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    Motor sports, hiking, walking, nature, anything military, modelling (after a 10 year break)
  1. Huzzah you finished something! As I said yesterday, love the chipping on the nose and the time taken to put different shades on various panels. Now get on and finish that Tonka! And the 747... Top job mate. P.S. We should photograph your shuttle.
  2. Had a silver Gloucester Meteor at about 1,000 feet go over Bicester (North Oxfordshire) north to south at 5.30 this evening. No idea where it had come from or was going but it was a lovely sight and sound.
  3. Brilliant. I particularly like the A-10 you have included in this post- very moody- and the Lanc moving away from the camera with the light reflecting off it.
  4. Its people like you that made me stop taking my own pictures at RIAT. They are absolutely superb and you capture so much more than even noticed! Now whenever I like to look back at the show I come on here and enjoy pictures like yours. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Hi all. I've never done the departure day before but OH WOW WOW WOW! I went with the wife and we were stood in East PandV and were right where the Vulcan was waiting her turn to leave. Never thought I'd be so close to so many great A/C that were "in action". Its great to see them in static but you get a real sense of their power and majesty when they are in motion. Even the stationary Hercs were impressive! The noise the smell was intoxicating and I can definitely say I will go to every departure day from now on. I felt very privileged to be so close to so many machines from the worlds air arms it really shows what a great job DBH do and just how damn lucky we are to have these shows. Roll on next July!!!
  6. I thoroughly enjoyed today. I think we were very lucky with the weather and there were some great displays. Al Fursan were a bit flat but the Black Knights were fantastic. Great formation flying with noisy jets! Apart from them my highlights were Mig-29, Tonka, Tiffy, Super Hornet and Rafale. Lots of noise! Looking forward to Monday as well.
  7. Rob C

    RIAT 2012

    I hope we don't lose a couple of hours of display time because of the weather like on the Saturday last year!
  8. Rob C

    RIAT 2012

    I think that blurb has been on the website since the theme was announced- possibly late last year. We may get a couple of late announcements. Would be great to have the 124 parked next to the C-5. Great photo opportunity of you could get a shot from the next county! Going to be a great show however. I just hope mother nature decides to cancel the rain!
  9. Rob C

    RIAT 2012

    Great thanks. The wife is up for this so I think its a goer. Just been watching departure video's on the youtube and looks like great value for money. I don't know why I haven't thought of going before!
  10. Rob C

    RIAT 2012

    I remember that. I thought to myself it was almost like seeing a spacecraft. I'm going on Saturday but I'm seriously thinking of going to the departures day. Does everything leave or just some of it? I can't wait for next week!
  11. You've done a great job of that mate. Well done. Lovely tribute.
  12. A great selection of beautiful models from such an exciting age of flight. Brilliant.
  13. Wow absolutely stunning! It really looks imposing with the flaps extended. Great job!
  14. A great start back into the hobby. Especially that cockpit!
  15. It looks fine to me. Whiteish. I've always thought of Zero's as whiteish. Great build though. The trolley really adds to the finished piece.
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