that looked as though they were moulded under a hedge by a bloke drunk on cheap cider.
  5. That is fine, I will put you on our list. Don't forget to vote for us in the poll.
  6. I remember building that one as a nipper, looking at yours inspires me to build another.
  7. The Marauder is a nice kit to build, if you can find one. The 1/72 Mosquito is a pretty good kit and should be easy to get hold of as it is in the current Airfix catalogue. The Hellcat is a personal favorite.
  8. Thanks, I see you are an administrator, could you just let us know if this thread belongs in Aircraft RFI and if not whether it could be moved? To begin with this topic was meant to be just aircraft but naturally as with all things Airfix we have digressed.
  9. Well I was born in 1968 so I was at the age of 10 in 1978, all or most of these kits were already here by then so I have pretty much spent my life with them.
  10. Although I acknowledge probably not Airfix's best kit, this is my favorite Airfix kit of all time the P-38F Lightning. I have built a number of these kits over the years and currently have three built examples in my collection plus one of two in the stash and will no doubt buy more. This kit is Airfix's second P-38 kit first released about 1972-4, their first P-38 kit being a J model dating from the late 1950's. First off the Pacific based sharks teeth box top version everyone knows and loves. Secondly "Pudgy", the alternative scheme from the kits most recent release. The original B- side scheme for this kit was for a North Africa based aircraft. And lastly a build which took sometime to complete, a re-scribed desert camouflaged P-38G. Just as a side note, from a small number of pictures and film clips there is evidence that a limited number of aircraft were given a desert camouflage scheme.
  11. The trouble is there is no rfi for mixed genres and also it would be like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.
  12. Please carry on posting any nostalgic Airfix pics you have. On reflection I should have included everything Airfix did in this thread.
  13. Yes the original post was just aircraft, but as one conversation leads to another the original topic has widened. I will go with the flow and remove aircraft from the title. I was going to start separate topics for ships and armour but probably best to keep them all under the same roof. It would be really nice if someone could post pictures of the old BSA and Ariel motorbikes. It would also be really nice to see some pictures of the cars again also, not just the Marina and Maxi etc but the old vintage ones as well.
  14. Lovely Hampden. No chance of hogging the thread, the more pictures the better.
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