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  1. Thanks for the feedback Troy Smith. Once again for me, there can never be enough research. I was aware of the Rotol blades, but not of specific composition of them.
  2. On 7th October 1940 Pilot Officer Ken Mackenzie was chasing a damaged Messerschmitt Bf 109 over the south coast. Having used up all his ammunition, he was determined not to let the Luftwaffe fighter limp back to France, only to threaten his RAF comrades another day. Maneuvering his Hurricane close to the low flying 109, he used his wing tip to sever the port stabilizer of the Messerschmitt, sending it spinning into the sea and taking the outer section of his own wing with it. He was then set upon by two more 109s and sustaining damage to his Hurricane, just managed to avoid cliffs near Folkestone and belly land his fighter in the first field he saw. For this historic event I used the Airfix scale 1/48 Hurricane Mk.I, the one with the actual maneuvre on the box art. The kit itself is a real joy to built. Hope you like.
  3. Not limited by any modelling rule More than lovely. Well done Lauren!!
  4. Thank you Dive. I don't have a build topic on the V'ger, but as I can recall, the kit is pretty straightforward. Although all the little instruments are pretty delicate, so handle with care The LVM boom isn't easy, but with some patience and following the directions it really looks amazing.
  5. Really lovely. I can never have enough Tomcats...
  6. Nice! High Viz and highly entertaining.
  7. Absolutely stunning finishing. Nice to see a "different" Spitfire.
  8. Agree in both! Absolutely cool one and way too few Cobras out there. Especially like this lovely AH-1G
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