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  1. For me one and only real Harrier. Lovely!
  2. Well... that’s simply perfect...
  3. Nice! It’s a tough kit to tame, but you did a wonderful job on it.
  4. Absolutely! Tons of new Tomcats, nothing wrong with that by the way, and 109's. But the last scale 1/48 AH-1G dates from 1967...
  5. Excellent job! This is my favourite version of the Cobra and you turned the kit in a wonderful model. I’m waiting for years now for a decent scale 1/48 AH-1G...
  6. Excellent job on that old Heller kit! Pierre Clostermann’s Big Show is the reason why I have a Tempest on the shelf too. What a marvellous book that is!
  7. As a big Buck Danny (and Lady X) fan to another big Buck Danny fan: Lovely Job, I like the idea. I have toyed with the idea many, many times. But until now only my F-9F Panther was inspired by these comics.
  8. Magnifique! How I love the 2000 in this scheme
  9. Excellent job on that Persian Cat m8! And a clean build for a change. Very nice job on the panel lines too.
  10. Using the same mask twice isn't really an option. Removing them from the model wil almost certainly rip them apart because of all the 90 degree edges. Although you can make them less sticky by sticking them on the back of your hand a few time, which is advisable. The stick really well. What I ment is that you can use the remains of the masks, the outside so to say, from the sheets as some sort of counter mask to touch up specific parts.
  11. It is some sort of rocket science indeed! There is only one right order to apply the different masks. The good thing of Begemots masks is that you can use the remains of the sheets to correct your mistakes.
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