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1/48 MiG-19S a.k.a. J-6

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Hi guys.

I've been busy with daily work, wedding preparing, house decoration work and also my little brand Fairy Hobby affairs so really have not made models for a quite while.

Now here to share with you buddies the last finished piece.

Yes, the Chinese Farmer which shot down the USAF F-4C on June 26, 1967.

This work has been published on the famous aircraft modelling magazine Air Modeller Vol. 34,



and also on the Chinese magzine Model World issue August 2011.



If you are interested about the story, here is the interview I made with the veteran pilot who shot down the F-4B, Zhushu WANG.

Sorry only in simplified Chinese:


And if you are interested in the 1/48 Chinese pilot figure, check here:

[FS] Fairy Hobby original aftermarket goods

Here are some shots of the real plane, the very famous "Phantom Killer" in our childhood.



And if you are looking for the in progress thread, it's right here:

PLANAF Phantom Killer! 1/48 J-6 early batch(Chinese MiG-19S)

So here we go the show time!










Some detail shots.

Nose area, borrowed from HiPM kit.





Cockpit area:





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Wings and fins:







Exhaust nozzles:




Landing gears:






Small details and air brakes:




The pilot!




Finally some more.


Sent to Mr. WANG as a present.

The old pilot is very satisfied with it. :)


The memory book wrote by Phil Smith, another F-104 pilot who has been shot down and put in prison in China for over 7 years.

Poor man, sad period...




Thank you for your watching and any comments or critiques are greatly welcome!



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I must congratulate you on such an excellent model, I actually brought that copy of AIR magazine just for the article on the MiG-19.




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SIMPLY STUNNING ! :mike: incredible skills on show

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Exceptional work. It looks so grand! A great present to the pilot as well. Brilliant. :worthy:

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Lovely build, great finish and excellent weathering. I think the MiG-19 has to be my favourite MiG, it's got such a sleek shape yet at the same time looks like it means business. Glad to see Mr. Wang appreciates the model, too - pilots do like models of their aircraft!

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Hi Yufei,

Great job on this Mig.19.

But most beautiful was the form of the Mr.Wang Graduated with Honors at that age, with a replica of his plane and see him delighted with the piece.

Congratulations on the model and the gesture.



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very cool indeed

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That's fantastic.

Did you rivet it yourself or is it Trumpeter doing?


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that is truly one of the most remarkable models ive ever seen and the gesture of presenting the model to the chap is wonderfull,

really really amazing, thanks for sharing with us

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Thank you for your words, mates!

I also feel it very meaningful to present it to a veteran pilot who has been so devoted for our country in his youth.

I was lucky enough to have a J-6 displayed just behind my home so I studied it a lot.

Plus Mr.WANG also tought me lots of knowledges about the plane.

Believe it or not, though he's over 80 years old, his memory about the MiG-19 and the air battle is still so sharp and clear, just like yesterday's affairs.

And all rivets are self made using the J-6 photos I took.

Thanks again for watching!



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She steals the show here and I am sure that Mr WANG will adore her...

What a lovely way to pay your tribute to a man who deserevs this ...


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Incredible work, and outstanding model.


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Thanks so much for the feedbacks guys!

And here comes the back story.

Another hidden air combat history during Vietnam War.

“Old soldiers never die,they just fade away…”

It was a big surprise to know that the air combat heroes, whose stories were read since my childhood on aviation magazines,live in the same city with me, Shanghai.

All starts with an individual homemade documentary videos which I saw on TV coincidently.

The old man introduced in the video, was a very famous PLA Navy fighter pilot, Mr. Zhushu WANG.

I got his home telephone number by contacting the author of the video, and visited him on the afternoon of July 3,2010, with another two aviation enthuastists.

Mr. Wang was in service in 6th Division 16th regiment of PLA Navy Air Force(known as PLANAF),and after the period they fight with Taiwan Air Force, his regiment was transparented from Fujian province sentinel airfield to Haikou airfield in Hainan Island with the beginning of Vietnam War, in order to intercept the US aircrafts intruded China from time to time.

It was on June 26,1967.Mr.Wang,together with his wingman Mr.Jiliang Lv, shot down a USAF F-4C “Phantom”(63-7577, 390th TFS/366th TFW out of Da Nang, RVN) ,which intruded into China’s airspace over Lingshui, Hainan Island by their Chinese licensed produced MiG-19S,J-6s.

Both “Phantom riders” were saved, while Mr. Wang and Mr. Lv were awarded by First-Class Merit citation.

The prize was only a tiny honor note, a pen and a series of <Collected Works of Mao Tse-Tung>.

Mr. Wang retired from PLANAF on 1988 and lives in Shanghai till now.

When we visted him, he showed us many precious old pictures. Not only the Phantom shooting gun camera photo, but also many unique painting schemes of J-6s at that special period, the Cultural Revolution.

At that period, the individual personality cult towards Mao Tse-Tung has arriven at the highest level,so even on military aircrafts, Mao’s hand writing style slogans.

So that was the inspiration for me to make a “Phantom Killer” J-6, Mr.Wang’s “Red 21”.

You can found the slogan which means “Serve the People” on the left side of the nose and “Must Destroy All Intruders” on the right side, and also “Long Live Chairman Mao” on the outside of both wing fences, together with some famous words from <Collected Works of Mao Tse-Tung>.

The red star painted under the windshield on left side, was a kill mark for the “Phantom Killer”.

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