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  1. The joint photos by the twins. That's all and thanks for watching.
  2. Members 1,792 posts Gender:Male Location:Shanghai,China Posted 19 minutes ago To commemorate the passed away AFV Club CEO Mr. MH Tseng, I built this kit(presented by Mr. Tseng) during the Spring Festival holidays. Construction period: February 11 2021- March 28 2021 (interrupted due to several business trips in the middle, otherwise it can be completed within one month) Kit: AFV Club AR48109 1/48 F-CK-1B "Ching Kuo" two-seater trainer fighter Accessories: AFV Club resin Mk12 seat, Phase Hangar resin tail nozzle (I would like to especially thank th
  3. It will be most likely Academy(of course GWH will also release theirs). Kinetic new item will be an Italian jet aircraft.
  4. Thanks all. To give it some military feeling, differentiate from the aerobatic ones. Surely to take the sensitive balance is the key point. I dippd the canopy in Future, but the soft plastic make the whole clear parts distorted I had to use CA glue to fix them on fuselage little by little. Dangerous action, try on your own responsibility...
  5. Thanks all for your encouragement. Almost forgot this work after a year. Stay health!
  6. Thank you all for your encouragement! It makes all effort and time invested so worthy! I believe modelling is like some spiritual exercise. There is simply no short cut to the final result, so it's so fair to everyone. The more you spent your time, the more suffering and struggling you felt, the more satisfied result you will get. Not an easy hobby especially in nowadays fast paced life, but it will not dissappear since the satisfaction it brings to people is simply unreplacable. Just some of my thoughts. Thank you again! Yu
  7. Finally all painting finished and decal appied too. Now I would make sea scape. First I cut 0.2mm clear plastic sheet to replicate the wave shape. Then I mask the sides of hull to avoid acrylic gell poluting the hull surface. The acrylic gell I used is a Chinese local brand called "CorMake" which is extremely cheap(around GBP0.6 for 1 bottle 50ml). First gell use is the "Pacific blue". After it's dried(around 15-20 minutes), add "semi clear wave effect" gell as the base shape of the waves.
  8. Here is some work in progress pictures: The Orange Hobby resin kit is severely deformed. I had to insert 5 nuts to force the hull flat, after trying hot water/dryer which approved useless. Now it's flat. I also add 1mm plastc sheet on the bottom of the hull, since I would add sea scape. Because the gell I used for sea scape is almost clear, I sprayed navy blue on the wooden base to add sea colour depth. I glued all PE parts before painting. Remove the glue trace by Q-tips with CA glue deliquescent digest.
  9. Thanks! Yes I mainly used airbrush with some careful(and suffering!) masking process. Some small parts and details are hand painted. All I used is GSI Creos Mr. Color lacquar paint.
  10. Thank you all for your nice comments! Yes I know the Sea King is not the correct variant, which I converted from the Orange Hobby 1/700 resin MK.6. Acually I got this photo seems taken at that time in Hong Kong, when Chatham was opened for a visit, you can find the gree Sea King on the deck quite clearly. In real life I believe the heli shall not be on the deck during her sailing back, but well, a small heli on the deck shall add some colour to the ship from modelling perspective. So it was glued there. As for the sea scape, let me explain by WIP pictu
  11. Thank you all! It's the Modelkasten metal rigging. It's the best quality rigging I have used, so easy to glue and very stable to hold its shape(because it's metal). It also gives the very natural curve effect due to its character(metal). Highly recommended! (Sorry their home page is only in Japanese.) Modelkasten rigging products Yufei
  12. So the most tiring part, rigging. In my view, to decide the turn/step+some patience will be the key to success. First step is to glue rigging on the mast. Then glue the mast onto the deck. And add vertical direction rigging around the mast. Next is gluing the rigging between 2 masts. Finally glue the climbing net PE parts. I tried to add more flags at first, but found the result is not satisfying(too noisy maybe). So I removed them. That's all for the WIP. I also uploaded a short video on Yout
  13. The masts are all made up by brass rods. I welded them to increase strength. Masts are dried fitted on the deck, no glued. So we can paint it now! I used GSI Creos Mr. Color lacquar paint mostly. 5 deck colours are used to repliace the wooden deck, finished by brown enamel wash. Need to paint the wood yellow on black base colour. I hand brushed silver at first. Then paint the yellow, 3-5 times by a fine brush. All painting finished, ready for rigging. (Mast
  14. Thank you all for your nice comments and encouragement! I believe the "big hand model" shall need even much higher modelling skill to finish! So here I also share some of the work in progress pictures. So I introdued, this is the 1/700 full resin kit by Artist Hobby, comes with a resin body, several photo-etching parts and bunch of brass rods with different diameters. As you can see most details are already molded on the one piece hull, including the guns/cannons. The casting blocks are located on the bottom of the hull, where there is
  15. And my 1/700 scale RN collection keeps on growing! Thanks for watching.
  16. This is my first work finished in 2021, also the last work finished in the year of the rat. It's the 1/700 full resin kit released by Artist Hobby. I got the kit as a present from Artist Hobby boss so I tried to build it ASAP to appreciate his kindness. The kit quality is very high, I also tried to weld the 4 masts since they were all assembled by brass rods. Besides the small boats from Flyhawk, I used Northstar 1/700 sailor resin figures and Modelkasten 0.06mm metal rigging. HMS Victory just used up a whole full set of brand new metal rigging! Yes sailsh
  17. Thank you all for your nice comments and encouragement! I recevied the ordered made wooden base and I took some photos. So this is the final look of this work. Hope you enjoy!
  18. OK guys, let me tell you the answer from quite reliable Japanese resource: 1/48 F-4 Phantom II Let's wait and see.
  19. Thank you so much! I changed the base and brass support as well, so took some new photos. Enjoy!
  20. Happy new year to every one and all the best to you and your family. This is the second one of the last 2 works I finished in 2020(another one is the HMS Yarmouth). This full resin kit is released by Orange Hobby back to more than 10 years ago. Because of the production aging, my kit had very serious part deformation for the hull and also shrinkage for upper contruction parts. So all PE parts cannot fit properlly which I had to cut them in pieces and combine those pieces one by one. I also used 5 nuts to force the curved hull to stick on the wooden base. Ve
  21. Happy new year to every one and all the best to you and your family. This is 1 of the last 2 works I finished in 2020(actually finished before midnight yesterday!). This full resin kit is released by a Chinese local small brand called Ostritch Model, which their boss sent me as a gift in this summer contest. So I built it with sea sailing scheme which is my very first time. It's really small model but I tried to catch some feeling and restore experience for sea sailing effect.
  22. Happy new year to every one and all the best to you and your family. And thanks so much for all the nice comment and encouragement! This ship model won 2nd prize in Shanghai New Year Modelling Contest today so it already said for itself. Actually I made the rigging, correct the camo pattern/color and some other small details based on my friend's work. So well, 70% work done by him and 30% by me, as to say. Yufei
  23. Thank you for the encouragement. Yes I would like to try 1/350 scale for this beautiful ship as well. Better in plastic injection kit. Happy new year to every one and all the best to you and your family. Yufei
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