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  1. I stand corrected, amazing the tricks the mind plays, sorry for any confusion caused........anyhow I have the resin kit and though time has not allowed me to do any major checking beyond a fondle of the parts it looks pretty reasonable...anyone interested in some details? Alan Wilson is the chaps name, alanwilson042000@yahoo.co.uk is the email I have for him, he's based out of Iceland.
  2. Worth looking for the Dynavector AEW3 if you can find one, or contacting Alan at Icelandic Fine Art who produces a resin kit for around the £50 mark (plus postage). I have his email here somewhere so can post this up later. I have one here if anyone wants to see some pictures of the bits, I’m happy to oblige? That was the one at the London model show....and yes I was clutching it!!!
  3. Lovely looking build of a seriously undermodelled aircraft, I like the look of the "Bush Wars" camo on the UN service aircraft, perhaps one day..... Top job as always Col'
  4. Stunning job there, very impressed, keep 'em coming!
  5. He shoots, he scores! Really sweet build Ali, just perfect paint, needless to say I'm suitably impressed! Keep 'em coming!
  6. Lovely Stuka Ali, great job, and as Tony says, great to see you modelling again, welcome back to the brotherhood!!
  7. This may possibly hurt.....then again it will probably appear cheap compared to Tamiya's latest 1/12 offerings.
  8. Hi Gents, I'm guessing that the focus here is on injection moulded Vampires, which is a shame as it would be worth checking out the CMR range of Vampires and indeed Venoms in resin as they are simply exquisite. I've built most of the range now, which covers pretty much every variation produced. I know that many people "fear" resin kits (for no reason in my experience), but it would be poor form to leave the most accurate kits available out of the discussion. Cheers Col'
  9. I do have a picture somewhere of a proposal to use Concorde as a high level Supersonic Bomber at one point, lovely Vulcan style wrap around camo too. Cheers Col'
  10. I stand corrected on the A-model kit (sorry), the AZ kit looks lovely, though I've not started mine yet. Ed's point will come in useful, and shows the value of actual builds over in-box "previews".
  11. The AZ kit it quite tidy, I think it's a reboxing of the Gavia kit with a few extras and alterations, A-Model make one too but I can't advise on that one.
  12. I quite like this, may have to get one at some point as a diversion and cure for modellers block, just airbrush one colour into another, should be fun. Cheers Col'
  13. Looks like a "leak" prior to a reveal to me, why not wind up the known Black Project spotter before letting the thing go public, they would know where he is after all, and know that he'd go worldwide with it ASAP. Wait a few months....
  14. As always a well researched and beautifully built model. Top Job Sir!
  15. I normally use Tamiya tape, which is pretty good, just make sure you leave gloss finishes to cure fully before masking them, a week will do the job.
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