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  1. Has the 262 landed



  2. I echo steves statement. Welldone chaps, good luck.
  3. Im with DucanB on this one, have one in the stash, not man enough to have a go yet. Looking foward to see what you can pull off.
  4. Whats up with the sarcastic replys here. Sorry but their is simply no need for them, the chap had a geniune question/discussion. If you have nothing better to say other than a smart bottom reply then dont say anything. I agree with Selwyn on this one. Magazines are not cheap, nor should they have such gross errors and simple plane identification.
  5. Lol, on a serious note, will see how mad I can make this one.
  6. Well chaps with the end looming, with less than 48 hours to go thought I would say a massive thankyou to everyone in the GB, to Howard, Steve, Tank, everyone who has helped with pilots, decals and making my build what it was. Steve you have ran a hell of a GB, one of the best I have ever been in, massive cheers for that. I eagerly await the poll, even If i still dont have a clue who I am going to vote for, some truly beautiful builds. I must say this GB has had some of the best builds I have had the pleasure of seeing in some time. To everyone. Well done. Nick
  7. Just to add about trumpys 1/32 G-6. I have it in the stash, spinner is off by 2mm, underside profile is a tad flat, nothing that some gentle bending wont fix, rear of the cockpit trumpy give you a seat back,where in reality the pilot sat against the bulkhead. All in all its actually a really good kit and compares up the the hase one better in overall dimesions. rudder looks a bit shallow, again nothing that cannot be fixed. Trumpy for some unknown reason got rather a large bashing over their G-6. No idea why yes rivet detail is to some people over stated and I forgot to mention the tail wheel is undersized. But in modelling terms nothing that cannot be fixed with some time and patience.
  8. Once again thanks chaps, realyl was a great build, one of my best to date.
  9. Moofles

    bad buy?

    I too have just finished a Eduard Fw-190 D-11, now while not having the same fit issues as the A series I threw everything at mine including the kitchen sink and I must admit I really didnt come across any fit problems that were not my own doing. Worth a look see if your interested at what can be done to one of the Eduard kits with time and care. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.p...topic=234912315
  10. Fantastic build, your weathering and attention to detail is spot on.
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